How to wear “black pants” in winter? The Japanese housewife tells you the answer, these four points are important


Most people pay attention to the choice of jackets and shoes on their wear, but ignore the choice of pants. In fact, the pants are equally important. Even many masters will create winter look according to the type of pants. So which pants are most suitable for middle -aged women in winter? The answer is black pants.

However, many ordinary people may not have the high sense of high -level black pants for some reasons, resulting in lack of fashion. It doesn’t matter, if you don’t know how to wear “black pants” in winter, let the Japanese housewife Tian Maru Mari tell you the answer. These four points are important!

1. The style of pants should be simple and textured

Black -to -foot pants mainly refer to the style of black and tight pants, which are suitable for expressing simplicity, sharpness and daily sense, so small black pants are often used by ordinary people to create daily shapes.

For middle -aged women, if you choose black leggings, if you want to play its simplicity and versatile advantages, then the style of small black pants should not be too fancy, like some superimposed patterns, holes, sequins, or tassel designs. Avoid it, daily wear is very accumulated.


You can choose the simplest black tights or black tights, or choose black tight leather pants, with coats or other winter items.


Another ordinary people also need to pay attention to the material of small black pants. Most small black pants are used with denim, suit or leather fabrics, but everyone is better to choose these materials more flexible. big.

In addition, the crotch of the small feet should not be too low, the trousers can choose the normal model, or you can choose nine points, but it is best not to cover the feet.


2. Know how to shape the extension with the help of color


The main advantage of small black pants is versatile and can highlight the leg lines. If middle -aged women want to wear small black pants, they must also use color to play their advantages.

The most common among them is to play a visual extension effect through smooth color, shape the slender and slender body curve, and make the leg lines look smoother.

Like bloggers Tian Maru Maji usually use black coats or black inside to echo small black pants, or use small black pants to connect black shoes.

Third, the combination of loosening


Little black pants are tight pants, with advantages and disadvantages. For example, too tight items will bring a sense of force and expose leg flaws.

Ordinary people need to use the matching to solve these problems one by one when they are worn.

First of all, in the choice of tops or jackets, you can try more loose and comfortable sweaters, coats, trench coats, or down jackets. Through the comparison of version, the sense of difference in wide and narrow is not only to show the thin legs, but also the mature atmosphere.

Secondly, for middle -aged women who are not straight enough, they should avoid the jacket or jacket when wearing a small black pants. Like a variety of short coats, even if the sweater is overlapped inside Disadvantages such as bend.

Therefore, some ordinary people with defects in the leg shape are more suitable for choosing long waist long coats, with black long boots to easily avoid strengths.

Fourth, choose the right shoes


Blackfoot pants are not much restricted on the pairing of shoes. Most shoes can actually be used by us, but it is not equal to simple and advanced, so everyone needs to choose shoes that can improve temperament.


1. Martin boots

First of all, the small -footed pants are very thin and narrow, which is more suitable for some thin -length shoes, so that the trousers legs and shoes will not have much difference, and the connection between the two will be smoother.

Like black short Martin boots, handsome and stylish, and can be modified. With small black pants to make the dress more textured, it can further shape long legs.

2. Boot boots


Boot boots can modify the calf lines and look more mature. For middle -aged women, you can use it with black pants to create a mature atmosphere.

The most recommended everyone to choose black pointed knee knee boots, and the thick heel design is higher, but coats, trench coats and other jackets should not be too long, just near the knee.

3. Black Lefu shoes/black pointed cat heel shoes

Martin boots, boots or other styles of boots with black foot pants are warm and stylish. In addition to these, middle -aged women can also extend their leg lines by exposing slender ankles.

At this time, some light mouth shoes can come in handy, such as black loafers and black pointed cat heels.

4. Sneakers

If you use shoes to combine black pants to enhance your casual sense, then you should try to choose flat white shoes as much as possible, comfortable and casual, and the second is that the shoe type should be thin and beautiful, and the show is thin and thin.

For middle -aged women, as long as you master some matching skills in this winter, even if everyone has black pants, I believe you can also wear your own wonderful, just like bloggers Tamaru Maji Intersection

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