Tens of millions of chiffon shirts, only love white simple wind


In summer, one of the must -have clothes in many girls’ wardrobes is a chiffon shirt. Chiffon material, stylish and comfortable, and has a very high versatile type, which is popular with everyone. There are tens of millions of chiffon shirts, but white chiffon shirts, simple and fashionable, and white match with arbitrary colors, which are very beautiful. What are the latest simple -style white chiffon shirts on the market? Let’s take a look at the editor.


Recommended reason: I like this dress at a glance. The V collar can highlight the exquisite collarbone and the perfect neck line. Sleeveless design, showing fair skin and showing arms lines. With a piece of denim shorts, fashionable and cool.

Sleeveless V -neck chiffon shirt

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Recommended reason: Seeing this dress, it gives people a quiet OL feeling. The V -type collar exposes the collarbone and increases the charming atmosphere of women. Long -sleeved sleeves, easily cover the butterfly arm. With a pair of jeans, don’t be too beautiful.

Loose V -neck long -sleeved chiffon shirt

Recommended reason: If you are a striped control, just look at this dress. The sleeves and plackets are decorated with stripes, which enriches people’s vision, simple and atmospheric. With a pair of black pants, it shows the capability and confidence of urban women.

Striped round neck long -sleeved shirt

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Recommended reason: At a glance, it is attracted by the chiffon shirt of this lotus leaf sleeve. The off -the -shoulder design increases the charm of women. The irregular ruffle design of the front chest adds a lot of agility to this dress. With a piece of shorts and wherever you go, it can attract the attention of others.

Loose lotus leaf sleeve chips


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Recommended reason: The a little mesh embroidery exudes a strong spring. Sleeveless design, showing the perfect lines of your arms. With a small black skirt, it exudes your sweet temperament.

Net yarn embroidery sleeveless chiffon shirt

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Recommended reason: loose version, can cover the flesh on the stomach. The shoulders and necklines use hollow lace stitching to increase the layered of clothes. Wearing this dress, fashionable and age -reducing.

Korean version of thin round neck lace chiffon shirt


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