The Spring Festival Gala is more beautiful, Ma Fanshu’s red skirt is stunning, Liu Tao Shui snake waist is eye -catching, Zhao Liying’s beautiful finale



Everyone said bravely that how many dads saw Ma Fanshu’s appearance and blurted out: This girl was so beautiful, and how many people looked at Li Sisi’s lipstick Zhang Xiaofei’s coat.


Hahahaha, only the Spring Festival Gala will give people such a surprise.


Really, regardless of the changes in the years, the vicissitudes of the sea, chasing hot search, appreciation of God, guessing the red number to buy the coat in Zhang Xiaofei’s sketch, is the minimum respect for “watching the Spring Festival Gala”.

Because the beauty of the Spring Festival Gala is worth taking seriously.


After watching the Spring Festival Gala, I washed my eyes and faced with the future with a good mood to open a new year of the tiger’s style.

01. Li Sisi’s lipstick is bright again


Li Sisi, 36, has been on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala 9 times. The face value and temperament are definitely to be dead.

However, it is the lipstick that netizens are most concerned about. After all, guessing Li Sisi’s lipstick has already become the old tradition of watching the Spring Festival Gala.

This year, Li Sisi is still very beautiful. A red waist dress highlights its characteristics of both shoulders, long legs, and long legs. After the foundation of the foundation, the complexion of the whole person is very prominent, and the lipstick is even more beautiful.

It is worth mentioning in this field, and there are typhoons of big beauty. In the show, Sabenin and Li Sisi appeared together. As a result, Teacher Satt opened, and “40 years” said it was “4,000 years”. The audience saw at a glance that Teacher Sa who was deducted was still working hard, and then looked at Li Sisi, her expression was calm and calm.

I thought that Li Sisi was in the early 20s of the Spring Festival Gala. After so many years, she felt that her face seemed to have no changes. Instead, she had a layer of atmosphere and calmness.


02. Ma Fanshu has become a new traffic password for CCTV?

However, the new traffic password of this Spring Festival Gala was born again: Ma Fanshu, the beauty host of the “World Football” in the Central 5!

Really, the perfect beauty goddess, as soon as he appeared, he stunned countless audiences with a red skirt.


The puff sleeves are cute, and the grapefruit lip color is very gentle, and I really really addicted to her face value and can’t extricate itself.

In fact, for sports fans, Ma Fanshu is not a new face. She is definitely the head of the sports channel. She looks bright and her temperament is refreshing. Some audiences have long said that this face value is more than enough to host a female group.

When she just announced that she was going to be the host, some people teased, I am afraid that it would not be stringing to the stage as soon as she spoke, but it turned out that the younger sister’s voice came with a sweet sense. Playful and cute.


How many powerful and beautiful beauty has CCTV hidden.

When appearing in the auditorium, Ma Fanshu was even more picky. Not only did he perfectly set off the red skirt out of his temperament, but the kind of beauty fan on his body also played to the extreme, and the capable beauty of the capacity was revealed.

When he hosted with Nig Buy, Ma Fanshu replaced a set of white pattern cheongsam, not only showing a good figure with thin back and thin waist, but also the elegant and elegant temperament was even more obvious.


Sure enough, for more than half an hour in the opening, the entry of “Ma Fanshu and Beautiful” rushed to the hot search. This year, the most amazing host, Matana Shushu.

03. Liu Tao’s water snake waist

White skin, beautiful, good acting skills, is Liu Tao.

Liu Tao, who performed on the opening of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, was amazing. A red dress, a classic bubble sleeve shape, the water snake waist is very eye -catching, long hair, white skin to glow, feminine, retro and charming.


This shape requires a good figure to support it. It is too right to say that Liu Tao is an old goddess.

The point is that Liu Tao is also very beautiful in the magic. In the magic performance of the Deng man, he changed the props of the props. He did not touch Liu Tao but asked the Rubik’s cube to reset in Liu Tao’s hands.

Liu Tao, who hit the red slim skirt, laughed like flowers throughout the process, smiling and smiling, ah, let me be intoxicated in my sister’s magic.

Liu Tao also said that he was not a nursery, and the myocardial infarction of the netizens also came out: said that it was not a child, all went to the medicine examination HHHH.

04. Li Yuchun’s legs are too eye -catching

Li Yuchun is still a iconic short hair, but a red sheepskin nail dress is too bright.


The shoulder -pad design and personal skirt type, with the skirt pink jewelry armor, are too visual impact. The point is that Li Yuchun’s good figure is exposed, long legs are particularly eye -catching, and there is a gorgeous dream.


The dignified facial features and gentle temperament make many people feel her more obvious maturity.

Spring of that year really changed.

05. Han Hong is really thin

The Spring Festival is really a happy field for fat people.

Ma Li’s interview in the backstage of the Spring Festival Gala this year was so funny. He claimed to be a fat group with Shen Teng. The audience wanted to ask Shen Teng for sketches. She was sent to the doctor without eating a sip.

If Shen Teng really wants to lose weight, he must learn from Han Hong.

Han Hong’s “So many people in this world” this year’s Spring Festival Gala really moved many audiences, but the shape of the yellow jacket also made people notice that she was really thinner.

But fat or thin, happy health.


06. Mao Xiaotong’s Chinese style style is simply bad

To say sweet, Mao Xiaotong Song Zuer, the “child of the Qiao family”.

Mao Xiaotong is a happy Chinese style stand -up collar dress this year. The pattern on her body is like paper -cutting, dignified and sexy, and very happy.


The upper body adopts a window -style hollow design, which cleverly blends the festival style and fashion sense. She also shows her good figure. The younger sister has become a new surprise of red carpet last year. Essence


“Three Sisters” appeared in red, and “Four Sisters” Song Zuer chose a short skirt embroidered. Although it was not a red skirt, the gray skirt was printed with dark red flowers, as if the spring breeze fluttered.

Her exquisite facial features are not afraid of CCTV lens. They are completely cute on the stage.

07. Zhang Xiaofei became the queen of the Spring Festival Gala again


Of course, the above are just beautiful. If you talk about bringing goods, no one can compare with our mother.


This time, she and Jia Ling, Xu Juncong and others brought a sketch “Happy and Happy”, which definitely made the audience dream back to “Li Huanying”, and this time, Jia Ling played Zhang Xiaofei’s mother, which was possible. I just look at the Spring Festival Gala’s stage, how many tricks can the sisters swap their identity.

The most absolutely absolutely “homophonic stalk”, netizens said directly: “I learned to learn.” The stewed big cocks added human ginseng to “ginseng rooster”, and the bean horn of their own home was “intrigue”. Chicken intestines directly become “small belly chicken intestines” hahahahaha.

However, many audiences have noticed the changes in Zhang Xiaofei’s shape. In the past, the shape of our mother’s circle was sweater.

The last year, red sweater, last year, white sweater, this year I did not wear sweaters this year, wearing a gem blue jacket, atmospheric tailoring design and eye -catching color, and then with her delicate makeup, it is said that the same model was sold out of the same one for a 10 -minute out -of -stock Essence

The party was not finished, and the new Spring Festival Gala exploded. No matter how beautiful other female celebrities are, we are just goddesses. Our mother is the Queen of bringing goods without changing the Spring Festival Gala.


8. Song Qian is in red and festive and stubborn.


This year’s red dress is really a common choice for actresses.

Song Qian is also a red suit on the Spring Festival Gala. The focus is that this suit is not only colorful, but also has a very characteristic style design. In addition, Song Qian’s own personality, women’s refreshing temperament comes out.

09. Xie Na is too gentle, right?

There are also many mothers and actresses on the Spring Festival Gala.

Chen Yanxi, who appeared in a big bow red skirt, has too young girls.

Xie Na, who had only given birth to a second child, was also wearing a red sweater this time, but it showed a completely different temperament from the fast book.


It’s really eye -catching and gentle.

10. Cleat at the night for Zhao Liying, it’s worth it

Female stars are so bad! However, to say that the female star who has shined at a glance at one thousand years must be Zhao Liying, who has reached the peak.

For the first time, Zhao Liying was wearing a golden sequin dress. She was gentle and sweet with curly hair shawls, allowing many audiences to dream back to the “Golden Eagle Goddess” instantly.

At the end of the chorus with Zhu Yilong Wang Junkai, he changed a red dress, which visually showed a perfect figure. The slightly puffy skirt added a little playfulness, and it was even more festive.

Under the lights of CCTV lens, the collagen of her sister’s face was so cute.

The collarbone and the swan neck are also highlights! In short, it is beautiful!


At this Spring Festival Gala, it is really endless. At the same time that the show is so good -looking, almost all actresses are naturally blooming their charm, and they run out of several new goddesses in one breath.

Do you want to ask me, who likes the most?

What jokes, children make choices, and adults have to appreciate.

The most important thing is that behind Shen Yan, it is actually the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. Between the rising and rising and the moon, it is another year, and let us open the year of the tiger in the cultivation of the Spring Festival Gala.