Why do you need high -quality compressed air?


Why do you need high -quality compressed air?

Compressed air is an important driving force widely used in various fields of industry. Compressed air comes from the atmosphere, and a large amount of water vapor and dust containing oil in the atmosphere. Together with the oil pollution generated by the air compressor, they quickly wear pneumatic equipment, blocking valves, corrosive pipes, causing air leakage, equipment damage, product scrapped or quality Decrease, stagnation of production, increased maintenance costs, health and safety threats. So installing a set of rear treatment equipment for purifying water is your correct choice. It can make you avoid the loss caused by the above problems. Beister Industry is your best choice.

First, based on the rated air pressure and pressure of the air compressor, select the purification system.

2. Based on the intake temperature, rated gas volume, rated pressure value and surrounding environmental temperature, select the drying machine model.

Third, based on the degree of dryness, as the height of the dew point value, choose which type of dryer configures.

4. Based on the height of the oil content index and the dust content index, select several sects of filters and confirm the type of filter.

Fifth, confirm the configuration of the pipeline and the material of the pipeline with the indicators of the dew point, the oil content, and the dust content.

6. In the workplace with a large amount of dust, self -cleaning filters should be installed to protect the air compressor and purification effect.

7. The process of compressing the drying and purification of the air is mainly the process of drying and filtering, and it is also a process of decreased temperature. The temperature plays an important role in purification, and the intake temperature and environmental temperature directly affect the effect of drying and purification.

8. In the entire compressed air system, the setting of the gas storage tank also plays an important role. Because the gas storage tank has the effects of stable airflow, cooling, sewage, and storage gas, the air storage tank should be provided between compressed air and dry purification equipment, dry purification equipment and terminal gas points.

Nine, the air compressor, alternate cooler, gas storage tank, filter, cold dryer, dry -absorbing machine, gas -free electronic drainter discharged directly to the river channel, it is necessary to systematically increase waste oil collection The device collects the oil and discharges the water that meets environmental protection directly to the river.

If acid mud enters the air pipeline, the problems it causes will soon appear. The following are some common problems:

1. The frequency of damage to pneumatic tools and equipment is accelerated, and the service life is reduced

Second, the final product and other materials that may be exposed to compressed air will be damaged or reduced quality level

Third, compressing the air pipeline is corroded, it may cause leakage, waste compression of air, and waste energy. In fact, a leakage of only 3 mm will cause energy consumption of 3.7kW, which also means that there will be an additional energy consumption cost of 18,000 yuan each year.

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