Coach’s new package is comprehensively evaluated, soft and durable, the small man can carry it


In the previous background, readers left a message to see a small bag recommendation, especially in summer to carry a refreshing and playful small bag. Because there are fewer and fewer things when you go out, it is also the era of “small bags” recently. What I want to recommend today is to share with you a while ago



Pillowtabby is the soft pillow bag, Hyuna and Mizuhara Kiko are super fire.

Coach has been open in recent years, and the face value is online. It is not unreasonable to get a few bags on fire, especially

The tabby series is out of circle

Essence I have always had a good opinion of the Tabby series. The previous styles were stiff, square and right. The retro flavor was also mixed with British Fan Er, and the temperament of Kimura Kimiko was too good!

This is not hot Tabby series also launched the cute MINI model, from tough to soft to MINI, I feel that Coach has stepped on the fashion point every time, and they have not ignored the practicality of the bag, the cost -effective is still super high. Intersection Let’s take a look at our comprehensive evaluation:


Soft and classic


Pillow Tabby still uses the classic design of Coach in the 1970s, and at the same time


Soft lamb skin

It has reduced its sense of sharpness, but the fullness of the body is very broad. Seeing that we have recommended this one before the rice and white normal size, as if we have a soft light mirror ~


MINI models are also

Fog texture

, Continuing the simple body design. Although it is a mini style

No one at all

Essence Compared to the normal number pillowtabby, the mini size is playful, it is more suitable for summer back ~ soft and small, the heart has melted.

Classic C metal logo

It has also been designed with leather covering, full and three -dimensional. The edge retains the original metal color, which looks like a golden hook edge. This detail texture is exaggerated.


Practical can be installed mini bag


In fact, for small bags, most friends should be the same as me. Every time I block me, it is basically. “Although I know it is MINI, it seems that it really can’t install anything!” Many super mini bags basically put down a mobile phone and just put a mobile phone and just put a mobile phone. There are no more requirements.

Figure -01

But MINI PILLOW TABBY is much better than imagined! it has


Two compartments

You can put down your mobile phone, powder, concealer plate, lipstick … This capacity, proper extra points ~ I did not expect much about its capacity, now I am very surprised! If you do n’t need to bring a large piece of daily commuting, this is appropriate to install it ~ MINI SIZE ’s bags are very light, and the lamb skin, the whole bag is gently and soft without pressure.

Versatile and age reduction


This rose red may not be the first choice of everyone in the cabinet. After all, there are more daily versatile rice and black, but after seeing the real thing, I am real. If you have a basic color bag in the cabinet like me, let’s take a look at this one, add a bit of positive rose red color

Gray filter

, Present a secret luster, and

Soft lamb skin accidentally co -produced


in addition

Adjustable shoulder strap

The design is also very attractive. The editor -in -chim girl with a height of 150+ life is liked. When you carry it, you can easily control it ~ Basic

All kinds of height can be held

It is equipped with both shoulder straps



Oh, you can cross your shoulder or handle or mention.

Different back methods will feel different. If you do it, Lady will be a bit more vibrant and casual, and the back of the shoulder is more commute. One bag can unlock so many styles and occasions,

One pack and multi -purpose


It feels so cost -effective!

It is also a good choice to carry a picnic, outing or vacation. It is quite literary and fresh with white dress and straw hat ~ replaced with a sharp suit or shirt

Do not have a sense of violation of commuting

MINI PILLOWTABBY’s laziness and playfulness can balance slightly formal clothing, adding a little delicate and fashionable to the workplace.

The beige style really looks like a soft bread. It has fantasized that it will emit milk flavor.

Figure 丨 The sea of ​​time will be over time


The rice color is a color that is not picky, and the practicality will still be stronger. It is a stable insurance player. It will not be mistaken for how to make it. You can go out of the door. Who do n’t want to go out of a soft pillow bread?


Many brands have a beige style. As one of the basic colors of the cabinet, it is not difficult to choose a practical beige bag. To choose one to meet the above requirements and be ingenious, it is quite recommended for the MINI PILLOW TABBY’s ~ beige and puffy and soft styling, more interesting, not that monotonous.


It is recommended to choose this type in summer


Light or bright

The bag will be more refreshing. As a look of a look, it is easier to match. The small area like this is not exaggerated, but it can also break the dullness.

Autumn gourmet




In addition to these two colors we evaluated, MINI PILLLOWTABY also has these color options ~

Like purple and green, it is full of spring and summer. Pillowtabby’s overall color system is not the kind of fluorescent color that is difficult to control. It is not exaggerated. It is not so difficult to match. OK ~ Needless to say, absolutely classic and versatile, soft and cool style!