Small apartment living room is not equipped with sofa? That’s your method and not looking for the right way


When it comes to the placement of the living room sofa, many people think of the traditional way of putting on the first time


3+2 or L type combination


Only when you feel like this, you will look noodles at home, but such a traditional method of swinging is no longer suitable for the current mainstream units.


Many people now have a net width of the living room only about 4 meters. The 3+2 swings, no matter how to put it, the entire living room will be filled; and the L type will be limited by the position fixing. Talents will feel that the sofa of small apartment living room is really difficult to set.


Can’t the small apartment be sofa? No, look down, Xiaoqi sorted out various types of sofas, including small units, for your reference.

01/small apartment


Single sofa/lazy sofa+casual chair

The area of ​​small apartment living room is so large, and the space can be described as very limited. When a large and wide sofa is no longer suitable for small apartment, the simple and light -fitting single sofa and lazy sofa stand out. It is flexible with flexibility The convenience of mobile is a good choice for small units.

Buy a small reminder:

When combining the unsteady sofa or casual chair, pay attention to the unity of the overall style to avoid being abrupt due to the unique shape of individual shapes.


And smaller single -person design has more possibilities in design matching. The velvet single chair with retro floor lights and exquisite small edges to create a comfortable leisure area in the living room.

The living room is placed with a light -colored real -life leather sofa with fresh green plants and hot summer. This is a good summer space.

Module sofa

The module sofa is very free, the direction is adjustable and the combination is changeable. When the living room space is small, you can choose the style of small size, with a small side and sofa table, making the sofa the most comfortable corner of the living room.

Because of the combined structure, the module sofa can efficiently use the corner and the space by the door, which is very suitable for various wonderful units that are caused by small space.

However, the depth of the module sofa, the height of the seat, and the height of the back must be carefully selected according to the habits of the family. Because the module sofa is not as fixed as the L -shaped sofa, it will be better to try to sit in the physical store.

02/medium unit

Double sofa

The area of ​​the medium units will be wider, so you can choose a double sofa with a moderate volume. The two -person sofa body is light and easy to move. In addition to being placed separately, you can also match a single person or a concubine chair to release more space for the living room to release more space for the living room ; When the living room space is large enough, children can move more convenient and have more imagination.


Moreover, the two -person sofa has a lot of room for the choice of coffee tables and cabinets, because there are many remaining places, and even a few more groups can be placed to enhance the utilization of living room space, which can also make the home full of interest.

Multifunctional sofa

In addition to considering the needs of lying on the sofa, the sofa can fully play more functions. For example, in recent years, office at home has become a normal state. If there is no suitable space in the family to do the office area, you can choose to add a computer desk on the sofa to use it as an office area.


You can also put the side table next to the sofa for learning at any time.

03/large apartment

The area of ​​such living rooms is large enough, so there are many optional sofas. In addition to the common large -sized sofas, Xiao Qi wants to recommend a special point.


Two -way sofa


If the home is a large apartment in the horizontal hall, you can jump out of the fixed mode. Choose a unique two -way style. You can sit on both sides. Not only does it occupy a large area, you can also communicate two spaces.


The sofa does not lean against the wall. It is placed in the middle of the living room for functional segmentation. It is facing the TV wall and one side to the restaurant to facilitate the communication of the family.


▲ The sofa does not lean against the wall

▲ Sofa against the wall

Arc sofa

If you don’t like the four or four squares of the sofa, you can also choose a arc sofa. Elegant shapes, soft lines, and full of design. It can be placed in the middle of the big opening room as a partition, but also breaks the inherent lines and makes the entire living room space more open.

▲ Sofa partition

The curved sofa with a circular coffee table or the curved wall will be more beautiful.


04/How to choose the living room sofa?


Color choice is important

If you do n’t have much grasp of color and style, it is recommended to choose black, gray, brown, the most secure and versatile color, and it is not easy to turn over.


▲ Gray


▲ Brown

▲ Black

Consistent with the color of the curtains.

Because the color selection of the curtains depends on the color of the indoor, or the carpet, or the wall, it will not make an error according to the color of the curtain.

Reference wall color.


The simplest match based on the color of the wall is: the color of the color of the wall, the Mediterranean, and the deep color of the furniture. When the wall is white, the color of the sofa can be selected, as long as it is darker than the ground. If you don’t want the low -key and simple sense of black, white and gray, you can choose bright colors to light up.


Size selection is important


If the size of the living room is selected, the standard size will be selected, and the embarrassing situation of the living room will occur like a combination of 3+2 and L types. Generally speaking, the area of ​​the sofa does not exceed 1/4 of the living room area. In addition, the sofa of the sofa. Height and depth also need to pay attention. For specific size, please refer to the figure below:

Comfort is also important


The sofa can be said to be a “second bed”, so how can I quickly choose a comfortable sofa? Xiaoqi has 5 tricks here:


Look at the sofa feel.


When buying the sofa, touch the sofa to see if the feel is smooth, whether there is something that stimulates the skin, and observe whether the color of each part of the sofa is uniform, whether the seam part is flat, and comfortable sofa. These will be considered.


Check the elasticity of the sofa.

The rebound force of the sofa determines the life of the sofa, so when you buy, you can sit in all directions to see if there is a rebound after you get in. If not, don’t choose.

Look at the sofa filling.

This check method is to press the armrests and backs of the sofa by hand to feel the internal wooden frame. If the sense of touch is obvious, it means that the density of the sofa filling material is not high and the elasticity is not good. select.

See if the sofa is easy to remove and wash.


The hardest part of the sofa is cleaning, so you must carefully check whether it is easy to remove and wash, especially the fabric sofa, which is particularly easy to dirty. If you buy a leather sofa, remember not to wipe it directly with a wet towel or rag. After a long time, the leather will harden. It is best to use a dedicated leather cleaner.

05/sofa installation


Reserved socket


Before the hydropower phase, we must plan the style, height and how to place the sofa, so as to reserve positions for the socket. If the sofa does not lean against the wall, you can reserve on the position of the sofa wall; if you lean against the wall, you can reserve on both sides of the sofa; if there are floor lamps next to the sofa, you need to reserve the socket on the floor lamp.

Non -slip fixation

If the sofa is not placed on the wall, you need to consider the problem of sliding the sofa. You can place a non -slip small cushion or buy a non -slip fixer on the Internet, so that you will no longer worry about the sofa movement.

▲ Anti -slip pad

Anti -cat grabbing


Many people now have pets at home, and kittens and puppies have the habit of scratching the sofa. Therefore, Xiaoqi shared a tips for preventing cats. First stick to the sofa with the glue of the sofa on the lower part. This is very slippery, and the cat will not grab it; then put the spike of the cat -proof cat in the sofa so that the kitten will not bite the sofa underneath.


▲ Anti -cat spike

After reading this issue, do you have more ideas for the sofa of your living room?

Which one does the above sofa like?

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