Mourning Verse _ 50 Ancient Poems Describing the Mourning Dead


Jiangchengzi · Yiyi, the 20th day of the first month of the month -Song Dynasty · Su Shi

Ten years of life and death are vast, not thinking, unforgettable. Thousands of miles of lonely graves, there is nowhere to talk about desolate. Even if the meeting should be unknown, the dust is full of face, and it is like frost. Ye Lai You Meng suddenly returned to his hometown, Xiaoxuan window, dressing up. Without words, only tears have thousands of lines. It is expected that the intestinal breaks are expected to be, the moon night, short Songgang.

Huanxi Sha · Who reads the West wind alone -Qing Dynasty Nalan sex virtue

Whoever reads the West wind alone, Xiao Xiao and Huang Ye closed the window and thought about the past. Being Jiu Mo was in a heavy sleep, and the gambling book was splashed with tea. At that time, it was unusual.

Shanhua Zi · Fengxu Disability has turned up the Ping -Qing Dynasty Nalan sex virtue

The wind has disappeared, and the mud lotus rigidity is rigid. Do n’t sting for a petal, remember to give birth. People are passionate, but now they are really affectionate. Back to the first place back to the first place, tears stole zero.

Li Si Five · Qi Four -Tang Dynasty · Yuan 稹

once having seen the best, the rest is not worthwhile looking. Take a lazy review of the flowers, half -fate practicing the monarch.

Three sorrows and sorrows • The two of them -Tang Dynasty · Yuan 稹

In the past, I was in the past, and now I have come to my eyes. The clothes have been done, and the needle line is still unbearable. I still want to be old -fashioned, and I have also sent money because of dreams. I know that this hates everyone, and the poor couples are mourning.

Sacrifice Twelve Langwen -Tang Dynasty · Han Yu

In the seventh day of the year, month, and day, Ji Father he heard about Ru’s funeral, but he was able to sorrow and sincerity, so that he was shameful when Jianzhong was ashamed. I am less lonely, long, and do not province, but my brother is dependent. In middle age, my brother is south, and I and Ru are young. Both also eat Jiangnan with Ru. Zero Ding is lonely, and it has been separated for a day. I have three brothers, all of which are unfortunately early. Inheritance of the latter, in Sun Weiru, in Ziwei. The two generations, the shape of the single shadow. The tasting of Ru Shi said: “Han’s two lives, but that’s it!” Ru Shiyou, when he remembers it. Although I could remember it, I was unknown. I have been in Beijing in the 19th year. After four years, I looked at Ru. For another four years, I went to the grave of Heyang Province and funeral from the encounter. For another two years, Wu Zuo Dong’s prime minister was in Luzhou, and I came to Wu. Stop one year old, please get it. Next year, the prime minister. I went to Luzhou, and Ru did not come. In that year, Wu Zuo Rong Xuzhou, so that the people took the Ru, I stopped, and Ru did not come. I read from Dong, Dong Yike also, can not last; Alas! It means that you go to me! I and Rujun were young, thinking that although they were different for the time being, they would be at each other for a long time. Therefore, she travels to the Beijing division in order to fight for the Lu. Knowing this is true, although I am the same as Wan Cheng, I will not drop a day. Last year, Meng Dongye went. My book and Ru said: “I have not been forty years old, and I look at the vastness, and I have a lotus, and the teeth shake. I ca n’t go, you do n’t want to come, I ’m afraid of dying, and you can do nothing!” Alas! Is it evil? Is it dreamy? Is it true? Believe, my brother’s Shengde and do it? Ru Zhi is pure and not Monka? The younger, the strong, the elder, the elder, the decline? Can’t believe it. Dreams, it is not true, the book of Dongye, Geng Lan’s newspaper, what is it on my side? Alas! Its faith! My brother’s Shengde and the sorrow! Ru Zhichun Ming Yiyi has his family, he does not take Mongolian Qishi! The so -called heaven is unpredictable, and the God is hard to understand! The so -called people cannot be pushed, and the life is unknown! Although, since this year, the Cang Cang may have become white, shake or fall off. Mao blood is declining, his ambition is declining, and geometry does not die from Ru. Knowledge of death, its geometry; the ignorance, the sorrow is not long, but the person who is not sad is endless. The son of Ru was ten years old, and my son started five years old. Less and strong people cannot guarantee it, so that the child can be established, and he can build evil? Woohow sorrow! Last year, Shu Yun: “Soferality is softened, often drama.” I said: “It is a disease, people in Jiangnan often have it.” Alas! Is it born? Do you have any illness to Sride? The book of Ru, June 17 also. Dongyun Yun, Ru Yan was on June 2nd; Geng Lan’s newspaper had no month. The messenger of Gai Dongye, I do n’t know how to ask the family on the month; Dongye and my book are asked the messenger, and the messenger claims to be in response. Is it? Otherwise? In this time, I sacrifice Ru in the middle of Jianzhong, and the lonely and Ru Nu. If you have food, you can stay and be funeral, and you will be taken to the end; The rest of the slave and the mourning of Ru. I can be buried, and finally buried the sign of the ancestors, and then I wish. Alas! When I was sick, I did n’t know that I did n’t know how to live together. I take the gods and make you dwell; In the end of the sky, in the horns of the earth, the shadow of the shadow did not depend on my shape, and the soul did not connect with my dream. I am really there, so why! The heaven of the other Cang, he has great! From now on, I have no intention of being a world! When the fields of several hectares are above Yiyi, wait for the rest of the year, teach my son and Ruzi, fortunately it; Changwu daughter and Ru daughter, wait for her to marry, that’s it. Woohoo, the words are poor and affectionate, Ru Qi knows it? Is it evil? Woohow sorrow! Shangyu!

Wind into pines

Listen to the wind and rain. Sorrow grass. In front of the building, the green and dark carrying the route, a hint of willow, an inch of tenderness. It is expected that the spring is cold and the wine is added, and Xiaomeng Yingying is added. West Garden swept Lin Ting every day. Still enjoy Xinqing. The Hornets fluttered the Qiu Qianso, and at the time, the fibrous hands were fragrant. The dangle is not available, and the fuse is born overnight.

Ying Yingfu · Spring Festival Gala feels -Song Dynasty · Wu Wenying

Disabled cold is bullying wine, covering the incense embroidery households. Yanlai came late and flew into Xicheng, which seemed to say that spring matters were late. Drawing the boat and Qingming, Qingyan Ranran Wu Gongshu. Think of the heart, wandering with the wind, turns into light. Ten years of the West Lake, the horses of the willow, while Jiao Dusu. Retrising the red gradually recruited into Xianxi, Jin’er stole You Su, leaning on the silver screen, spring wide dreams, broken red and wet, and singing. The embankment is empty, gently puts the sun, always returned to gull heron. Youlan spin the old, Du Ruo is still born, and the water village is still sending a brigade. Do n’t visit later, Liuqiao has no faith. Changbo was jealous, Yao Shan was ashamed, and the fishing lanterns were divided into spring rivers. At that time, the short -sighted peach root, the blue tower seemed to be a poem that lost the wall, and the tears were bleak. The dangerous pavilion is very popular, the grass -colored horizon, sighing and invading the semi -苎. Dark spot checks, divorced saliva, still dyed 绡 绡, 亸 暗 暗 暗, broken dancing. Wanting to write diligently, the book hates, Lan Xia Liaohai Shen Zi Yan. Phase acacia, bombing into the mourning pillar. Thousands of miles of Jiangnan, grievances re -recruiting, is the soul broken?

阊 阊 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 事 鹧鸪 重 – – – – – -鹧鸪 鹧鸪

Bettering over the door. What happened to the same thing is different. After the sycamore was half -dead and frost, the head of the white crickets lost his companion. Original grass, showing the beginning. The old qi Xinzhiyi. Listen to the south window rain in the empty bed, whoever picks up the lights and fill in the night.

Golden Walk · Dead Woman Avoid the Day -Qing Dynasty Nalan sex virtue

When did this hate already? Diakong steps, cold and rain, burial flowers. The three years of the dream of the long soul of the soul should be awake. Impulse also feels tasteful. Before nighttime, the dust is separated, cold and sorrowful. Squading, abandoning. If there is Pisces sent by Chongquan. Knowing him, suffering from the age, who is leaning on. I turned to the side since I was in the middle of the night and listened to Xiangxian. To be assisted, he knew it. I am still afraid of both people’s life, and then the fate and the remaining monthly wind. Tears, the paper is gray.

Shen Yuan two songs -Song Dynasty · Lu You

On the city, the sun was sorrowful, and Shen Yuan was not the old pond. Spring waves under the sad bridge were once shocked by Jinghong. Forty years of dreams, Shen Yuan Liu Lao did not blow. This body was made of Jishan soil, and the remains were still hanging.

Dreams -Tang Dynasty · Bai Juyi

Yelai joined hands with dreams, and the morning towels were tearful. Zhangpu’s old body was three degrees of illness, and Xianyang stayed in the autumn. Jun buried the mud under the spring, and I sent the world with full snow. Awei Hanlang went to each other.

Nanxiangzi · Title of Dead Woman -Qing Dynasty Nalan sex virtue

The tears were silent, only regretting love before. With Danqing’s emphasis on the province, Yingying, a sad painting. Don’t say anything, wake up early at midnight. Qing wakes up early in the morning, and even more, weep the wind eaves night rainbell.

Thoughtful Fu -Wei Jin · Xiangxiu

Yu Kang and Lu Anju stopped approaching, and their people had uninhibited talents. However, the Zhi Zhi was far and sparse, and Lu Xin was open, and then he saw the law.于 嵇 嵇 嵇 ​​嵇 ​​嵇 ​​嵇 ​​嵇 ​​嵇. Dangdang’s life, Gu Shiying, Suoqin played it. Yu Wan general Ximai, via its old Lu. In the time of Bo Yuyuan, the ice was so embarrassed. The neighbors have a flute, and the pronunciation is bright. I thought about the good of the past and sighing, and sighed, pretending to be Fuyun: the life is suitable for Yuanjing Xi, and then the northern is north. The Yellow River is a rafting, and the old residence of Shanyang. Looking at the depression of the wilderness, the rest of the city is about the city. The relics of the second son, the emptiness of the poor alley. Sighing the 愍 , ,. However, the ancient past was pregnant, and his heart was wandering. Dongyu is deserved, and the shape of the gods dies. In the sin of Li Si, he sighed and sighed. The eternal resignation of mourning, Gu Iying played the piano. The consignment meets the understanding, and the life will be inch. Listening to the generosity of the whistle, the wonderful sound was to find. He stopped talking, and then assisted Han and wrote.

Six Ling · Yijie Gong Gong Tanabata -Song Dynasty Wu Wenying

At the beginning of the dew, the pupae also urged. Xingxing is lazy, standing on the side of the Minghe River. I do n’t see the Dae -head boat, and I hope to fly the wing. Yunliang is thousands of feet. The dust is a little bit, and the western wind is back. Knowing that the sky is clumsy, the beggar tower north and south. Guiguo is desolate, lonely Luo Chike. Personal corridor, who sees Jin Yan. He is fine tonight. The cup of remnants fell, but Geng Yinhe was full of Tianbi.

Xijiangyue above see the true collection of rolls -Yuan Dynasty · Wang *

When entering the maternal prophet, the furnace will be constructed. Guisheng was urgent to Huang Zhong. Rotate the sky wheel. Chizi flew into the sea, Canglong rode on Nangong. Xia Xiaoyong Yaokong. Ten Shi Fairy converted.

Qinyuanchun Quanzhen Home Wind -Yuan Dynasty · Wang *

Do not love the name, do not seek wealth, and do not mess with it. Covering a cottage, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and poverty -stricken roads, covering the firewood. Reading Dan Jing, burning the residual treasures, all day long. Really pleasing, come to eat when you encounter hunger. Who knows the news. From the inside, it is obsessed. And the hiding front is frustrated, the ancestors and the first, and the light of the light, how can it be distinguished. Following the fate of life, Lotte knows life, and the white snow pot is equipped with Kanli. When I came, I returned to the Shizhou Fairy.

Send the first place to live in Ziwu -Song Dynasty, Shi Huiyuan

Drive the food and the heart lamp, and the exchange of loans in exchange. Dao Da is like the north of Ji Ji, and it has resumed Gaoma Lingnanneng.

Autumn Festival -Song Dynasty Duyi

The rice was empty and frost, and although the autumn wind was still late. Danlin and yellow leaves are outside the sun.

From Malaysia to Changshanyu -Qing Dynasty · Wu Xiqi

The land insurance is not the more, and the guest feelings are quiet. Return this snail shell and tosses. The embarrassment of the two rock beams, the miserable millet skin. Suspecting is too ancient, the cold is not yet Soviet. The long wind stones were broken, and the day of the day. Foot camera driving, and he was horrified. The next person wants to be ascended, but he smelled. Entrepreneurship and premeditation, we must fight for the best. The platform is now embarrassed, and the star fights are nothing. The saddling horse will breathe, and the future battle supports. The servant kissed was even thirsty, and the village was in the village.

Jiu Ge · Guoyang -Pre -Qin · Qu Yuan

Fuck Wu Ge Xi was being taken by the rhinocet, and the car was unsatisfactory. John from the sun, the enemy is cloudy, and the fellow rushes to rush. Ling Yuzhen Xixi Yu Xing, Zuo Xunxi’s right blade was injured. Two rounds of the haze, four horses, aid Yuyu to rush the drums. In the sky, he was angry and murdered. If you do n’t go in, the plain is super far away. Bringing a long sword, Qin Gong, the whole body was not punished. Sincerity is both brave and martial arts, and finally strong. The body is dead, the gods are spiritual, and the soul is resolute. (Soul Yixi works: Zi Soul Xi Xi)

Butterfly Love Flower · Hard Hard the most pity of the day -Qing Dynasty Nalan sex virtue

The hardships are the most pity, and the past is like a ring. If the moon wheel is bright, the ice and snow will not be resigned as the heat. There is no such thing as the dust, and the swallows are still, and the soft steps are still saying. Singing the autumn grave was unwilling, and the spring cluster recognized the amphibious butterfly.

Guofeng · Fengfeng · Green Clothes -Pre -Qin · Anonymous

Green clothes, green clothes. The worries of the heart, is it? (Yellow Li: Yellow Wrap) Green clothes, green clothes and yellow clothes. The worries of the heart, do you die? The green is silk, and the woman is rule. I think of the ancients, and there is no stubbornness.絺 兮 凄 絺 絺 絺 絺 絺 絺 絺 絺. I think of the ancients, and I really won my heart.

Li Bai Tomb -Tang Dynasty · Bai Juyi

Li Bai’s grave on the edge of the stone picking river, the unlimited grass in the field. Poor ridiculous springs have a stunning text. But how thin the poet is, he is not a monarch.

Feng Die Ling -Qing Dynasty · Zhou Zhiqi

The saliva condensed marks, the flowing yellow is late.辉 姮 still knows Hui. I have never seen it and the moon.

Huanxi Sha -Qing Dynasty · Zhou Zhiqi

Who built idle gardens to lean near. The small mountain cluster brings back Ting. Wait for water and stones to operate.

佚 -Pre -Qin · Anonymous

莪 蓼蓼, gangsters. Mourning parents, giving birth to me.莪 蓼蓼, bandit, Yi Wei. Mourning parents, working hard. The bottle is exhausted, and the shame of Wei. The life of the fresh people is worse than the dead for a long time. No father, why? What a mother? When it comes out, it is the best. My father gave birth to me, my mother was Juju. Taking my animals and me, grow me, take care of me, take me back, go in and out of my belly. Desire to report. Haotian! Nanshan Lie, fluttering. People are not valued, how do I do it alone! Nanshan Law, Piaofefo. People are not valued, I am alone!

Seven times their twos, Jia’an Qu -Song Dynasty Yang Yi

Bo Shuo fat, cooked with.. Jiali Demonstrate wine, there is Missying. Confuse the brigade, steamed it. Ji Ji prepares, enjoy it in Kocheng.

Fenghe Reading Tang Shu -Song Dynasty · Xia Yan

Zhefu Yanqing asked, Yuanhe Zhiping. From people to affairs, ask for gangsters. Young can be unclear. It is known that Yu Shunde, respectful and difficult to name.

Title Li Shaobao Family Biography -Song Dynasty · Du Yan

The general was loyal to the world and was unparalleled, and he saw the fake king. The whole Shu is unswervingly Tang Riyue, and the four states are focusing on Han clothes. Ji Yan Xun Feng Cream, the brothers’ class passed the fragrance of history. If Zhongying Xing has not been stunned, he captures Ji Li to Longhuang.

Man Jiang Hong passed Zhao Gu Gu Gu -Qing Dynasty · Tong Shinan

Baili Xiongguan, looking at Wu Chu in the distance, dividing Wu Chu. When the shore, the flat boat is rumored, and the ancients are alone. Ai Yan Yin Shuang was cold and cold, and the yin wind was angry. With Gao and silent, who can complain.

Qingchun Palace autumn night showing, the woman died in April -Qing Dynasty · Jiang Chunlin

Worms are dependent on the wall, the fish is more separate, and the short gallery yinya rose. Lu Mi is free, slightly cool, and unmanned mud to ask Tianyi. And poultry, flying while Xingying and Gu Hongye. The rope river turned low, the dream was cold, and the incense fog was 霏.

Lang Tao Saqi Night Niren -Qing Dynasty · Shinannan

Yulu Boles Qiu Han. Afraid of killing the order. Fenglou people are unable to pass. Let’s stand up at night and the moon, and still sleep.

Manchuria Red Six Sixths of the two -Qing Dynasty · Jiang Shizhen

Jian Cui Liu Dan makes the whole Chu and mountains and rivers. It is a piece of divine worker ax, splitting the spiritual world. Big white turtles horizontally cut off the bank, and the yellow cranes were flying out of the building. There are leftover articles, double photos of the river, and the golden.

Three sorrows of sorrow · Three of them -Tang Dynasty · Yuan 稹

Sitting in tragedy is also sorrowful, how many years are the century. Deng You had no son to know his life, and Pan Yue mourned the words. In the same acupoint, he hopes that he will be more difficult to live. However, I will always open my eyes all night and repay my life without showing their eyebrows.

Three sorrows and sorrows · One -one -Tang Dynasty · Yuan 稹

Xie Gong’s youngest partial pity, married Qianlou Baixue. Gu I didn’t search for it. Wild vegetables are full of food, and leaves are salary and salary. Today, there are more than 100,000 money, and they have settled the camp with Junying.

Willow -Song Dynasty · Han Qi

The willow is not in love with the flowers. Under the court, the roller was scattered in the air. Leisurely falls into the water, and the quiet and quiet butterfly dance is oblique. Seeing that Jun Fang Xi Chun was hard to live, and tolerance was disturbed.

Tiger Qiu Qi -Qing Dynasty · Wu Xiqi

The tiger gas eliminates Shenhe City, and Dongfeng is easy to visit. In the year of Zhenniang’s tomb, he painted the sunset in spring sorrow.

Brother Cry Wuyi Three Bills of the two -Song Dynasty · Xie Yan

The article does not need to be worldly.长 长 遽 遽 遽 遽, Changxing Zhishi 嗟. If you have a child, you can read it. There is no place for mulberry. Lai Youxing Yuan Yin, can be able to 元 Meng’s family.

Sui -Song Dynasty · Kong Pingzhong

The whipping refers to the Phoenix, and the sparse wild heart has nothing to camp. Book the peony flowers to get wine, and the return is close to Qingming.

丰 丰 曾 曾 -Song Dynasty · Chen Shidao

On the twelfth floor of the master, one is three thousand. Gu Lai’s life was thin, and the victim would not be over the years. Dancing is the main life, and it is given to Nanyang. Holding the main clothes and making Chunyan. There is a sound of thoroughly, and there are tears. The deceased was afraid of ignorance, and he had a self -pity. Ye Luo couldn’t afford the wind, and the mountains and air flowers were red. Donation of the world will not be old, and Hui Ye has nothing to end. One dead end, why is the hundred -year -old be poor? Isn’t heaven and earth wide? I can’t tolerate myself. If the deceased knows, the killing is obeyed. Always sing and dance, night rain and cold.

Magnolia Blossom · Ying Ying Cryed

Ying Ying was crying, and Ren Yan’s words and words were difficult. This point of leisure, ten years of continuous, annoyed spring breeze. The old people are not seen, but still the east of the Yangliu Xiaolou. Remember the same questions on the same question, but now the wall has disappeared. Lan Yan rose new green solubility. Flowing hate falling flowers. I thought of the broken spring shirt. Acacia is self -suffering, and it is always empty. The sunset is endless, sending Feihong with the column.


Summer boarding Ganting Ten Six -Song Dynasty · Cai Gu Que

When the wind shakes the fruit, it smells, and the rain drops are also fragrant. The bottom of the leaf was in the nest, and the small fish was busy.

Zeng Meng, Xunmeng, Xuan Ri Xuan -Song Dynasty · Zeng Ji

The whip and whip white foal, the autumn is short. I have always tanned the book, and want to make a warm back. Deng Hou Kaixi Xuan, jujube song compilation. Qianshan Yin semi -regulated, looking at the support version of the support. I am talented, and my life is regardless of my life. With whipping ancestors, Yun Tao Kan. The copper pot is one hundred minutes, and the night dream is divided into half. The noon window is Chong, long -closed reading eyes. Mian Chongming, it is urgent. Poetry is not a monarch, and he is really lazy.

Xijiangyue · Plum Blossom -Song Dynasty · Su Shi

The jade bones are sorrowful and fog, and the ice position has its own fairy wind. Haixian was explained in Fang Cong. Hanging upside down green hair phoenix. The plain noodles are overwhelmed, and the makeup is not red. High emotions have followed Xiaoyun Kong. Do not dream of pear blossoms.

Dujiang Yun Three Criminals · West Lake Qingming -Song Dynasty · Wu Wenying

Shawed red hate, the late wind was not falling, and the film was embroidered. The old embankment is divided into swallow tails, Guizhou light gulls, and Baile lean on the clouds. Thousands of grievances, gradually entering, Xianwu fans. The intestines are back, seeing the flowers across the flowers, and the back of the back.逡 Tour. The inscription is melancholy, the fall is lingering, and the quantity period is difficult to accurate. It also started to consciousness and love, and the broadband was in spring. The Ming Dynasty and the lonely smoke were cold, and they were full of lakes, wind and rain. Shan Daiyu, dust waves green without trace.

Guyan Er · Teng bed paper tent Fits to sleep -Song Dynasty · Li Qingzhao

The world writes plums, and it is vulgar. Try to make a article, it is not arrogant to know the preface. The tent of the rattan bed facing the sleep, it is not unpleasant. Agarwood disconnected the cold, accompanied by my feelings like water. The flute sound was so frightened, how many spring feelings. Xiaofeng sparsely rain was young, and he urged thousands of tears. The flute man went to Yuloukong, and he leaned with whom. With a folding, there is no person to send it in the world.

Mourning for Xue Taisa -Tang Dynasty · Bai Juyi

Semi -dead Wutong is old and sick, Chongquan wounds and hurts God. He returned to the hospital with a child at night, and the moon cold and empty room was missing.

Guidian Qiu -Qing Dynasty · Jiang Chunlin

Yao Dian couple, five baht clothes. Bluebird has no books. The Gong Gong woven as a window, and looked at the star river autumn geese alone.

Jiaxing Qi 2 -Yuan Dynasty Chen Fu

There are 100,000 loudsters in the flute, and the Yang Yang shallow green window screen. Xiang combs two cicadas and daughters, and laughed with Hongjiao to buy lotus.

The verse of mourning is [Children’s Reading] APP -Primary School Counseling Expert, exclusive original organizational and release, and shall not be reproduced without authorization.

The meaning of mourning

Mourning the dead wife. Also refers to his wife.

[Sun Li’s “Communication on Ji Yan”: “Another thing about Ji Yan is: Ji Yan died his wife, there is a mourning death.”]

Example of mourning:

1. In order to retrieve the license, he was sweating.

2. His reaction was slow, and he was simply a wood.

3. After one day and one night, he finally woke up this morning.

4. In this game, the landlord has the relative advantage of geographical interests and people.

5. Although he is wrong in this matter, we have nothing to do.

6. Today’s temperature is really low, and it is too cold.

7. He thought that there was a large number of dollars on the ground, and when he approached, it turned out to be a toy counterfeit banknote.

8. In order to restart the machine, he was sweating.

9. Be so lazy like him, you don’t have to drink Northwest Wind.

10. The canoe is made of wood.