Epoxy glass scales slit use


Glass sheet is an indispensable important raw material for producing heavy anticorrosive coatings, pearl pigments and plastic products. It can be applied to the field of anticorrosion, which can significantly improve the anticorrosive performance of paint and extend the service life of objects; It is far better than the pearly pigments made by natural Yunmu and artificially synthesized Yunmu, and has the functions of anti -corrosion and ultraviolet irradiation; for plastic fields, the strength of plastic products can be increased to prevent thermal deformation of precision components made of heat plastic plastic. Improve its space stability.

1. Glass sheet can prevent the erosion of the base substances from water vapor and chemical solvents. The degree of chemical resistance of substrates or coatings varies with the selected glass raw materials, and the glass scales composed of C-glass have excellent anti-chemical durability.


2. Because there is a large extension coefficient for the substances such as steel and cement, the resin layer is easy to crack and fall off under the condition of hot shock. Cracking and peeling. 3. Good temperature resistance. The use of heat resistance in the glass lining can increase by 20-40 ° C than similar resin coatings, so it is often used in oil pipelines, heat water pipelines, heat-resistant chemical devices, etc. 4. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small.

5. The coating containing glass pieces is much harder than epoxy or polyester resin layer without glass scales, so it has high anti -surface wear.


6, good compatibility performance, can form anticorrosive coatings with various resins.