Gao Yuanyuan’s new year is too beautiful, wearing red dress with boots, beautiful and high -level


Gao Yuanyuan is the national goddess in the hearts of many people. She has the fairy value that everyone envy, and she also has clothing products comparable to supermodels in this area. The style and color of the clothes are very strong. This time, she tried a bright big red dress. She used a beautiful big red dress with boots.


Gao Yuanyuan’s styling analysis:


Bright red dress

Gao Yuanyuan’s new year is too beautiful, wearing red dresses with boots, beautiful and high -level. Many people choose big red clothes for themselves during the Chinese New Year, but the big red belongs to the kind of less controlled color, and the requirements for skin tone, age and figure are very high. If you are trying, you need to pay special attention when trying big red clothes.



This big red dress uses the design method of the waist collection in the design to present a sense of slenderness and curve on the waist. This dress uses the perfect curve design method to outline it. A perfect figure.

Half -neck design

This red dress uses the design method of half -high collar to present a better warmth effect. This half -high -neck style will be more practical in winter, and the warmth performance will be stronger. The requirements of the neck lines will also be higher. If you are a very typical short -necked star man, you are not suitable for you when you wear this half -high -necked or high -necked dress.

Black boots

In the matching of the body, use a bright big red dress to match the basic black boots, and use a color matching method combined with light and dark in the body to present a sense of visual richness and complementarity. On the feet, the feet In addition to the effect of modifying the leg shape, the black boots can also increase the proportion of the figure through the design method of long and high heels.

Shoulder short hair

Gao Yuanyuan’s wear is the object of many people competing for imitation. In addition to wearing, many people also like her same hairstyles. The shape of the shoulder -length short hair looks simple and refreshing and gentle. The light yellow hair color is both young and white.

Analysis of other styling of Gao Yuanyuan:

Blue sweater+white skirt

In the color matching of the body, we must pay attention to the rationality of the combination of color. You can use the same color system, or you can use the bright color system with the basic color to present a sense of visual harmony. , The eye -catching effect is relatively strong. The lower body with the basic white skirt can wear a sense of youth through a bright color sweater, or to increase the refreshing sense through the white skirt.

Black coat+loose jeans

In the autumn and winter seasons, the combination of coats and jeans is very common. The basic black coat is matched with simple light -colored loose jeans, and the color matching method of color combination is used on the upper and lower body. The high -level sense of simple wind can also present sufficient comfort through moderate loose class design methods.


Black coat+same color leggings

If your figure belongs to the type of the legs very slim and bone, and straight, you can try to use a loose coat to match the slim -style leggings when you wear it. The tight matching method of the upper Panasonic can show the slenderness and superiority of the leg shape through a comparison method.


Gao Yuanyuan is really worthy of being a national goddess. Her match style is usually very simple. There is no strong eye -catching color, and there is no exaggerated style, but each set of matching gives people a very comfortable and temperamental feeling.


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