4 in the winter thick skirt, each one is well worn


Even in the cold autumn and winter, the girls’ enthusiasm for skirts is still decreasing.

I am also myself, and I don’t like the skirts than trousers.

One is

Love its hidden skills


The wide skirt can tolerate all the imperfections in my legs; the second is the cheerfulness and clearness of love, all the heavy winter clothes become a lively breathing after exposing a skirt.

However, after entering the autumn and winter, many people are anxious to put the small skirts. They do not want to wear them, but when they choose between temperature and demeanor, they chose the former.

In fact, as long as you choose the right style or match, it is not difficult to take into account both fashion and temperature.


That’s right, today is the long -awaited expectation

Autumn and winter thick skirt special

In the cold season, put on a small skirt, which is warm and special.


Little sexy in winter

丨 Key single product: velvet skirt

Speaking of skirts suitable for autumn and winter, there is probably nothing more than a velvet skirt.

The extremely gorgeous velvet match has a strong red. It looks like a beautiful enjoyment, and it directly filled the autumn and winter atmosphere.

Then there is the embellishment of the pearl buttons, which has increased the luxurious and noble texture of the grade.

It looks like a rich family.

However, the red velvet skirt is more suitable for some specific occasions. If you want to make the velvet skirt daily, try black.

The unique material makes the dim black full of high -level sense, simple but eye -catching!


Although the velvet has its own eye -catching BUFF, in fact, it does not know how high it is. For example, stacking with a small high -necked lace,

The “expensive” of the velvet encounters the “Mei” of the lace

Beauty is simply not eye -catching.

If you are worried that the long floral skirt is easy to look old, it will reduce the age when it is replaced with a short, and then a small high -necked high -collar, the whole shape is delicate and agile.


Rough retro autumn and winter charm

丨 Key items: Corduroxy skirt

If the velvet skirt is noble and cold, then the corduroy skirt is rustic and warm. Without such a strong sense of existence, but also high -level and expensive.

Different colors of light -core velvet skirts will present different styles. I recommend choosing some classic colors,

Such as brown, earth color system, etc.

It can further deepen the retro feeling of the corduroy on the basis of advanced.


However, because the biggest feature of the corduroy is the surface texture, plus the thickness of the fabric, it is easy to show fat.

The black light core velvet skirt is a good choice. It retains the high -level sense of the corduroy, but it is more visually thin, avoiding the sense of vision of the tiger back.

The part of the making highlight is given to the inside


You can win a lot with the beautiful purple combination.

If you are afraid that you can’t control the core of the whole body, you can try it from a small -area light -corduroy skirt.

However, the A -line skirt has a certain sense of measurement, so I will choose a little tight style in the upper body, such as this slim sweater, which is sharp and generous. Even if there is another down jacket outside, there is no sense of burden.

Small girls can choose short skirts, and they will not press height.

When the corduroy and short skirts collide together, the original playful short skirt increases the sense of stability. The upper body can be used with a black suit to interpret fashion.


Hollying in Korean drama temperament heroine

丨 Key single product: woolen skirt

Winter without a woolen skirt is incomplete.

The checkered woolen skirt not only has the generous and elegant texture of the skirt itself, but also adds a bit of retro and temperament. Just put on a coat of the same color, and the taste comes out.


There is also this kind of backbird woolen skirt, the classic oat color with any single item will not make an error.

But the style of the dress+straight tube is easy to press the height, so I suggest

Match with bright colors

The color contrast is insightful, and the golden ratio of 2: 8 is divided. Even if it blurred the waistline, it will not be short.

In the cold autumn and winter,


There is a sense of contrast between short skirts and seasons

It is easier to wear.

Mao’s “heavy” is combined with the “light” of the short skirt. It has both the light and romance of spring and summer, and the warmth of autumn and winter. It is definitely an eye -catching existence on the streets of autumn and winter!

In order to give full play to the high -level sense of oats, you can choose a neighboring knit sweater to match it on the top. The slight difference in the color order creates a layer of beauty. Simple and effort can make people get your dressing skills.


Little cute in school, I recommend a pleated skirt, full of youthful atmosphere, wear college style in a second!


Following the principle of “upper length and shortness”, you can choose a loose hooded knitting on the top, and instantly improve the center of gravity. Girls with a small proportion of small men and poor figures are like this!




It’s so cold that you have to wear exquisitely

丨 Key single product: knitted skirt

As a skirt in autumn and winter, I will choose more knitted skirts. It keeps warm and personal. Whether it is single or overlapped, it can ensure your warmth and fashion of you in autumn and winter.

However, the knitted fabric has a certain T -fitness and pendant feeling, which is easy to expose the defects of the body. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a loose style.

The flesh of the belly and legs is covered with tightly!


Fashionables can also play arbitrarily, with more tricks, such as a waist to create a high waistline. In addition, it also creates a layer of beauty.


Finally, step on a pair of knight boots, rigid and soft, and with a little anger in the gentleness, fashionable and delicate!


Or wear a jacket, and the loose and thick coat gives you full sense of security. Who can see how much meat has you hidden?


It is worth noting that it is easy to wear a jacket to wear it, so it can be used

Local “exposure method


“, Exposing the ankle, shoulder and neck line can not only shift their attention and enlarge the advantages.

Although looking at gentleness, it is not ambiguous at all.

The small and cute body curve can boldly try the tight knitted skirt, and the bumpy body is outlined by the skirt!

In the cold season, all fashion must be premised on warmth. If you want to be fashionable and temperature, thick skirts are a good choice.

Today, I will share with you 4 small skirts, sexy velvet skirts, retro core fleece skirts … each has its own style, which one do you most pick?