College students cannot lose! 18 sets of autumn match demonstrations, learn not to be too fashionable to wear





The holiday time is always fast, it is time to remind the student party that the holiday balance is no longer enough. Although we have experienced many times since childhood, for the freshmen who have just entered the freshman, a new classmate far away from his hometown, a new classmate really makes people look forward to and embarrassed.

Especially when they have just become a college student, many people have experienced collective life for the first time, and they are almost equivalent to small moving, so it is time to start preparing for the opening season!


Today, it brings a guide to the wearing of quasi -college students. What needs to be known is that the clothes of high school time should be abandoned, because without the restraint of school uniforms, college students have comparison. I believe that many people don’t want their own school equipment to lose, so you must learn from high -value wear!


Today, the first half of the body of the grass in the autumn of everyone, the summer match of the half -body, looks full of personality, and it is very suitable for the weather at the beginning of school. If you match, the college -style top and the A -line skirt that modify the body and the pants collide, the image of beautiful and stylish beauty school flowers can be worn on the upper body.

Everyone knows that the first impression is very important. If you want to make new friends quickly, we can choose a gentle and harmless girl next door to wear.


In this match, the upper body chose a small and fresh floral skirt and a bubble sleeve shirt. The elegant color color gives people a very healed Feel. The simple and playful A -line skirt in the lower body collided with the college’s small leather shoes, showing a small fresh literary style. Coupled with the configuration of the girl next door, the boys and girls are excited when they look at it.

If it is a girl with a bad leg, a loose long skirt or trousers are definitely a meat artifact. And this time, I chose the leisure style to wear routes. A mixing of a mixer of sports style and common items can show that the student party itself is young and lively.


Of course, loose clothing wants to wear a stylish and beautiful look, and don’t forget the relaxation of wearing. The upper and lower pine, exposed the ankles, is suitable for girls with thick legs.

Of course, if you want to wear clothes thinner and beautiful, you can easily get through the way of wearing the jacket. That is, the loose styles are selected on the upper and lower packets. Through the wearing method of the jacket, the small waist can be worn, and the X -shaped body can be worn, and the upper body is proper.

And with the high waistline design, it can also help us wear a golden ratio, even if the short -legged star people can counterattack perfectly. The stacking and matching on the right side also uses short vests to further improve the waistline, and the upper body is more legs.

Speaking of which, in the autumn, all kinds of stacks have become the favorite of fashion. Student college students want to wear a stunning school look. They can learn from this match and use their own stacked camisole to become fashionable.

This time, the low -necked suspender skirt + ultra -short jacket, looming the looming chest, sexy but not exposed, making you intangible. The most classic bottoming shirt + suspender skirt, choose the matching of the same color system, simple and neat, and the upper body is elegant without losing the fashion taste.

In addition to the suspender skirt, the college style vest, knitted vest, vest skirt, etc., can be matched with simple wind tops, can wear the image of girls with literary and artistic girls.


Today, the matching of grass for everyone, the color matching also chose a very old -fashioned dark color, and the upper body is also wearing a retro sense. Of course, when matching, use a light -colored top to brighten the complexion, which can improve the shape and temperament of the shape.


Of course, a sister paper believes that the harmless combination of swallowing and harmlessness cannot make you stand out among many students. Then you can choose to have a personalized matching way. For example, the popular salt wind wearing this year, a strong aura, allows you to get more attention.


And the distance between you and fashion cool girls is actually only one piece of work pants. Everyone should find that the workpieces will choose more cool colors. Personally, I recommend that you match the colorful tops that can highlight the youthful and lively sense.

If college students want to improve the eye -catching rate of styling, but the helpless matching skills are not too close, so they can also increase the highlights of the shape through accessories. For example, this year’s popular bow hair ornaments, princess wind hoop, and delicate girls’ pig bags, fishermen hats, etc., can be recessed with a new look.

If you want to lose your temperament during the start of the school season, the 18 sets of autumn in the beginning of the school will be exquisite and foreign. You can wear high -value Looks according to you, fashionable and eye -catching.

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