Lafite Huyue is here! 12.12 Jinan, Penglai New Wine Festival opens to consumers


The boutique winery in the “Belt and Belt” brings new wine to Jinan, Shandong to share with you a different “Penglai Coast Wine 2020 New Wine Festival”!

In order to promote the overall development of the production area and further show the typical nature of Penglai wine, under the strong advocacy of the Penglai grapes and the wine industry development service center, the new wine festival of the “Coast Wine” in the Penglai production area has been successfully held for 12 sessions. Innovation, interaction with consumers “has become a unique label of the New Wine Festival.

2020 is a special year for all human beings. Under the “internal cycle” generally proposed by the country, this year’s “New Wine Section of Penglai Production Area” will be held as scheduled in Jinan Province, Shandong!

Compared with previous New Wine Festival, more highlights are worth looking forward to!

“Lafite, Junding, Longting, Tang Tang” and so on are all here!

Domestic whiskey products are unveiled to endorse the new country tide!

That’s right, 14:00 on December 12th, Jinan,

The heavy event in the Penglai production area is waiting for you!

Penglai -one of the outstanding local representatives in Chinese production areas.

Under the industrial planning of “high -quality production areas, specialty vineyards, boutique wineries, and standard leadership”, the Penglai production area has built the coastal Grape Manor gathering belt and Nanwang Valley, Qiu Mountain Valley, Pingshan Valley “Belt and Trelka” industry development pattern. At present, there are 33 boutique wineries such as standardized winemaking grape bases, 33 boutique wineries such as Lafite, France, and 60 wine manufacturers. Penglai was commented by many industry experts: “Boutique wineries that adhere to quality + brand dual -regulations will show the industry -driven power with obvious characteristics in the industry in depth. , Orderly and high concentration. Penglai is the representative of the Chinese production area. “

In order to develop the overall development of the production area and further show the characteristics of the wine in the Penglai production area, under the strong advocacy of the Penglai grapes and the wine industry development service center, on December 12, 2020, the 13th Penglai production area New Wine Festival came to Jinan!

The super luxury lineup is exposed! , Binhai Grass Manor gathered with boutique wineries to bring new wines to the master class to share a different “Penglai Coast Wine” with you!


1 event, 4 highlights:

Highlight 1: On December 12, Quancheng Jinan -conforming to the national “internal cycle” general trend, tasting in the city of Shandong Province, in -depth discussion of Chinese high -quality wines represented by Penglai production area is the biggest driving force for the current market expansion Intersection

Highlight 2: From China Lafite to different typical boutique wines, what is the conquered consumer in the Penglai production area? A cup of drinking areas of the production area;

Highlight 3: Professor Jockey Club, Professor Li Jingming, Mr. Lin Dianli, Mr. Qi Shaoren, Ms. Liao Xiaoyan and other wine experts have served as a judge to select “2020 and the most typical Penglai coast production area wine” for consumers!


Highlights 4: Open up to consumers, go towards the market terminal, and in -depth dialogue to the consumer market!

Master Penglai Master List List exposure

Yinghu Xia Duoligan White Wine 2018

The wine in 2018 is the “First Harvesst” of the Xiandao Winery. Chardonili has been strictly selected and picked, and pays great attention to handling each link. The wine is bright lemon color, full of complex and pleasant fruit aromas such as grapefruit, oranges such as grapefruit, oranges such as white pear, white pear, and citrus, accompanied by a faint yeast aroma. The acidity is fresh and balanced, accompanied by the taste of minerals, through the contact and fermentation of wine mud, the wine is moderate, the performance is excellent, and it has aging potential.

Longting Winery Drunk Taochun · Xia Taohong Wine

This is a fresh and comfortable wine. It is hand -picked by hand, three trees, spikes, and granules. Then it is impregnated with skin leather for 36 hours, squeezed the juice, and brewed at low temperature fermentation. The wine body is bright and bright light -shaped red, with light purple tones. There are purple Roland, white peaches, duck pear, cloves, and light mint like mint, and the fragrance is harmonious and lasting. The entrance is soft, and the wine is delicate and crispy.

Anno Manor Jiunuo dry red wine

This product is made of Meile grapes. The color is beautiful in color. The red fruits such as plums, strawberries, and cherries are accompanied by vanilla atmosphere and scent of flowers. The entrance is soft, fresh and easy to drink, and is very typical.

Sheng Tang Kaiyuan dry red wine

Hand -selected, low -temperature impregnation and fermentation process, 50%of the French oak barrels, and 50%of American oak barrels aged for 12 months. Before the listing, the bottle is not less than 12 months before the listing. The color of the wine is red. Rich black gallons, chocolate and aged oak incense. The taste is round and plump, the structure is beautiful, the fruit is rich, and the layers are diverse.

Rafielong 岱 2017

The total planting area of ​​the exquisite winery is 30 hectares. In the first year, Longye was made by Chinellia, Marcelan, and Metris. The grapes used were selected from the 340 -level gradient of the granite soil under the Qiushan River Valley. Rooted diverse territory and terraces, exquisitely attacked unique complexity. After the grapes are completely cooked, it is skilled in the form of artificially parting. Subsequently, the liquor will go through the aging process of 18 months in the French oak barrel, and the oak barrel is customized by the Rothschild Group’s own oak barrel factory.

Jun Ding Xiaoman Sweet White Wine

This 2018 little Munsen is golden yellow, full of tropical fruits such as pineapple and grapefruit, accompanied by elegant floral and honey aroma. The taste is round and full, the refreshing fruit acid is coordinated and the sweetness is balanced, and the comfortable sweetness is intoxicating.

Yes, more Penglai wine! For consumer tasting

Consumers open tasting winery:

The most anticipated is the highlight of this consumer tasting. Lafite is here!


In order to create this sub -brand wine, Shandong’s team carefully selected the plot from more than 400 Tiegi. The goal is to reveal a deep aromatic characteristics, full of black fruit aroma, and a typical style of spice, distinguish this wine from genuine wine. “

Shandong is mild in winter and clear at the end of autumn, providing conditions for the growth of grapes. In 2018, the first year of Huyue is no exception, and because of the ideal maturity and sense of balance, it is recognized as a local masterpiece in that year.

As the road of continuing exquisite wine, Bordeaux iconic grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Veli and Merlot, as well as blended wines that are mixed with southern characteristics such as Maturon and Sira. The opportunity is rare for consumers to open up this time!


Jiatong Baiyu Ni Raising Wine (2020 International Wine (China) Grand Prix Gold Award)

Long Ting Zuotao Taochun · Xia Tao Hong

Junding Winery Oriental Ries Commander Ganbai (Gold Award of Asian Wine Grand Prix)

Wan Defu Zun leads D8 Chardonnolgan (2020 International Wine (China) Grand Prix)

Longhu Masserlan Dry Red (2020 International Wine (China) Grand Prix Gold Award)

Longting Winery Sea Wind Laiganbai (Asian Alcoholic Wine Grand Prize Silver Award)

Great Wall Coast Cabernet Sauvignon and Siragan Red (the 27th Gold Gold Award of the 27th Brucel Grand Prix)

Jun Ding Zunyue 2017 Dry Red (Gold Award of Brussels Grand Prix)

Anno Winery 2018 Jiunuo Ganhong (Gold Award of Berlin Contest)

Golden Age Haizang No. 1 (Gold Award of Asian Wine Grand Prix)

Junding Winery Xiaomunsen Sweet White 2018 (Berlin Contest Gold Award)

Shengtang Night Receive Sweet White 2013 Wine (Gold Award of the Brussels Grand Prix)

Yongjin single malt whiskey (2020 International Wiring (China) Silver Award)

Xiandao Winery Yihu Ganhong (Asian Bartendian Wine Grand Prix Gold Award)

The Tang Dynasty Coast Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red (2020 International Wine (China) Grand Prize Silver Award)


Sheng Tang V99 Dry White Wine (2020 International Wine (China) Grand Prix Gold Award)

A total of 17 wineries brewed Penglai production area specialty wines


On December 12th, Jinan Xiyue Oriental Hotel is waiting for you to taste!

14: 00-17: 00 on December 12th

Note: Activity is divided into:

a. Master Banjian (including Lafite, the cost can be worth the voucher)


b. Consumers open taste

Valid after the registration review is valid

Activity address:


Jinan Xiyue Oriental Hotel


No. 44, Industrial South Road, Jinan City

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