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I don’t know when the price starts, the price is the standard for measuring the quality of the product. Especially for the current boom of all kinds of noble women’s skin care products, many sisters think that only valuable products can give skin demand, such as eye cream.


Are there many sisters?

While using the most expensive eye cream, the latest night is boiled


Intersection Here, Xiao Yan gives you a loyalty to the younger sisters who love to stay up late. Don’t boil anymore. No matter what you use to stay up late, even if it is expensive, you can’t fully make up for your skin. The cheap eye cream is not useless. The key is to choose the right product that is right.

After all, eye cream also has a lot of effects. We all need to choose the appropriate eye cream according to our eyes, such as: a dry -patterned dark circles to choose anti -aging type; the edema of the eyes is edema; You can choose the basic moisturizing eye cream.

So today I will bring a few cost -effective eye creams to you for your reference, so let’s take a look.

L’Oreal purple iron

This eye cream should not have a little sister who doesn’t know, a very cost -effective eye cream.

The ingredients of the purple iron are very powerful,


The main ingredients are Bose cause, Fugolin, and dual hyaluronic acid




Biggainy is the same anti -aging ingredients of the major ladies brands

Fighting fine lines can be played, and because Foli can promote the new life of collagen, the hyaluronic acid of small molecules plays a role in high -efficiency and moisturizing. And the complex caffeine can reduce swelling and brightening,


Help us maintain the best state around the eye.

For the ingredient party, the price of purple iron really does not lose money, and it is still a capacity of 30ml. It really does not feel bad to use.

Its texture also likes it, I also like it,

Eye cream is light cream texture

After applying it, it is moist and refreshing. It does not rub the mud or spicy eyes.

And it can be used on the face, like the position of the decree and the puppet pattern, it can also be used with massage methods.

Nature Hall Eye Cream

The most exciting thing about this eye cream is that it contains it


99%high -purity caffeine,

For sisters who are easy to go up late or swollen, it can accelerate blood circulation, eliminate edema, and improve the damaged skin of staying up late.

And it also added


Himalayan red ball algae and diracle yeast

Among them, the Himalayan red ball algae is rich in shrimp. It is a handle of the antioxidant industry, which can relieve skin aging. It is used to maintain stability and restoration with dilateral yeast.

This eye cream also has a massage head,


On the other hand, the metal massage header

It is also cleaner and hygienic when applying massage, and the upper eyes are cool and comfortable. Massage when you are fatigue around your eyes and drive away fatigue.


It is also the texture of the cream, pushing it out very well, and it is easy to absorb with its massage head. It is also very comfortable.

Daily as a edema is still very OK

Its texture is also very refreshing, and sisters have the problem of driving fat particles.


An Peony Rose Eye Cream

This eye cream is really a sharp student in the cheap industry. The main effect is brightening light patterns. The ingredients contain rose essence, oligoplase, cocoa seed extract, and transparent silantol.


The moisturizing effect and the dullness of the eyes of the eyes have nothing to say, and the sisters around the eyes can give priority to it.

It is a squeezed small tube mouth, which can control the amount or isolate the air well. Clean hygiene also maintains the activity of ingredients.

This eye cream is

The texture of the gel, the upper eye will have a clear sense of moisturizing

, But not sticky nor stimulating the eyes of the eyes, there is a faint rose fragrance. This eye cream is relatively refreshing, and its effect is small that it is mainly moisturizing and slightly brightening.


Lou Qingqing Ahli Eye Cream

Early C and night practitioners, this eye cream must be familiar.

They are also old -handed veterans who have studied A alcohol. This eye cream also uses a compliance method. This eye cream is more stable and milder than other A alcohol eye cream.

Of course, the A alcohol in this eye cream is not a general vitamin A derivative, but is exposed to the halal A alcohol. Its light texture effect is 5 times that of vitamin A derivatives.

At the same time, it is also reproducible

Hydrolyzed fragrant peach and wood leaf extract and hyaluronic acid

Coordinated with Ahhel wrinkle and anti -aging, which also reduced the irritation and dryness, and stabilized the moisturizing.

It is also the design of the small tube mouth, and the packaging of aluminum can also guarantees the activity of A alcohol and does not allow it to oxidize easily.


Eye cream is a lotion -like texture, refreshing and light

The absorption speed is also very fast. However, if the sisters who are more sensitive to the eyes, Xiaoyu also recommends that you can also establish tolerance first.

In fact, eye creams can not be effective at once. The nursing of the eye, the same skin care, requires our long -term persistence and cooperation with daily life to improve the state of the eyes.

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