The “thick sole shoes” that have been disliked, half of the fashion circle this year is wearing! High fashionable and stylish personality


I have to say that the trending elements in the fashion industry are frequently changed, and not to mention that the fashion sense of clothing changes very fast. Even the shoe items that we are easily ignored now have great aesthetic changes. The thick -soled shoes that were once we were having fiercely abandoned, half of the fashion circles were wearing today. What is going on?

What is thick sole shoes? I believe that short girls are no stranger. Thick sole shoes are a new form of high heels, but generally the flat -bottom design, the pad is high. So the short women used to use thick shoes to achieve the increase.

But because of the previous wear and thick shoes, the effect of adaptation was not achieved. So letting such a pair of fashioned shoes appear abrupt in a simple set of wear.

Now that thick soles have returned to the public’s vision, the reason is that we find that the clothing suitable for thick soles should be filled with the details of fashion. Definitely not the most simple set of pants can be worn out.

What is the charm of thick sole shoes?

And before we share the method of wearing thick shoes, let’s take a look at the advantages of the design of this shoe?


1. Strong grip, comfortable to wear

The thick sole shoes are more comfortable to wear than flat or single -bottomed shoes, provided that the fabrics of thick soles are good enough. We can compare the thick -soled shoes of sports. Wearing a single bottom sneakers will not wear too much, and the daddy shoes with a thick bottom or pad, but it makes us feel that we wear stronger grip and more comfortable.

2. The retro charm is stronger

The thick high heels of the thick -bottomed style and the earliest high heel design of European -style are the same. Compared with fine heels, thick -heeled high heels have a sense of aesthetic effect. Make the lines of the feet look too sharp. When pairing with loose payment styles, make the overall styling style look more fit.

3. Casual sense


Similar to canvas shoes, a thick -bottomed fabric shoes, compared with other styles of flat shoes, will have full fashion and casual aesthetic traits. This is why canvas shoes generally bring some plastic sole design, and it will compare with the upper color, or increase the lines of the upper and the soles, in order to highlight the presence of the soles and better highlight the thick sole Casual traits of canvas shoes.

4. Rich fashion styling

The thick -bottomed shoe items will be richer in the design of the upper, especially the sandals items often wear in summer. The design styles of thin -bottom sandals are elegant, but the sandals with thick soles focus on developing more neutrality or cool design to create a variety of shapes. Whether it is a combination of commuting shirts and cone pants, or elegant skirts, choosing thick sole shoes will make your shape more shapely.

It is worthy of our distinction that thick sole shoes and puffed cake shoes are completely two types of shoes. The soles of the thick soles have thickness and are flat before and after, but the thickness of the loose cake shoes is concentrated on the heel. The design of loose cake shoes makes our mask rigid and easy to be injured, so it is not recommended to wear. Choosing thick bottom shoes is more comfortable and fashionable.

These 3 pairs of thick shoes, you deserve it


If you are already excited, follow the editor to continue to look down. What are the popular sole style of this year?

The first pair -thick base sandals


1. Horizontal thick -soled sandals

Simple two horizontal design thick -bottom sandals are suitable for women at all stages. It needs to be highly recommended that this sandals are comfortable to wear. Generally, they are very soft sponge thick bottoms, which are very fit when walking. This minimalist thick base sandals are suitable for pairing with shorts or silhouettes, focusing on creating a casual summer shape.


2. Cross -strap thick -soled sandals

As a cross -tie -up style of thick base sandals, the design of the upper will be more colorful. Because the existence of the thick bottom is relatively strong, we will not recommend the upper design of strap style. The broadband leather upper strap design looks more popular with the current sweet girl. When wearing jeans and T -shirts, it is also very trendy.

Second double -thick bottom leather shoes

1. Bring thick bottom leather shoes


Thick -bottom leather shoes are exclusive to wear small skirts and girls. This kind of shoe items that originally belonged to the small circle of dressing culture have gradually entered the public’s vision. Especially the buckle style, the costumes of the usual top and pants are equally good -looking.


Lolita’s dressed style is often matched with thick bottom leather shoes. It is very individual to take it out with a set of commute styles. In summer, wearing a thick -soled shoes will not be very hot, because the upper is a half -footed design that can expose the instep and ankle. When wearing trousers, we will match short boat socks. Cortic thick -soled shoes are very textured, and they are very delicious and graded.

2. Thick bottom high -top leather shoes

The adaptability of high -top leather shoes is not limited to the spring and autumn seasons. In order to reduce the sultry feeling of leather shoes in summer, there are many hollow -out high -tech shoes on the market. We must choose high -top shoes with thick -bottomed design. They are very handsome and personality when pairing with small foot pants or wide -leg pants.

The thick -bottomed high -end high -top leather shoes have less color selection, but generally we choose pure black is enough to create various shapes. Introduce a mature woman with thick -bottomed high -top leather shoes: long sunscreen shirt+small foot pants+thick bottom high -top leather shoes. Small pants can choose the length of seven or nine points, which coincides with the thick -bottomed high -top leather shoes, and instantly lengthen the leg lines.

Third Double -Thick Boots


1. Mid -tube thick sole boots


Booting products in summer are typical examples of mixed season. When a pair of thick -soled boots with a pair of middle -style style and knee skirts or shorts, it will look extremely young. If you add appropriate plaid or leopard patterns as embellishment, a pair of thick -bottomed mid -boots will earn enough eye -catching, becoming a highlight of your whole set of wearing.

2. Thick bottom and low boots

The low -bottomed low -style boots, high -top daddy shoes with sports styles, and low -top Martin boots. These two items are suitable for dressing and trousers.

How to wear a long dress? Replace the sandals with a thick bottom and low -top Martin boots.


And the combination of simple tops and pants will also seem unspoken. The way to add details is to choose high -end high -gang old daddy shoes, which not only increases the proportion of the figure, but also makes the simple and simple shape incorporate the design sense of the shoe design. It just enriches the fashion and change of dressing.

The once -soled shoes, now the entire fashion circle has been popular. Are there any styles you like? Try this summer!