In fact, 99%of people will not wear Blue Pop! Take away the correct method here!


Author of this article -Lanpo818 (LANPO818)


The Lanper bracelet derived from the beads, with many advantages such as good -looking, health, and high collection value, not only captured the majority of women, but also made men love it. However, have you paid attention to this after wearing it for so long? Is the method you wear correct?

Different men and women

Men generally have a soft spot for their opponents, but compared to small Blue Pearls, I recommend that men choose the large one. Men’s skeleton is generally much larger than women’s, small diameter bracelets are not so atmospheric, and they look calm and connotative.

For women, the Lamper bracelet has super high cost performance, and small diameter beads are worn on the woman’s slender hands, adding tenderness.

Different constitution


There are basically no taboos in the choice of a bracelet, but they also need to combine their own physique to choose a bracelet that is more suitable for her body.


For example, women who have cold body, long -term insomnia, and gynecological diseases, wearing a Blue bracelet is your good choice. Pharmaceutical records amber has three major effects: one is to determine the soreness, the other is to promote blood circulation and stasis, and the third is diuretic diuretic. As a kind of amber, Lanbo also has the above effect. By wearing a blue jewelry, you can help improve the cold hands and feet, make your spirit stabilize and feel calm. Wearing a Lamper bracelet is almost more raised than jade.


A few laps appropriate

For those who Da Lanper’s bracelets, some people like single circles, and some like multiple circles, such as using the blue beads worn on the neck as a bracelet.

In a single circle, one thing to pay attention to is the size of a single bead, that is, the diameter. This needs to refer to everyone’s wrist, just like the size of the male and female bracelets mentioned at first.

Women’s wrists are relatively thin, usually at 13-16cm, suitable for wearing 8-10mm diameter Blue Pearls;

If it belongs to the meat hand, the wrist is 17-19cm like this, and the person wearing 12-14mm diameter is just right;

If you are born with a large skeleton and thicker wrist, more than 20cm, then the large diameter of 15-18mm is your savior.

If the bracelet is around, the diameter of the bead itself does not have to be so demanding. What should be noticed?

Usually when we wear 108 blue beads, there are 3 laps, 4 laps, and 5 laps. This also depends on the thickness of the wrist and the diameter of the beads.


Wear the left hand or wear the right hand

The blue beads are generally wearing the left hand, because the left hand is relatively small than the right hand. It is to prevent doing things. In Taoism, the left hand is also called a good hand. The same Lanper bracelet can be worn by the size of the beads. The two bunches of the blue bracelets can be worn together, but try not to bring them with both hands.