Tianyi AD-2PRO DSD decoding Class A combined amplifier: meet the needs of different types of music


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Speaking of domestic audio brands, enthusiasts will get ten or eight casually. In the 1990s, it was the era when many domestic audio brands were founded. Domestic audio brands appeared in front The audio enters the short golden age.

After entering the computer and mobile phone era, audio products are no longer the fragrant citron of ordinary consumers, the audio market is rational, the scale of the consumer group is also reducing, and the time of the audio products “overcapacity”, resulting in the fierce market competition. After all, many manufacturers cannot escape the market laws of survival of the fittest and have closed down, and there are not many domestic audio manufacturers who can survive and develop well. With the development of digital technology, some manufacturers who produce traditional audio products cannot be eliminated with the pace of the times. At this time, there are very few old -fashioned domestic audio companies that have fruitful results, and Tianyi Audio is one of them.

The predecessor of Tianyi Electronics was the Chengdu Audi Electrical and Electrical Research Institute, which was established in 1992. In 1999, the Audi moved to Guangzhou and changed its name to Guangzhou Tianyi Electronics Co., Ltd., and has been committed to HIFI audio, home theater, karaoke, shadow bar shadow K, professional The audio field was selected as one of the top ten domestic audio brands. It is an international audio enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, and service. It is by far the only domestic one in China has obtained Dolby-ATMOS, DTS: X, HDMI2.0 technology certification and authorization audio companies. The well -deserved leading brand in the Chinese audio and video entertainment industry.

The classic appearance design is sent to the test room of this magazine this time is Tianyi’s latest AD-2PRO DSD decoding type A merger amplifier. In terms of appearance design, it is the same as the previous Tianyi Hi-Fi products. It is made of classic black and white all-aluminum alloy, highlighting Tianyi’s consistent simplicity, elegant and atmospheric design style. Time is kept bright as new. The middle screen can display the state of the machine, allowing users to understand the working status of the machine more directly.

technical parameter

■ Channel Number: 2

■ signal -to -noise ratio: ≥108db (A Studential)

天逸AD-2PRO DSD 解码甲类合并式功放:满足不同音乐类型的需求

■ Disdishment: ≤0.01%(1kHz, normal working conditions)

天逸AD-2PRO DSD 解码甲类合并式功放:满足不同音乐类型的需求

■ Frequency response: 15Hz-100kHz (+1/-3DB)

天逸AD-2PRO DSD 解码甲类合并式功放:满足不同音乐类型的需求

■ The entire machine gain: 39db ± 1db

■ Power voltage: ~ 110V/220V

■ End load impedance: 8Ω

天逸AD-2PRO DSD 解码甲类合并式功放:满足不同音乐类型的需求

■ Each channel output power: 200W (8Ω)

■ Standby power consumption: <0.5W

■ Power consumption: 260w-320W (Class A static power consumption); 70W -10W (Class A and B static power consumption)

天逸AD-2PRO DSD 解码甲类合并式功放:满足不同音乐类型的需求

■ Net weight: 35.9kg

■ Size: 444 x 254 x 460cm

Continuing the classic to meet the demand AD-2 series since its listing in 2002, it has received the recognition of countless enthusiasts and has been widely recognized by the global market. Subsequently, AD-2N, AD-2SE and other versions were launched. After many renewal replacements, it is still the best-ranked product in Tianyi. The AD-2PRO launched this time is to add the understanding code and vinyl singing lines to meet the needs of vinyl players and the current popular digital players.

The analog input of AD-2PRO provides a group of XLR, 2 groups of RCAs, and 1 set of MM/MC singing. Digital input provides two groups of fiber and 1 group of coaxial input. In terms of output, in addition to the output of each two sets of speakers per channel, it is convenient for players to play double -line split sounds, but also provides ultra -subwoofer output, which provides XLR and RCA interfaces. Users can connect to the subwoofer to play the 2.1 system to get more to get more. Surging low -frequency performance.

▲ AD-2PRO provides a very rich input and output interface to meet the needs of players

In terms of 9038 top decoding decoding, Tianyi is equipped with an ES9038 decoding chip for the AD-2PRO, up to 32bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512, the dynamic range reaches 129DB, the total harmonic distortion is -120dB, and the data is extremely excellent. With an excellent chip, the peripheral circuit also plays a very important role in sound. Tianyi engineers have extremely rich design and training experience, and strive to return to the truth of music. Similarly, the MM/MC can also be carefully adjusted, so that each note can be replaced original.

▲ AD-2Pro’s remote control feels very good, metal processing is very delicate

Ultra-low noise and low-distorted front-level pre-stage, Tianyi is equipped with the OPA1656 op amp for the AD-2PRO to form a full balance amplification and buffer. Territories, although these old -fashioned sounds have certain characteristics, for the current high -style and high -standard parent sound sources, these old transport will affect the performance of dynamic, frequency width and sound. Therefore The OPA1656 of the modern sound source is an ultra -low noise, low -induced, and FET input op amp to ensure the true and natural nature of the sound signal.

In terms of volume control, JRC’s NJW1195A volume control chip is used. The chip uses a resistor trapezoidal electronic potentiometer with a ultra-low noise of -118DB. The adjustment accuracy can be 0.5DB. Compared with the traditional volume potentiometer, the volume control chip has the advantages of low distortion, accurate control, and avoiding the introduction of noise. Tianyi is an earlier of domestic audio brands using volume control chips. The choice of volume control chip also has a unique insight. NJW1195A volume control chip is analog chip, not a digital chip, so it is more guaranteed to sound.

The high -power Toshiba tube powerful power output is also used. The whole machine uses 24 high -power Toshiba 1943/5200 transistors. Each pair of transistors has been carefully selected and strictly paired to ensure the high degree of performance matching. Provide a powerful power output of 200W (8Ω) per channel. The AD-2PRO also provides three working status, providing pure A, Class A and B, and automatic mode. In the automatic mode, the machine will first work in the pure A mode. If the temperature of the radiator rises to the set value, the machine will Automatically switch to Class A and B mode, and when the temperature drops to the set value, the machine will be switched to the pure A mode again to ensure that the machine works under the safe working state and temperature. The pure Class A and A and B mode will stop the work of the temperature detection circuit. Therefore, in the pure Class A mode, do not place the machine in an environment with poor heat dissipation conditions.

▲ AD-2PRO also provides three working status, providing pure A, Class A and B, and automatic mode. Switching through the Mode button

The power supply of the giant ring cattle ultra pond is the foundation of a machine. Tianyi is equipped with 860W giant ring transformer for the AD-2PRO, with 16 specially customized filter capacitors with a total capacity of up to 128,800 μF to provide clean and source of the whole machine for the whole machine Continuous energy supply provides a solid foundation in the face of large dynamic and large -current sound performance. In addition, the factory adopts a five-box sealing structure for the AD-2PRO, which is equipped with an independent box room for different parts, which greatly reduces the mutual interference between different parts, thereby reaching the extremely clean base base. noise.

The lively music appearance is paired with the PIEGA Classic 5.0 speaker in the audition room and the Einstein The Voice landing speaker. After connecting to the CD turntable, first of all, let’s have some low-frequency weight music. Listen to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, perverse music opening music, plus the breeze with full weight, Tianyi AD-2PRO’s low-frequency lanes. , And the sense of lines is clear, the electronic synthesizer of the substrate opened the width of the sound field, compared with the condensed electric bass and the percussion instrument. Stage width.

Mochael Jackson is indeed the king of rock. The recording is very well handled. Even if it is nearly 40 years later, you can still hear many subtleties in the recording. With the built-in decoding of Tianyi AD-2PRO, you can hear many of the recording studios. Effects, sometimes tighten human sounds, sometimes expand space. The electronic synthesizer that I like to use in the 1980s, with a refreshing sense of brightness on the AD-2PRO, set off the richness of music.

天逸AD-2PRO DSD 解码甲类合并式功放:满足不同音乐类型的需求

Playing the eighth song “Vrano Porteno” in The Dali CD Vol. In terms of moisturizing, sound texture, etc., it sounds different from before. It is not tight at all, and it will not be sharp or stiff at all. Its tone is moving and neutral, with a sense of realism, not fine polishing or fine carving. This is the nature of AD-2PRO.

In the end, the author connected Tianyi AD-2Pro through the USB interface, and listened to the recording of John Williams in 2020 with Vienna Philharmonic. Vienna’s superb ensemble capabilities make this album’s excitement far exceeds any record of John Williams in the past. The AD-2PRO clearly reproduces the wonderful performance of Vienna Philharmonic. AD-2PRO can describe the texture of these instruments clearly, and the sound texture is clearly distinguished. For the large scenes, this is not a problem for Tianyi AD-2Pro. At the same time, it can also take into account small details. The overall performance is very good. Essence

Summarizing the AD-2PRO is the continuation of the Tianyi generation of famous machine AD-2. This time, it is added with the code function and is equipped with the ES9038 decoding chip to facilitate the use of digital stream players. For the vinyl records that have returned in recent years, Tianyi also equipped with MM/MC singing for AD-2PRO. Whether it is digital flow or vinyl players, AD-2PRO can meet your needs. The output function of 200W (8Ω) can easily promote various types of speakers. In addition, there are pure Class A, Class A and B, and automatic mode to meet the needs of different music types.