What are the brands of men’s jeans worth recommending?


Wujia’s Men’s pants brand!

Especially the first one, the brothers all rushed me! Intersection

The first: Searoad -outdoor no sense of self -cultivation

General jeans will feel more material,


There is no problem to wear daily commute work,

But outdoor sports or something, you will feel that you can do it,

I can only give up decisively …


But I really don’t like sportswear, it’s too daily.

Search on the entire network to catch elastic soft jeans,

Finally discovered me


Searoad’s “outdoor -level” skin -friendly spoiler casual pants,

Overall is a design of self -cultivation and leisure, versatile and daily!


Black jeans, all -style tops can be worn

Light and dark blue jeans are also very daily

His family’s material selection is all in our country

Xinjiang cotton,

It will be more quality and more flexible than cotton produced in other regions.

It feels softer and more comfortable than other jeans!

I usually wear running, climbing mountains, or playing … I don’t feel sweating.


Outdoor -level prestige high -elastic denim can take into account the diversity of fashion, leisure and sports


Not only soft and breathable, but also very texture,

The version is also in line with the characteristics of our Asians,


Can slim slightly, show leg shape, but not tight!


I started two models, dark blue and retro black, both very versatile.

Dark blue T, sweater or shirts are very acceptable.

Retro black must have to put on his retro air force jacket, which is too windy!

This is no longer autumn, and recently dug another one at his house


Striped cone jeans

The overall retro ancient Japanese style,

In the autumn, a sweater is a proper warm man.


The material will be thicker, but the skin is more soft and soft.

There is another wonderful design in this one,


It is his contrasting woven belt, and the overall grade comes up.

Second: Genesisboy -Advanced customized personality model

I like high -level custom laziness, come here!


The style is obvious, the model map is very grasses, and the overall sense of design is very designed. Most of the pants are such narrow feet, very leg shape, with shirts and the like daily, the temperament comes up!

The version of the jeans is full of design, and it is good to wear casually!

There will be some small designs in each model, which is very eye -catching.

Occasionally want to pursue a different sense of high -level sense, you can try it


Third: Taiping Bird Men’s Flagship Store -Korean Elastic Breath

Peacebird is the eldest brother in the men’s matching industry. Jeans are really easy to wear and easy to wear!


Basically, each piece is burst K, mainly leisure style, which is very suitable for young boys.

In addition, the color selection of the pants,

Mainly basic colors such as denim, black, gray, etc.

You can avoid errors, everyone lives!


After all, it is a big brand. In terms of materials, it is also very careful!

The 360 ​​° stretching Rica fiber fabric is comfortable,

It can be close to the surface of the human body, and it can be flexible and comfortable during activity.

It will not deform and wrinkle after washing many times.

Fourth: The official flagship store of Zandanu -relaxed, light and slightly wide

Zandanu is a veteran brand! Intersection

When I bought it in a physical store, I felt that the workmanship, fabrics, tailoring, and comfort of his jeans can kill a street.

Now his flagship store has several thin and light jeans,


When I personally like to wear jeans, this kind of long covering shoes, lazy and casual.

Especially those who want to show long legs,

Choose this fitted straight version of jeans.

Overall the visually high effect is very strong!


His jeans are rich in style,

Very casual but not very monotonous, and the color is beautiful.

Like this mid -waist, the real wear is also very strong,

It is elastic cow cotton cotton, which will be thicker than the previous one.

Fifth home: JM Homme —— Hong Kong Style Trends Leisure

This house was found inadvertently last year,

The style is a bit Korean and Hong Kong style.

But more quality is more quality than Genesisboy’s house,

I like this type of Hong Kong trend, this one is great!


There are many styles of pants, generally HIN versatile!

Each one has its own characteristics. I feel that there will be some small designs in his family.

If you look seriously, you can find it,

It is not that bold and exaggerated design, it does not look more monotonous!

Today, I will share these five temporarily. I personally start with a more like -like and very distinctive treasure shop. I have tried water for everyone in terms of texture and comfort. Essence

I wore all kinds of jeans of jeans and found this simple and generous commuting model. Those who are more pursuing comfort and material, and want to be versatile and casual, the first one remembers Mark!