Park Geun -hye wore a blue coat and participated in the South Korean election vote accompanied by the guard


Data map: In 2017, Park Geun -hye was summoned by prosecutors


The 20th presidential election of South Korea is scheduled to be held on March 9. According to the Yonhap News Agency, on the morning of the 5th, former South Korean President Park Geun -hye went to a voting station near Samsung Seoul Hospital for voting. She did not speak, and her schedule was not made public.

Park Geun -hye’s pension villa.

Park Geun -hye obtained amnesty and rehabilitation at the end of 2021, and was able to participate in the vote. According to “Seoul News”, lawyer Liu Rongxia introduced that Park Geun -hye wore a blue coat that day, no wheelchair, and no one supported. She walked freely, accompanied by several guards around her.

Because the representative color of the co -Democratic Party of the Korean ruling party is blue, some people speculate that Park Geun -hye’s blue coat implies the support of the ruling party presidential candidate. However, the lawyer clarified that when Park Geun -hye was arrested, she wore this coat. She wore it when she voted, and there was no special meaning of the online transmission.

Fans were filled with a flower ring outside Park Geun -hye’s house.

After Park Geun -hye was pardoned, he had been treated in the hospital without public appearance. In January of this year, she commissioned a lawyer to buy a villa in his hometown Daeon and planned to return to his hometown to retire after he was discharged.

Park Geun -hye’s sister withdraw the election and instead supports Li Zaiming


According to the Global Network report, former South Korean President Park Geun -hye’s sisters and the new Korean Peninsula party candidate Park Geun -hyun held a press conference on the 2nd to announce the support of Li Zaiming, a presidential candidate for the joint Democratic Party of the ruling party. In addition, the common Democratic Party and the maximum party of the opposition party declared that the party’s presidential candidate was strongly supported by the military.

According to the Yonhap News Agency on the 2nd, Park Geun -hyun himself failed to attend a press conference due to the diagnosis of the infection of the new crown virus on the same day. In a statement, she firmly believed that Li Zaiming was able to integrate Lingnan region (Qingshangdao, Busan and Daegu, etc.) and Hunan regions (all all) and Hunan region (all all the place) The only candidates for the general names of Luo Nandao and Quan Luobei) Political forces have called on the majority of voters to actively support Li Zaiming. It is reported that the common Democratic Party appointed Park Geun -hyun on the same day as a special assistant group consultant for the Election Countermeasure Committee.


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