Law enforcement departments have carried out special rectification operations to crack down on two lines of short lines and safeguard consumer rights


CCTV, Beijing, January 22 (CCTV reporter Li Yang) The Spring Festival in 2022 is coming. With the increase in consumer demand, complaints about the shortage of short two shortcomings are increasing. Starting from the perspective of maintaining consumer rights and interests, special rectification actions have been carried out.

Recently, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Fengtai District of Beijing City, in order to regulate the market measurement order of the short two complaints, combat the short two shorts, measure cheating illegal acts, and the market, supermarkets, catering restaurants, and refueling in the jurisdictions. The station and other comprehensive law enforcement inspections were carried out before the Spring Festival.

In accordance with the requirements of national standards, law enforcement officers inspected the number of packaging layers and gap rates of festivals such as alcohol, beverages, cakes and other festivals in supermarkets, and traced back the barcodes of various types of goods based on the barcode traceability system.

多地执法部门开展专项整治行动 打击缺斤短两行为、维护消费者权益

Law enforcement officers randomly purchased 15 kinds of products at the scene, and issued the “Limited Packaging Inspection Sample Form” to the spot check -up supermarket. The Beijing Fengtai District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will handle it in accordance with the results according to the results.

On January 16, the masses in Xi’an, Shaanxi complained that “there are two problems in the sales of vegetables and fruits in the Zhongtian Jinting Community.” Xi’an Xincheng District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized law enforcement officers to investigate on -site and found that three of the six electron scale were unqualified. They ordered Shaanxi Qianmeihe Catering Management Co., Ltd. The penalty was punished by RMB 20,000 and reported in the district.

In Jinan, Shandong, in order to prevent seafood leakage after packaging, for a long time, a black thick plastic bag has been popular in various seafood markets. Although this plastic bag is strong, the heavy plastic bags and seafood are sold together to sell them together. In the end, it comes to the end. The consumer is still a loss. Citizen Ms. Fu said that there is no good way even if I find a problem: “I prefer to eat seafood and buy a lot. I found that the boss was wet when I called the seafood. I feel unreasonable to calculate the price of seafood, but there is no good way, because the boss will not drain you water before we call it. “

Jinan Seafood Market, located on Jianjian Road, Shandong, is the largest local seafood market. The reporter saw in an interview that the black thick plastic bag was gone in the market before, and replaced it with white transparent light and light plastic bags. At the scene, the staff of Jinan Seafood Market made a comparison with a fair market scale, and the weight of the two was not small.

Jinan Seafood Market Photo Conference

Xie Jun, assistant general manager of Jinan Seafood Market, introduced that in the early stage, they found that some black plastic bags weigh 60 grams. The newly replaced white plastic bags are divided into three categories of large, medium and medium, and the largest size is less than 20 grams. This transparent and light plastic bag is uniformly launched in the market. It will fully replace the heavy plastic bags that have been popular in the past. It is close to the year, so that citizens have no worries when buying seafood year goods. Xie Jun said: “After full investigation, this unified shopping bag was officially launched. All merchants in retail areas have all used the transparent system convenient bags, and some illegal merchants cannot do some hands and feet inside.”

Xie Jun told reporters that the plastic bags they finally selected are not only transparent and light, convenient for hand, and good loadability, and can be degraded and recovered. In addition, the plastic bag also marked the phone of the seafood market management department. When encountering consumer disputes, consumers can call the management department to call or go to the market rights station to complain.

Jie Liping, deputy director of the Secretariat of the Jiangxi Provincial Consumer Protection Commission, said that there are not many complaints that have encountered a short two -short complaint at present. Many consumers feel that the amount is not high, which has ignored this problem. Jie Liping said: “When consumers are advised to buy such products, they can adopt a way of supervision. The operator fixedly uses a foam plastic box or a fixed weight. After that, you can remove the weight of the packaging to calculate its amount. “

In the opinion of Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary -general of the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission, in fact, the time for the weight of the product to be used as a packaging material is actually very long. Tang Jiansheng said: “The Shanghai Consumer Consumer Council has done some related tests. The bag in the farmer’s market, the heaviest bag and the lightest bag may be more than 10 times the weight, but this bag is sold to consumers according to the price of the product to consumers. This is obviously unfair. During the whole process, it is difficult for consumers to refuse. For example, if I buy a box of things, it is impossible to remove all the packaging materials and sell it to me. “

In this case, Tang Jiansheng believes that there are two things that need to be done. “One piece is a short and short line of short -term lines that have existed for many years to impersonate the net weight of the product. This is a clear illegal act, and it is also an act that obviously violates the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. How to pay for it should be implemented in place. The second is that consumers must complain and defend their rights in time if they find that they lack a short and short two. Although they are indifferent to this piece, in fact, they are also in fact. It encourages bad merchants to do something badly based on the impulse of profit. “Tang Jiansheng said.