8 bottles of shampoo online for only 3 bottles are genuine fake goods and use carcinogenic chemical raw materials


Screenshot of CCTV reporters online shopping

The production batch number marked by the bottom of the shampoo bottle

Everyone uses shampoo. Some people like to buy in the supermarket, and many people like to buy online, because online shopping is convenient and affordable. Recently, many netizens said that after using the shampoo of online shopping, it felt itchy, even allergic, rash. Is the shampoo of online shopping fake? Yesterday, CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” paid attention to the issue of true and false shampoos. Others said that most of the online shopping shampoo is fakes, and some wholesale markets often fill various fake shampoo. Yesterday, the Hyundai Express conducted a visit. Modern Express reporter Zhang Yujie Zhang Yu

CCTV exposure

Identifying 8 bottles of online shopping is only 3 bottles of shampoo is genuine

CCTV reports that Ms. Xie often uses a brand of shampoo, and she recently bought a bottle online. But after washing your hair, the scalp was itchy, sometimes he felt that he could not sleep well at night, and sometimes the skin near the root of the root still rashes. At the beginning, Ms. Xie thought that there was a problem with her body, but later discovered that the “culprit” of the scalp itch was the bottle of shampoo of online shopping.

网购8瓶洗发水仅3瓶是正品 假货用了致癌化工原料

After contacting the brand customer service, Ms. Xie finally confirmed that the bottle of shampoo she bought online was not produced by manufacturers, but fake, that is, the bottle of shampoo of this online shopping, which caused her scalp itching. Subsequently, CCTV reporters bought 8 bottles of shampoo on the e -commerce website. After contacting the manufacturer, they found that 3 bottles were fake, 2 bottles could not be confirmed, and only 3 bottles were genuine.

Is there so many fakes on online shopping shampoo? The reporter noticed that many netizens spit on Weibo their own experience of buying fake shampoo. The netizen “Pig Sisi” said: “Some small supermarkets also have fakes. After washing my hair with fake shampoo, there will be a layer of stuff on the sludge on the range hood that has not been cleaned for a long time. It must be washed several times with laundry soap to wash repeatedly. “Some netizens said that a certain brand I bought has a smooth shampoo with smooth effects. After shampooing, the hair is not only smooth, but it is rough.

“Can you buy it happily online?” Some netizens were disappointed, and some people were so scared that they were afraid to go online to buy it. Netizens “Yao Quan’s hand sitting on the acupoint” said: “If you want to buy shampoo, you tell you, so you tell you to tell you I am to wash my hair with rice water? “

Demystifying the mysterious veil of Xinyi Police to unveil the fake shampoo water

After investigation reporters, it is found that some of the shampoo sold by some online merchants is a counterfeit product. So, where do these fake shampoo come from? A case cracked by the drug supervisor and public security law enforcement department in Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, unveiled the mysterious veil of fake shampoo.

Last April, the law enforcement officer of Xinyi City Pharmaceutical Supervisory Bureau captured a suspicious man who sold fake shampoo with bread cars. According to the man, he and his wife operated two shops in a shopping mall in Xinyi. At the same time, his wife opened two online stores on Taobao, and the low -selling cosmetics of physical stores and online stores simultaneously sold.

Law enforcement officers immediately logged in to the man’s online store for investigation and found that both online stores were opened in 2011, and the sales scope includes 27 provinces and cities. According to the statistics of law enforcement personnel afterwards, its online stores and physical stores have sold and inventory fake washing products, with a total value value of more than 3.1 million yuan.

Subsequently, the Xinyi City Pharmaceutical Bureau and the Public Security Bureau quickly formed a joint investigation team. The drug supervision department first sampled the seized brand daily chemicals, and the results of the inspection were all counterfeit.

So where do these fake brands come from? The joint investigation team’s investigation found that the daily chemicals sold by the couple were located in Luo from Suqian, Jiangsu, and the other was Liu from Linyi, Shandong.

The joint investigation team separated and arrested Liu and Luo. According to Luo, the fake shampoo he sold was illegally produced by his relatives and fellows in Guangzhou. As a result, the joint investigation team quickly went to Guangzhou to conduct an in -depth investigation of this fake den. During the investigation, law enforcement officers found that in order to cover people’s eyes, they basically produced semi -finished products at night. The dens specially used for packaging are packed.

After the production nest, the investigators found that their production equipment was very simple, and the environment was very poor, and the formula was simpler. Some workers used some large iron crickets to shove these raw materials into a pot, and then heated after heating. , Cold after cooling.

网购8瓶洗发水仅3瓶是正品 假货用了致癌化工原料

In order to make the fake shampoo closer to the real shampoo, the suspect obtained the formula of genuine shampoo through improper means. According to the formula, the worst -purchased raw materials are blended. The taste of the blended products is basically similar to the genuine product, so that it is not easy to cause consumers to doubt.

According to Zhang Hong, an associate professor at the Institute of Cardiovascular Research of the Ministry of Medicine of Peking University, inferior chemicals can lead to some cancer. Like a child, it will affect the growth and development of some organs; the old man may increase some diseases; the most fatal thing for pregnant women may cause more serious consequences such as the death of the fetus or abortion.

Express investigation

Supermarket selling 40 yuan brand shampoo

The lowest online only sells only 15 yuan

Many people choose online shopping shampoo, on the one hand, it is more convenient to deliver home, and the price of online shopping is low.

Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from Hyundai Express visited many supermarkets in Nanjing and learned that for example, Haifei Deep cleansing and removed dandruff was 400ml, the price ranging from 35.5 yuan -47.9 yuan. The average price of the supermarket is around 40.9 yuan.

Subsequently, a reporter from Hyundai Express logged in to Taobao and entered the “Hai Fei Deep Clean Dandruff 400ml” for search. A total of 86 babies appeared. The reporter saw that the price of this shampoo in Tmall Supermarket was 42.9 yuan, and it was 43.9 yuan in the Procter & Gamble flagship store. These two prices are almost the same as that of major supermarkets. In addition, the price of other online stores ranges from 15 yuan to 40 yuan.

The reporter saw that the cheapest bottle in the online store only costs 15 yuan, but there is no transaction record. The most sold is a cosmetics store, which has been sold for 8 in the past month and the price is 25 yuan. The reporter consulted the customer service of the store, whether this shampoo is genuine, the other party clearly states that as the supermarket bought, it is ensured that it is genuine. When the reporter asked about the purchase channel, the other party only said that the manufacturer took the goods, but no longer answered.

According to the production batch number of shampoo

Can it judge its true and false?

Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from Hyundai Express came to the wholesale market, shops, supermarkets and other places near Xinjiekou to visit the authenticity of shampoo. In a wholesale market, the reporter walked into a department store counter, and there were some shampoo on the shelves. The price of 400 ml is 38 yuan, and 200 ml is about 20 yuan.

The reporter picked up a few bottles of shampoo, and most of the bottle bottoms were marked with the production batch number and shelf life. According to the production batch number at the bottom of the bottle, the reporter tried to dial the consultation hotline at 400 to test whether the shampoo was true. However, yesterday was the weekend, and the hotline working hours were Monday to Friday. Therefore, it was impossible to check for a while.

Some netizens introduced that the writing batch number of cleansing company shampoo production is regular. The first number is the end of the production year, and the number composed of 2, 3, and 4 is indicated that it was produced on the first day of the year. This can calculate the production date, and then compare the validity period of the bottom of the bottle. If the time is right, the product should be true.

According to this method, the reporter took a bottle of sea flying silk shampoo to verify. The bottom of the bottle shows that the shelf life is on September 3, 2016. The shelf life is 3 years. Based on this, the production date should be September 3, 2013. The production batch number of the bottle bottom printed is 32461864GA. According to the method of netizens, the first number is 3. It is determined that shampoo was produced in 2013 and consistent with the shelf life. The numbers consisting of the second, 3rd, and 4th bits are 246. On the 246th day of the year, the calculation is indeed September 3rd, which is in line with the shelf life.

Piaorou Pan Ting is also a cleaning company product. The reporter took a bottle of shampoo and verified in the same way. However, netizens also said that this method can only be referred to, the batch number is worthy, and it is not guaranteed to be true.


How to distinguish between true and false shampoos

How to distinguish between true and false shampoos? Insiders pointed out that in general, if the price is significantly lower than the average price of similar products, pay attention to whether there is a problem with this product. Experts also reminded that some of the manufacturers of daily chemical products have announced the identification of authentic products, and consumers can identify whether products are true or false through these channels. In addition, you can call 400 calls to identify authenticity. In addition, people in the industry recommend the following methods:

At first glance: The packaging bottle of the real shampoo is smooth and clear, while the packaging bottles of fake shampoo are generally rough, the color is yellow, and the small characters are blurred. If it is transparent packaging, the real shampoo looks crystal clear, and the fake shampoo is turbid.

Two smells: Open the bottle cap and smell, the fragrance of the shampoo is fresh and pure, and the fake shampoo also has fragrance, but the fragrance is pungent, giving people a sense of uncomfortable feeling.

Three rubbing: Really shampoo is relatively sticky. Pick out a little bit in the shampoo with your fingertips, and then gently rub it. Really shampoo can pull out a lot of silk without continuous shampoo. No shredded.