I only know through my boyfriend’s clothes. Women’s pockets are so small


Girls wear men’s clothing for a long time.

It may be “I just found a male ticket for clothes.”

But when the single Wangs went shopping, they ran to the same brand men’s clothing area to buy, usually buying themselves.

Ask them why. The answer is generally: “good -looking”, “practical”, “the same price, but the size is a few laps, how good it is to wear oversize!”

What are the less obvious differences between men’s and women’s clothing, and make people make non -conventional consumer decisions?


The following differences, people who pass the heterosexual clothes will know.


Writer Lucy Rycroft-Smith tried to wear men’s clothing only a month. The first thing she found was the difference in pockets.

We need to talk about pockets. The clothes I’m wearing now have bountiful, multifaceted, capacious pockets. I have nine of them today. I counted them. On a typical day of wearing womenswear, I have NONE.

I have to talk about pockets. The men’s clothing I wear now has a lot of pockets, each side, and it is very large and super -installed. I wore 9 pockets today, and I counted it! Think about the days when I wear women’s clothing, and there is no pocket.

I often hear a logic error: “Women have bags, what pockets do.” It is simply inadvertently regarding women as a disadvantaged group that treats differently.

I remember when I took my handbag, I had to squat to find a business card crazy, and my male colleague had taken out of his chest pocket.

Researchers of Pudding Network collected the 20 most popular jeans brands in the United States and measured their pocket size of their men’s and women’s pants.

Comparison of the average size of men’s pants and women’s pants. The measurement data confirms what every woman knows: women’s pants pockets are funny.

On average, women’s pants pockets are 48%shorter than men’s pants pockets and 6.5%narrow.


In addition to the measurement data on these surfaces, we also want to know how the functions of these pockets are. After all, it depends on how good pockets are. It depends on how capable it is.


Only 40%of the pockets of women’s pants can be put in the market that are common on the market. With less than half of women’s pants pockets, they can be installed with small wallets. Here is the kind of small wallet specially customized for pants pockets. This is not over yet, most of the front pants pockets, you can’t even put your hands.


The buttons of the female shirt are on the left, and the buttons of the male shirt are on the right.

On shirts, the buttons are on the left for the ladies and on the right for the game.


The buttons were invented in the 13th century. Like many new technologies, the buttons at that time were very expensive. Women who are in a good family do not need to change their clothes, they are all maids. Given that most people are right -handed hands, put the buttons on the left for the people who stand on the opposite side to help you dress.

Why do men’s shirt buttons on the right, there are many explanations. But in general, the design history of many men’s clothing is affected by marching. This time, the “right -handed hand hypothesis” can be explained -if the buttons are designed on the right, it is most convenient for the right hand to reach out from the buckle gap and take the gun in the shirt.


Columnist Lucy Rycroft-Smith once wrote on quartz.com, “Why are men’s clothing so comfortable?”

Most of the things I wear in my life are the kind of imprint on me. The bras and shoulder straps will pull the shoulder, the heels of the shoes will grind the heel, and wear it for a day, and even the pantyhose will play a red circle in the stomach. The line of the front painting looks like.

A few months ago, I started wearing men’s clothing and found a lot of benefits: a lot of pockets, simple dressing choices, and easy to adjust to warm or cool. But what surprised me the most was that my body felt more comfortable and my mood was better.

Like most women, as soon as every working day is over, I will strive to rescue myself from the clothes. The faster the movement, the better. I have been used to this situation for a long time. After get off work, immediately took off high heels and took off tight pantyhose and underwear. After unlocking the buttons, pulling away the zipper, after taking off these, I always breathed a sigh of relief, and finally let my body and my brain rest. But you see, even if you come to such a passage every night, I still take the bondage and discomfort of women’s dresses for granted.


I have never thought about the negative impact of these dressed rules on my psychology. Many of my clothes are not suitable for me -On the contrary, I have to work hard to ensure that I can fit them! Wearing an off -shoulder shirt or silk skirt means that I have to adjust and pinch. Whenever I pass the mirror, shop window, or any reflective surface, I will seize the opportunity to check my dress. But in fact, every time you look at it, you will pick out the problem. If you accidentally go, you will go away, slide on the skirt, or wrinkle your clothes.

Men’s dilemma

Similarly, not only the design of women’s dissatisfaction with women’s clothing, but also some people do not have a cold about the mainstream men’s clothing on the market.

Columnist Alice O’Keeffe wrote in the Guardian telling his experience of buying clothes for his son, and the color choice is poor. If children’s clothes are so boring, you can imagine that adult wardrobes should not be able to jump out of “black and white and gray”.

I fully understand that girls’ parents are unwilling to let their children wear pink forever, and they are dressed like princess. But maybe the choice that boys are facing are even worse. Girls have at least color choices. The boy’s dressed color is poor. What do we want us to cultivate children? Boring, Mo Shou rules, ancient boards, pragmatism, or worse?

Looking at the row of monotonous small suit, I remembered the gender book “Men’s Fall” written by Grayson Perry, which mentioned “the default settings of men” -the white people with richness, power, and dressed. Perry, as a man who knows how to wear it, is very remarkable to the suit: “The real function of a simple business suit is not to make people look good, but it exists as a camouflage and protects the color. of.”

This is the message that Gaojie Fashion passed to the boys: you should not dress conspicuous, but you should wear a invisible cloak. What are you doing? The men’s genes did not stipulate that they were boring tones to wear a deadboard. Many men in culture are as colorful and charming as women’s fashion. A few centuries ago, the wealthy European men would dress gorgeously, wearing gold, silver, and high heels.

Fortunately, my son and I found the clothes he wanted. After eating the cake in a restaurant in the mall to add physical strength, I and my son turned home and turned on the computer. Readers, we found satisfactory costumes on the Internet: that dress is very bright and exaggerated, and even a bit stupid. There is no way to refuse.

But who knows how long will my children love big red? Perhaps in a few years, he will join the “Navy Blue camp”. But I don’t want to happen. Life is so difficult, everyone needs to find happiness. It is not just girls who can get satisfaction from gorgeous clothing.


Consumerism reached its peak in these two days.

You may have a shopping cart with a dozen products, and you may also be busy to participate in this 100 billion project.

If you can’t stop your desire to chop your hands, at least think about what kind of clothes you really want to wear.


CAPACIOUS / KəˈPEɪʃəs / ADJ is large, spacious

Herring / ɪŋHerin / N catfish

Knuckle / ʌNʌkl / N knuckle, finger joints

pantyhose / hpæntihoʊz / N pantyhose, tight pants

Pucker / ʌperkər / V wrinkled, making the folds

Conformist / kornˈfɔːrmɪst / n obedient, who follows the waves

Archetype / ˈɑː kitaɪp / typical

SUMPTUOUS / ˈs mptʃuəs / Adj is luxurious, luxurious, luxurious


Glitz / ɪLzTS / N dazzling, gorgeous