Do not freeze your hands below! Quickly warm warm warmth and warm gloves, the same men and women


As the saying goes,

Cold Wind Sting Bone Prophet



In this cold and windy season,


Just take it out for a few seconds and feel


The weather below zero,

If your hands are exposed in the cold wind for a long time,

In addition to the tingling of the heart, it is also easy to have frostbite.

I dare not dig out my phone when I go out,

I freeze my phone and shake my hands as soon as I get a mobile phone


But where do people get on their mobile phones now?

Use it to buy tickets, buy something with it to pay

At this time, most people will choose to keep warm gloves,

But because many gloves on the market are bloated and not flexible


Can’t wear gloves to play mobile phones,

You must take off your gloves to operate.

So, in the cold winter

Must come with a pair


Noxeles hydrophobic and warm technology glove

It integrates warmth, touch, windproof anti -slip into one


Proper glove industry black technology


Recommended reason:

1. Double -layer heating design, the outer layer of wind resistance locks the inner layer and warm inner layer, comfortable and warm

2. Design touch -screen conductive fiber fabrics, which has the effect of anti -electricity prevention and can also do whatever you want

Touch screen devices such as mobile phones to improve work efficiency and entertainment experience.

3. Anti -splashing fabrics, easily resist water stains, designed non -slip silicone strips at the fingers+palms,

Moving a safer driving

4. Exquisite craftsmanship+detail design, highlighting the ingenuity quality, easy to carry, multiple color models

Winter, warm artifact for winter.



Outside layer anti -wind lock

Inner layer and velvet warm, light and comfortable, not frozen hands

As a pair of winter gloves

Keeping warmth is the basic function

The warm -keeping gloves on the world are too bloated,

Lightly without warmth.

But this glove

Both light and warmth


The whole gloves are particularly particular about the choice of fabrics


Double -layer warm design,

The warmth is N times of ordinary gloves


The outer layer uses conductive leather material

Fiber has thousands of heat storage gaps


So wear these gloves


Quickly absorb the heat from the human body


And discharge moisture to achieve the effect of wind resistance

The inner layer uses a warm shock velvet,

Velvet soft and skin -friendly,


Wearing a handle into the cotton,

Touch, skin -friendly, comfortable and warm,


Keep your hands dry at any time.

And the fluffy skin inside is soft and waxy

The quality is super good, and the hair is not fell without hair

Compared to traditional fabrics or leather gloves

Don’t be too good for warmth

How warm is it?

We still speak by actual measurement!

Xiaobian will be ordinary knitted gloves


Compare with this glove

Two gloves separately

Hold the ice for 5 minutes


This is

Ordinary knitted gloves

After wearing it

Temperature: 15 ℃

And put on us

The temperature on the hand has become 25 ℃

It can be seen that it is warmer than ordinary velvet gloves

Put on these gloves, whether the outside is cold and windy outside


It can

Stop the cold outside

Help the body lock the temperature


You can also ride freely in winter without freezing your hands


Touch screen guide fiber fabric

You can also play your phone at will if you wear gloves

Many people usually wear wool, cashmere,

Gloves of leather and other fabrics,

Basically, it is made of thickened insulation material,

It will block the passing of the current and human heat passage,

So wearing a glove mobile phone did not respond.

But this glove is located at the fingers of the finger thumb and food fingertips


The touch -screen guidance fiber fabric is designed,

Make the glove fingertips and electronic screens currently react,

Since then, the “touch screen” succeeded.

There is still

Anti -electrical effect

Release the static electricity on your hand

Make gloves have super high sensitivity


You can wear gloves

Operation touch screen equipment you want,

Improve work efficiency and entertainment experience

Editor’s person experience,

You can wear it when you drive

Easily answer calls and navigation

No important things will be missed at all.

Put on it

Playing game games can be unobstructed

There is almost no difference between feel and naked hands,

It’s really great!


Has water -proof effect

I also designed a silicone anti -sliding strip, which is safer to ride

The outer layer of the glove is adopted


Light, low -density splashing waterproof fabric

Make it waterproof.

It is easy to wear easy to wear,

Can also guarantee


Defense of splashing water stains

This glove is at the beginning of design,


There are multiple fingers in the fingers, adding silicone anti -sliding strips,

In order to increase its friction,


Driving or cycling will be safer.

Not only that,


There is a silicone non -slip design at the palm,

I can get my phone like this

Prevent off!

Even if you don’t grab

Can be firmly fixed in your hand

The owner put it on it,


Do not slip while turning,

Can freely control the progress of the vehicle.



Detail design is more ingenious

Three versatile classic colors, both in winter, warm and fashionable

The tailoring design of the whole gloves is also particularly cautious


Take 1,000 Asian palm data

After fine measurement, repeatedly modify

Only made this very nice glove

This glove passes

High -density glove stitching process

Make the gloves more powerful


Even in the snowy weather, there is no fear

Five fingers separate design


Not picky, very convincing after wearing it

The hands are more exquisite and exquisite, not bloated ~

Even if we wear it for a long time

Can also make hands

Keep relaxing

There will be no restraint of being pulled by gloves

After trying it, I can write easily


Glove bow

The thick wool material is adopted

You can easily adjust the size of the wrist,



Make wearing more comfortable and not stuck without getting off

Also added


Anti -lost link buckle

You can buckle two pairs of gloves together

Prevent gloves from loss

You can also hang in a backpack and other places


Convenient to carry and get

The weight of the gloves is also super lightweight,

Put it in the bag when not in use,


It does not take up space and is not heavy, and it is particularly convenient to carry.

And the material of this glove is super good


No matter how you clean it

Nothing will fade easily

It’s not easy to get the ball,

There will be no crazy fur balls.

This glove is available for men and women,


Select multiple size,

There are three colors, black and gray blue,

The models are all versatile classic colors ~

With coats, sweaters, leather jackets,

Instantly become the finishing touch,


It is warm and fashionable.

The friends who have bought all have given up all the praise


With these gloves,

You can abandon the bloated cotton gloves,

It’s the first choice for sending parents and girlfriends in winter!

The cold season of frozen hands

A pair of warm foreign gloves

Not only bring you full warmth

Do not delay playing mobile phones at all

Add warmth to the cold winter cycling

Give your appearance and add a sense of fashion

Are you moving?

Winter warm touch screen gloves


Non -slip touch screen

, Add velvet warmth

Ride easily

, Must -have to drive


The original price of the counter is 99 yuan/double

Limited time half -price special, only 49 yuan/double

“Shen” reports hot -selling goods







Noxeles hydrophobic and warm technology glove

Noxeles hydrophobic and warm technology glove