The “harem” of neutral ladies is the cold palace


◎ Chang Yingchun

I stopped in front of the mirror and found that there was no “high -level woman” in front of me, and only a “advanced Gege witch” appeared.

I used to buy a pair of wool wide -leg pants, wearing very sturdy, walking with wind, but when I was washed, I found that it was quite difficult to “serve” -one said that I needed to wash my wallet tightly; I look at the cracks that I have cracked as soon as I dip the laundry solution. I feel that I should go back to an uncle; the three said that it must be washed and dry to put it away, otherwise the bugs are always president. I imagine the scene of the bugs on the clothes. I can’t help but fight.

Moreover, it looks good, but it is not convenient to act. It is too friction to walk. Carefully pick up the corner of the toilet, otherwise it is easy to be stepped on the feet.

As a result, I made a comment on this pants- “矫 由”!

However, this is not blame for wool pants. When it was produced, it was such a “nature”; it was hung in the store, and did not ask me to buy it home. I do n’t know each other, and I fell in love with it with my imagination alone; after understanding the other party, I started to discard it and pick it up. After all, it is not it, it is myself.

I want to come, I have done more than once. For a while, I heard the “words” of wearing a book: senior women only wearing black, white, and gray. So, I bought a pile of black, white, gray sweaters, pants, coats, and poured myself up. As a result, I stopped in front of the mirror and found that there was no “high -level woman” in front of me, and only a “high -level Gege witch” appeared. Since then, this pile of price black, white, and gray has been piled up in the corner of the corner.

I also bought a bunch of hat -like hats. When I bought it, I thought it was very good. I imagined that I was wearing like that. It was beautiful three or two times. As a result, I bought it home, and I almost never worn it. why? Because I -don’t like to wear a hat. As a neutral lady from the rough to middle age in the girlhood, I have never worn a hat, not worn in summer, not worn in winter, and in winter when it is windy in winter. He rushed into the snow bravely. Therefore, it is expected that a hat to seduce me with its beauty to change the old accumulation.

As a result, a bunch of silk scarves, scarves, gloves, sweater chains, high heels … when they were incorporated into the harem, I really fantasized that the rain dew was stained and petted every day. However, unfortunately, the harem of a neutral lady is the cold palace. They waited for the redness, the rust grew up, and I didn’t wear it a few times, but I couldn’t help but buy it home every time I saw it.

Therefore, it seems unfair to call them “overwhelming clothing”, and it seems that they seem to be more appropriate for “the clothes that are overwhelmed”.

When I realized that the tragic fate of these clothes should actually be responsible for me, I was determined not to “rob the people”. Seeing no matter how beautiful clothes are shopping, even if there are thousands of little ants in my heart, I will insist on asking myself a few questions: Are they comfortable to wear? Will you get up ten minutes early every day? Are you willing to wash at least once a week? After asking these questions about these pouring tops, the light of my soul, the fire of my desire, will generally retreat and extinguish.

In contrast to “I am overwhelmed by my luggage”, it is accompanied by me, and there are no clothes outside. There are a pair of pants, the shape of the micro -lan, and the chemical fiber material. It is not too comfortable to wear, but the win is thin, the thickness is moderate, and it can be worn for three seasons a year. Black is not dirty, skin is solid, and it is indispensable for hand washing and machine washing. So I wore it for almost ten years and still liked it very much. I once wanted to buy another similar pants to eliminate the old things, but when I bought it, I never encountered the pants that grew like this again. Essence

I also have a pair of “pair hook” sneakers, which is also my darling. Except for the hottest days in summer and the coldest days in winter, I am wearing it for more than half a year. It is not beautiful, but it is very comfortable, walking, running, jumping, not tired at all. I think half of my actions are given by it.

I also have a pants that have been wore for many years, it is my “winter partner”. In Beijing, I feel cold in winter. Only after the upper body of this pants, I feel that the wind outside the stuff is blocked outside the leg, and a layer of comfortable warmth surrounds the skin. Therefore, I am also “three suspicion of old ugliness (want) to change the moth eyebrows” and never.

These clothes are wrapped in paste in the long years, but like old friends for many years, the longer they wear, they are more comfortable and more difficult to give up. Essence

Sometimes, I also reflect on myself and find the reason for my “eccentricity”. At this look, I found that the core demands of my clothes still stayed at the “comfortable” level, and did not rise to the “beauty” level. Also, the subway is squeezed in the morning, and there is no land cone. The improvement of sports shoes on happiness must be higher than that of the beautiful “hate sky”; at noon, it will exercise and walk under the sun at noon. Pants are more valuable; “Light Legs Artifact” is very beautiful, but for “afraid of cold stars”, it is far inferior to ugly velvet pants to keep warm ironing … Thinking, the “practical value” of clothes is more “aesthetic value” than “aesthetic value” Close to my needs, so many clothes are abandoned, ordinary and cherished, and it makes sense.

In recent years, there are fewer and fewer new clothes, and there are more and more clothes of “disconnecting”. On the one hand, you don’t want to be greedy for chewing, and you will be more and more deeply aware that you do not need to occupy too much non -essential substance.

I used to think about where these clothes I had abandoned from before — thinking about it, they will come to people in the remote areas that they need them more than me; if they want to be dull, they may become junk granules. , Flowing to rivers and lakes, swallowed into the belly by fish and shrimp, after several circulation, and then returned to people’s tables. In other words, every time I do n’t have controlling shopping behavior, I will eventually become the thrust of environmental disaster. As a result, I will get farther and farther away from the green mountains and green water and poetry of my sincere love.

Therefore, now I try my best to adhere to the principle of “non -necessary non -purchase”. Although some clothes have been years old, they are not beautiful, as long as they are comfortable, I will still wear it. Some clothes look beautiful, but I don’t think it is necessary, I will no longer buy it. Including children’s clothes, I do n’t buy her new ones. If my friend gave me some old clothes, I felt that it would be fitted. I appreciate Su Pu more than gorgeous; I can give up more than I can have it now.