What scarf looks good in a coat? Look at the street shooting on the street: The gap between knitting and plush is really large


It is said that the coat must be worn alone to look good, that is the combination between the scarf and the coat.

The warm and comfortable scarf just makes up for the loose and loose flavor of the coat. Do not have to tangled the scarf to choose knitting or plush. The following amateur street shooting will tell you the answer ~


>> The coat with a knitted scarf or a plush scarf?


[Coat+plush scarf]

> Style keyword

*Elegant and mature

Plush scarf is usually a short collapse style, with some light cooked air accessories, you are elegant synonymous ~

*Ancient and elegant

Plush scarf also has classical and implicit traditional aesthetics,

With some soft -colored coats with soft lines, strong pendants, or skirts with some national style elements,

Immediately you can return to the ancient charm of poems and romantic.

*Cute and soft waxy

Plush scarf can also easily create a cute soft and waxy atmosphere. Like the first younger sister, with the navy’s short coat and wearing a playful short skirt, it is so cute to explosion!


*Wild and luxurious

If you choose mink velvet, rabbit hair, etc. with high -level material,


Plush scarf with high -end basic color coat,

It is the luxury and luxury that cannot be ignored.

> Defect


Plush scarf has certain requirements for the version of the coat,

If the coat is too fluffy and bloated, with a plush scarf, it will look tiger.

If the right color and matching method is not selected, the plush scarf will also look too mature and expensive


Instead, there is less generous and neat temperament.


[Coat+knitted scarf]

*Wild and hundreds of changes

Knitting scarf with coat is one of the most versatile and changing style of matching.

Through the color of the scarf color, style, material, and length, the same coat can also wear different feelings.

*Easy leisure

Knitting scarves have also been pronounced all over the world as a pronoun for youth, which can alleviate some straight -line coats that are too stereotyped.

The coffee scarf was put on the shoulder at will, and then paired with the simplest brown cashmere coat, and immediately had a little casual and lazy atmosphere.

Although the knitted scarf is not picky, there are no too many requirements for the choice of coats, but there are also certain defects.

Knitting scarfs with coats, if there is no superb face value or prominent figure, and lack of certain matching skills, it is easy to become too ordinary.

>> Should the coat match the fleece scarf or knitted scarf?

[Plush Scarf]

> What kind of coat is suitable


*The collar of the coat is a low collar or a wide collar,

Leave a blockbuster white on the neck

*The overall design of the coat is relatively flat,

No obvious thickness and thickness

*Tailoring and design are dominated by straight lines,

Reduce the details of the details and the appearance of the curve

> Common ideas for coats with plush scarf

Idea ① Matching the color matching method

Elegant and advanced coats meet soft and warm plush scarves,

Choose to interpret it in the same color system,

Both the way of matching other trends must be gentle and advanced.

The rice gray rabbit hair scarf is paired with a romantic and sweet cherry blossom powder coat, and wearing a dreamy lace stitching long skirt. This is too immortal to wear?

Idea ② Material Echo Law

If you feel that the plush scarf suddenly appears on the coat, it will appear too abrupt

Then you can use the same materials on small accessories such as shoes, bags, hats, and hats.

Let the plush material echo the different items.

For example, the sweet plush bib here, soft and glutinous plush handbags, and warm plush shoes, just formed

Echo three points up and down

, With a long oat color coat, exquisitely exquisite!


> Plush scarf is commonly used

Due to the limitations of the plush scarf, the short models of long and exactly the collapse are the most common and most suitable. It is relatively simple in the system,

If it is a flat design on the left, a semi -matched coat will be used.

If it is a plush scarf that is just around the neck on the right, a semi -matched method will be used.


Coupled with a strong coat.

[Knitted scarf]

> What kind of coat is suitable for knitted scarves?

*The neckline of the coat is not a high neck that completely covers the neck

*Pure color coat

It will be more suitable for wearing knitted scarves than large -area pattern coats

> How to choose knitted scarves?


*Color pattern

Small patterns will be smaller than large color block patterns,

It is more suitable for people with short thick necks and thick shoulders.

If the shoulder is too narrow or the upper body is too slender, the use of a large pattern scarf can enlarge the figure.

Adjust the ratio.


The pattern scarf is more suitable for a solid color coat, and the pattern can also be selected according to the overall style.

If you like the sense of juvenile, you choose a striped scarf; if you like the fashion trend, choose a popular pattern …

*Long, thick and thin

The length and thickness of the knitted scarf are related to the personal shape.

The small girl is not suitable for choosing a scarf that is too long. The length of the scarf is best above the chest.

Girls with slightly fat and large skeletons should not choose too thick scarves,


It will make the upper body look particularly bloated.

> Coat with knitted knitting scarfs commonly used with ideas

Idea ① Single coat color scarf match

The version of the above version is easy to look rigid, and the dull color coat is most suitable for color scarf!

The low -key and restrained black, with a dazzling dark green scarf embellishment, is more fashionable than that of any color.

Idea ② Basic coat with popular pattern scarf

Scarves with small area popular elements with large -area basic coats

It is very suitable for sisters who want to catch up with the trend, but dare not easily try fashion elements.

The gentle and temperament beige long coat, with the same color boots, keeps the overall smooth color very long. The last checkerboard scarf is the focus of fashion, and small -area accessories can also bring the highest -level fashion!

Thought ③ Local color echo


Let the color of the scarf, shoes, bags, hats, and other small accessories form local colors uniformly suitable for coats for large -scale colors.

This unified local color method can enhance the integrity of the matching, even if the above -mentioned unreasonable potato coat can become gentle and temperament.


> Knitting scarf is commonly used

Recommendation ① single circle system method

Both long or short scarves are suitable. Find the middle point of the scarf, then go around the neck, and naturally hang the remaining length on the chest, or half of the shoulders.

If you want to be more tall and thin, it is recommended to put the scarf on your shoulders like this younger sister. If you want to be cute and daily, you will naturally hang on your chest.

Recommended ② Bows

Wrap the scarf around the neck for two laps, and the remaining part is knotted on the chest. The remaining length of the scarf does not exceed the chest.


This matching method is more suitable for coats that are designed in a profile or straight -line type.


>> Summary of coats and plush scarves and knitted scarves

Plush scarf is more luxurious and noble, more suitable for matching plane coats.

Knitting scarves are more youthful and casual, suitable for all coats. Ordinary people choose to use knitted scarves more likely.

The coat with a scarf can prevent the cold wind in winter from being poured into the clothes. If you have been dressed a lot, but it is still troubled by shaking, then you may try the combination of the coat and scarf.

Scarf and coat are the exclusive winter romance of fashion people. This romance, you deserve it ~

> Style keyword


> Defect