Tong Lei has a child’s face


Tong Lei with snow -like skin,

It has always been one of the exquisite and fresh representatives.

White, moisturizing, firming and full appearance,

Let Tong Lei at any age and career,

Can be the most confident person!

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7: 00-12: 00 skin care

Although everyone has made protection the night before, after sleep, because the water in the body needs to provide the entire body’s operation, the skin will encounter a lot of water loss and be in an imbalance.

1. Mild and clean, not hurting the skin’s natural protective layer

童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

First of all, the cleaning work should be done well. If you pay attention to this, you can choose a cleansing product of amino acids. It is very irritating to the skin, the skin intimateness is particularly good, and the cleaning power is moderate. harm.

2. Before sunscreen, do a good job of muscle bottom maintenance

If you want to be white to shiny skin, such fairness often causes a certain problem, that is, it is easy to be sunburned by ultraviolet rays, leaving the seal of the sun. Therefore, in addition to preparing a sunscreen when going out, before using sunscreen products, you also need to make some basic skin care steps to ensure that the maintenance of the muscle bottom is sufficient. In the morning, the ultraviolet rays are rising at 00-12: 00, and the skin is easy to dry. At this time, you must choose high-functional sunscreen products. It can not only effectively sunscreen, but also across the air pollution to avoid dry skin. Pay attention to the sides of the face to apply carefully to achieve comprehensive protection.

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Summer skin care method in inside and outside

Tong Lei admits that he can be willful and beautiful in his 20s, but once he is 25 years old, he should make skin care more meticulous and thoughtful. The long -term work, while not blindly, can not have any relaxation!

White Beauty’s Beauty Mind Method

童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

1. Moisturizing and nourishing the balance of water and oil balance of the skin

Often, the more white people pay attention to sun protection, because they should prevent the appearance of sunburn. In the summer, the dry skin of the skin will not only do sun protection, but also ensure the moisturizing and moisturizing of the skin, and keep the skin’s water and oil balance.

2. Diligent in removing makeup, which is convenient for emulsion essence to absorb

童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

In the summer that is accelerated by metabolism ratio, when the skin pores are transparent, some light and light emulsions can better penetrate and absorb, so cleaning the skin can also increase its purity and tenderness. If necessary, you can also use the instrument to do some cleaning and maintenance work.

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To be pearly, no oil, concealer repair

1. Simple home SPA soothing fatigue muscles

In the summer afternoon, the skin that is exposed in the sun is obviously fatigue in the evening. As the best skin period, you can choose to make a simple face massage, use a bottle of cream, apply the face with your fingers, and the skin around the eyes. In just a few minutes, you can have a soothing effect.

2. Makeup in the afternoon, keep fresh and Jiaoyan at all times

Quick makeup clearance method:

STEP1: First use lotion spray to fully hydrate, adjust the balance of skin water and oil;

STEP2: Use makeup paper towels, gently press the cheek, and wipe the water on the surface of the skin;

Step3: Use the air cushion BB, apply a layer lightly;

STEP4: Finally, you can use loose powder appropriately to determine the skin status of the day and the time you need to stay.

Choose the right time, the maintenance effect is more effective

1. Adjust your schedule, exercise to help the loop relax

Tong Lei started a systematic movement after the age of thirty. On the one hand, she completed the inner health cycle by stretching and firm body. On the other hand, proper HIIT exercises and equipment movement also have a certain decompression effect. At the same time, they cooperate with cooperation. And adjust the diet and schedule, so that the whole person and the skin state will become better.

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2. Night skin repair is the key

Generally, it is best to complete makeup remover before 19 o’clock in the evening, or wipe the face with a makeup remover and wet towel to make appropriate water supply, and then bath and wash.

3. Makeup remover must be deep and clean

In the case of conditions permit, Tong Lei’s details of makeup removal will follow the makeup removal and hydration in time, so she will choose to achieve the effect of skin beauty and fitness through the usual exercise. For example, do an inverted movement every night, about 10 minutes each time, but do not exceed 15 minutes. This will not only help blood circulation, but also improve sleep quality, but also reduce the gravity and eliminate toxins in the body.

In addition, you can also complete some aerobic exercise on the treadmill, set up a climbing mode, take 20 minutes each time, and after warm -up, then conduct equipment training to achieve the role of cultivation lines, because the movement will make the muscles of the whole body tighten, and the muscles of the body are firm and tight, and Toppy, so Tong Lei’s neck curve is also very beautiful, light and gentle, and the skin exudes a charming luster, and it returns to the youthful state.

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What is the private collection in the cosmetic bag?

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Estée Lauder’s new elastic firming and moist skin cream new products are not priced

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Diptyque Film Water Rolling Pearl Fragrant Oil RMB450/7.5ml

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童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

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Foundation foundation:

童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

It is one of the essential cosmetics. Because the skin is fair, the skin tone will look good;

童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜


I will choose a more moisturizing lipstick type. The daily color is more preferred by nude powder, and the age reduction effect is the best;


The four seasons will bring perfumes in the bag all year round. The current one used in Frederic Malle UNE Rose is a round of roses. In summer, perfumes with rose fragrance and fruits are preferred, which can create a strong summer sense.

Small skin care steps at night:

Step1: makeup remover, cleansing;

童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

STEP2: Use a lotion with moisturizing effect, and gently circle with a cotton pad;

童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

Step3: Drop the essence to the fingertips, and pat the cheek gently to absorb;

Step4: (Tong Lei according to the nature of his skin) Choose an oily lotion, a thin layer of smear, lock the water.

Healthy Skin Tips Tips

1. Lemonade -people who pay attention to whitening need to raise them inside. Drink a cup of lemonade at night, and the skin will be white and translucent;

2. The theory of diet —— The diet is light, and the diet is light.

3. Drinking soup -Drinking rice and soup will not be good for the stomach, you can drink soup after half an hour after meals.

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童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

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童蕾 拥有一夏的童颜

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