This summer, “Bud Pants” is here to explode the street again. With these clothes, the temperament is elegant and more fashionable


The girls who are still wearing simple wide -leg pants will enlarge your eyes this year and lock in a update trend. It has the magical effect of thin and high -leg pants, but it is more fashionable than wide -leg pants. It can create a good figure, but it has different characteristics. It is easier to bombard the street. Bud pants.

The bud pants have been promoted to the popular items in the trend of this summer. Its name is also named because of its own shape with the design of the bud. The waist of the bud pants is designed with a bud -shaped shape, which is as designed as a petal and extremely distinctive. And because of the design of this bud, it is also the gospel of a crowd of waist.

The waist design part of the bud pants perfectly blocks the figures of the girls with a bucket waist and the swimming circle, which is a high -waist version of the design, so it will not only help you look thinner, but also help you show high. Increase the waistline and stretch the ratio, how can you not love such magic pants!


Put away your simple pants. This summer, you need to wear a sense of design. Pick up a pair of bud pants. It can give you all the fashion sense you want. With a few different styles of different styles, absolutely.


1. Different editions of bud pants are divided into


1. Working pants model

The version of the workpieces is a star street shot people who like to play handsome. The work pants with the design of the bud waist, and a little more fashionable possibilities. The shape of the buds itself is biased towards retro, but it is combined with the dress pants of Shuai Fried Street, which produces a wonderful fashion reaction, and instantly transforms into an eye -catching tide fan.

2. Wide -legged pants


The bud pants have extended the design on the basis of wide -leg pants. Not only do they maintain the thin and high function of wide -leg pants, but they also have a fashionable feeling than before. Attract the eye -catching and creating a good figure, prepare a pair of wide -leg pants, which can really be fashionable and versatile.


3. Harun pants model


The version of Harlun pants is designed in a relatively close -ups in the trousers, and it will appear thinner at the ankle, and the version of Harun pants is generally dominated by cropped pants, plus the bud pants itself high waist itself The design can help you visually help you pull the proportion, the waist line is long, the lines of the legs are also good, and it is very effective.

Second, the combination guide of bud pants

1. The upper and lower length of the waist wear


Because the bud pants are all high -waisted design, and the version is relatively loose. It is recommended that you choose a short design or directly bundle into the waist of the pants. With high -waisted bud pants, you can play its significant effect. It’s stronger. And the well -covered top will not cover the design of the bud waist line, there are bright spots and figures around the body.

Recommended match: white T -shirt+denim bud pants

A simple T -shirt jeans can be matched. If girls who have not tried bud pants start from this most basic way of wear, it is not easy to make mistakes. The high waist design of denim buds puts the T -shirt into the waist of the trousers, and the leg lines are particularly slender. And jeans are straight designs of cigarette pipe pants. If this kind of pants are a girl with thick legs and short boards, it is not easy to see.

2. Dark and light color matching

The shade of the color is well matched, so that it will not look too tough or excessively single. The upper and lower parts have a sharp contrast of color. It will not make people feel difficult to coordinate, and it will also appear more layered and less chaotic. The taste of the whole person also followed, and he would not mess around.


Recommended match: White T -shirt+Black Book Bud Pants

Black and white matching is the strongest contrast in dark color, and the vivid opposite color gives people a very neat feeling. However, the bud pants choose the version of the strap pants. The strap pants focusing on the age -reducing effect are a lively and lovely girly sense. Even if the color is more basic, it will not look monotonous.

3. Simplified coordination


The pattern design of the top and pants must also be balanced. It is a simple style or a very complicated style that will cause a negative effect. Either there is no sense of vitality or chaos, forming aesthetic dilemma. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the complicated matching rules, and the coordination can only become a new realm.

Recommended match: Basic shirt+workplaces of bud shorts


A basic shirt is paired with a buds designed with a dress -up version of the bud shorts. And the color of the shirt is a very fresh and comfortable taro purple, which tastes very summer. The shorts are also light -colored gray pants, which will not feel so heavy, it is a very refreshing set of summer wear.

Third, the selection skills of bud pants


1. Choose the length of the legs according to the leg lines

(1) Choose trousers long legs

If the legs are long, and have the advantages of height, you can choose trousers -type flower pants, because of your own advantages, and you are not afraid of the pants version of the version of the legs. Moreover, the bud pants itself is a high -waisted design. The long -legged girl wearing long trousers will only look more legs and will not cover the advantages.

(2) Choose shorts in the small one


It is a small man to change it. When choosing a bud pants, it is recommended to wear shorts as possible. Most of the bud pants are relatively loose styles, and girls with short girls can’t support its version slightly. But if it is replaced by a short -pants, the bud pants are much refreshing. Not only can the legs be exposed, but the characteristic bud waist design can also make you playful and cute!

2. Choose a fabric with a three -dimensional vertical sense

(1) Skinch

The characteristics of chiffon materials are both smooth and skin -friendly, not easy to deform, and strong anti -wrinkle. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a bud pants with a chiffon fabric. It is more stylish to put on the legs. It looks smooth and three -dimensional. Embarrassing situation.

(2) Three -dimensional denim

How three -dimensional jeans are obvious to everyone. As a versatile fabric, because they are comfortable and casual and anti -wrinkle, everyone likes to use jeans as artifacts for wearing. Therefore, the bud pants of the denim fabric also have the characteristics of casual and fashionable and three -dimensional and stylish characteristics.


The trend of bud pants is becoming more and more prevalent. Girls who have not prepared a pair of bud pants must be seized, they can be thin, handsome, beautiful and practical. A pair of pants can be changed with multiple tops to change more transformations. Do you still love the style of style and infinite possibilities?