Stimulate the new driving force of surging: Yantai Haide builds pure electric commercial vehicles


Jiaodong Online News Yantai Haide Special Automobile Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Hyde Special Automobile Factory. From 1996 to 2006, it has always been based on the manufacturing semi -trailer and road sweeping vehicles. In 2007, after the formal establishment of Yantai and Ha De Special Automobile Co., Ltd., it began to increase production input, increase advanced equipment, improve workplace fixtures, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality. Morocco and other countries and regions.

With the intensification of market competition, homogeneous competition has become a blockbuster to restrict the development of enterprises. During the trial, the development strategy of differentiated products has become an inevitable choice for Hyde Special Automobile Co., Ltd. In 2012, the company proposed a new energy development strategy. Liu Chengdong, deputy general manager of the company, said: “New energy vehicles represent the development trend of future cars. It has the concept of green development of energy saving and emission reduction. Hyde has been a traditional internal combustion locomotive for more than 20 years, and upgrading to an electric vehicle is also a social responsibility.”

In June 2012, Yantaihai De Special Automobile Co., Ltd. introduced the French PVI company’s pure electric commercial vehicle modification technology, acquired 40%of French PVI companies, and obtained the exclusive right to use China and heavy card -related technologies. In July, the world’s first plug -in pure electric road sweeping vehicle successfully went offline, opening the road of “green” development in the new energy field in the field of new energy.

In the main assembly workshop of Yantaihai De Special Automobile Co., Ltd., Fan Huijian, manager of the project department of the Xinneng R & D Center, pointed to a 3.5 -ton pure electric road sweeping car and told reporters that in the same day of the same day, the pure electric road sweeping vehicle The cost of use is greatly lower than the internal combustion engine. He said: “Traditional internal combustion locomotives work 8 hours a day, about 300 yuan a day. For electric vehicles, the cost of use is about 100 yuan. Pure electric vehicles are zero -emission, zero pollution “,”

At present, new energy pure electric vehicle manufacturing companies have sprung up and row. How to stand out in the new wave of “Green Army”? Fan Huijian led the company’s R & D team to start from details and from the user experience, and began the technological innovation of new energy commercial vehicles. After more than 6 months, the new generation of 3.5 tons of pure electric light cards came out, and this model can derive 6 commercial vehicle products such as pure electric road sweep vehicles and dump garbage trucks, which are widely favored by users. Not long ago, 16 pure electric downturn garbage trucks were successfully submitted. Fan Huijian said: “Its core technology is integrated control plus AMT solution. Most of the domestic electric vehicles still have more decentralized control. We focus on some electronic control components on a certain position on the car. We can detect around a place, do not need to find the entire car, reduce the cost of use, and reduce the cost of maintenance. “

For more than 20 years, the development of innovation throughout the development of Yantai Ha De special car Co., Ltd. It is also because of innovation that this humble small factory has grown into a leading enterprise and national high -tech enterprise in the country specializing in sanitation, municipal and highway maintenance vehicles and equipment research and development and manufacturing. At present, the leading products of Yantaihai De Special Automobile Co., Ltd. include more than 150 varieties such as multi -functional high -pressure car washing, kitchen garbage trucks, and pavement maintenance cars. The first three. Liu Chengdong, deputy general manager of the company, said: “We must integrate the three major technical advantages of electric vehicles according to the green development concept: battery technology, motor technology, and electronic control technology, so that our technology can reach the domestic leader, even the international leader, and let us make us so that we can make us. The electric vehicles can go abroad and go to the world. “

Faced with fierce market competition, how can Yantai and Haide Special Automobile Co., Ltd. always maintain a strong vitality? Liu Chengdong, deputy general manager, believes that this is due to the company’s always adhered to the development of “innovation” and “green” development. Liu Chengdong said: “Determine” innovation “does not relax. Adhere to the differentiated product development strategy of” independent innovation, you have no self, lead the industry, and lead the market “. By arranging research and development engineers to go abroad to participate in, training, and the world’s leading pure electric electricity Commercial vehicle companies have cooperated to develop differentiated products such as single -hair series sanitation cars, trash can cleaning cars, and sewage circulation and cleaning vehicles. They have reached the world’s leading level in both battery technology and motor technology. In the new concept of green “, the company uses new energy pure electric commercial vehicles as the main direction, actively implement the” going global “strategy, introduce, digest and absorb world -renowned new energy vehicle companies, and use the Chinese market to innovate and upgrade to enhance the enterprise’s enterprise Core competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities, realize the company’s leapfrog “green” development in the field of new energy. “

Innovation is the soul of enterprise development, and companies that attach importance to innovation can create their own “spring”. Sun Wankun, the deputy head of Muping District, believes that Hyde Specialty is a microcosm of Muping’s innovative enterprises.

Sun Wankun said: “Hyde Specialty has maintained a leading position in the industry for more than 20 years, relying on constant ideas innovation and technological innovation. Enterprises adhere to the industry’s leading standards to promote development, and independently develop and manufacture dining kitchen garbage waste Vehicles, pure electric circuit sweepstakes and other products have become benchmarks in the industry. Energy -saving, dust removal, and noise reduction technologies are at a leading level in China. Enterprises adhere to the development of a first -class mentality and further accelerate the implementation of the “going global” development strategy. The acquisition of French PVI shares has obtained the international leading internationally -leading pure electric new energy commercial vehicle technology, and is building a world -leading and domestic first -class new energy -specific vehicle production base. Enterprises adhere to the development of innovation and development, and innovate through digestion and absorption. Master the integration control technology of the vehicle. “

Innovate the future. In the next step, Muping District will thoroughly implement the innovation -driven development strategy. Sun Wankun said: “Guide talents, technology, capital and other factors and other factors to gather in innovation, give play to the main position of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the construction of government -enterprise research” cooperation network ” , Enterprise Research “R & D Network” and the “incubation network” of political incubation enterprises, promote the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and provide strong support and strong guarantee for enterprise innovation and development. “