How long can the Haining leather industry be supported? He answered



Zhou Yunfeng, a new craftsman No. 178

He poured art into the soul

Put art into life

Adhere to the quality of “high, fine, sharp”

He is the founder of La Califfa brand;

It is also a fashion lecturer


The industry’s turbid wise man is independent

It is often said that the reason why Haining’s economy leads in other counties and cities is because of Haining Leather City. In Haining, 7-8 of 10 people are engaged in leather-related work. As the world’s most famous leather clothing producing place, industry dividends are self -evident. Whether it is a job, the factory, or the sales of stores, it has gained a lot.


Zhou Yunfeng was lucky. As a young entrepreneur, he had such a beautiful background and such valuable resources.

He is grateful to the industry, but at the same time, it is also worried.

Leather clothes were originally a product with high -end attributes. It is clothing and luxury, so in the past, it needed to hold a tiptoe to own.


However, what he sees now is the dividends of the industry blindly, but they have not made substantial contributions to the development of the industry. The ubiquitous traps poured down one by one, disappeared, and eventually became dead …

Relying on the early accumulation of “Haining Leather” is a regional signboard. Because of the existence of industry dividends, it has attracted the crazy influx of foreign merchants and local non -professionals. The same stock may be harvested in the dividend period, but it is often the earliest victim to be harvested.

He felt that in the development of the industry, everyone seemed to be missing,

Today, the material is becoming increasingly rich and the price is growing, but the leather coat is falling every year. Is this because the level of production level upgrade? Sad, this is obviously not. Instead, working prices have risen to extremely high. It is conceivable what the industry will look like in this vicious competition market environment.

In 2016, Zhou Yunfeng started from Harbin in the north, to Shenzhen in the south. The leather coat is really famous. What makes him worry is that Haining’s leather mouth is not good, and he even heard the remarks of “Haining leather clothes equal to garbage leather jackets”.

Zhou Yunfeng couldn’t help trembling. For 30 years in the industry, in the case of great advantages, he did not bred well -known brands and did not give birth to the industry leader to lead the market and nurture the industry.

It looks like a “rich second generation” who has a big breasts to eat ancestral property and does not seek development. So where will Haining leather clothes go in the next 30 years …


Inspiration and germination art first

Zhou Yunfeng turned around at night. After thinking deeply, he chose to act.

Action is not just action, but innovation.

He carefully analyzed the reason for the industry’s underestimation and thought about the reason for the problem. This thinking sprouted his thoughts of operating his fur brand.

Faced with the internal consumption of vicious competition in the fur market, the product’s problem of entering the low -priced circular circle, Zhou Yunfeng believes that it is a lack of good guidance in the industry. It has always been caused by the birth of the industry. The standard for the standard, so it is urgent to give birth to the super brand of the industry. I also thought that entrepreneurs in the fur industry gradually aging and lack of product innovation, and it was difficult to please younger generations of consumers. He strengthened his determination to shape a better brand.

Zhou Yunfeng has traveled to the counters of major world brands for this. The buyer store of the niche brand has also bought a lot of world big -name leather clothes. Compared with the production process of Haining leather clothes, it is not humble: Leather’s clothing manufacturing, Haining craftsmanship, Haining craftsmanship It is also the world’s leading praise.

At the same time, as a leather product, compared with ordinary clothing, it has better materials for plasticity, can give more design sense, make better artistic expression, give more various craftsmanship, and have natural high -end attributes. Based on these advantages,

Design has become the most urgent problem for Zhou Yunfeng and his entrepreneurial team.

During the few years of entrepreneurship, Zhou Yunfeng continued to try to cooperate with many well -known designers and artists at home and abroad, hoping to have a substantial breakthrough in product design. Today, their products are getting better and better, and their status is getting better.

“If we can’t make a work that satisfies ourselves, then I will always leave the industry in the leather coat, because what I hope is that we can feed the industry in the future, no matter how much can we play, but we must have a positive role.”


Return to Benzhen La Califfa

Zhou Yunfeng said: “Social development needs to be leading, young people must have the minds of the world, and have the courage to do tide.”

So he chose to use his La Califfa to lead leather fashion to return to the product attributes, that is, the “high, fine, and sharp” of fur.

He created “La Califfa Art Leather Space” and wanted to build it as a platform that brings together best leather design works. He took out all his mature designs to share, and invited well -known domestic and foreign designers and artists to share his works to share his works, aiming to bring art in and give design more soul characteristics. You will also invite younger generation designers to learn from each other, docking sales resources for them, and helping peers to solve design problems, providing a platform for leather clothing practitioners. At the same time, La Califfa faced the national joint venture and launched the Haining Leather’s “Super Brand” plan.


He clearly realized that clothing products are no longer solved the need for necessity. It is more personalized choice. You are excellent enough to be selected, because what they lack in the wardrobe is not clothes, what is missing is enough ” New “clothes.

And La Califfa is committed to creating this “new”. Customers buy not only “leather” but also “clothing”, but also the leather clothes with design language and version of the soul.

“Our leather coat is not customized for anyone. The leather coat itself has no perfect form. There is no fixed dress. We don’t want to use a model map to imprison the style. You can shape them at will. The more delicious it comes, it will eventually become part of your body, adhere to a good leather, and stick to yourself.

It is so exciting that you do not follow the trend. I hope everyone will interpret the beauty of clothing with us. “


Explaining art love & passion

Leather art has an innate advantage because it is “leather” clothes. “Advanced”, “refinement”, and “cutting -edge” are the core competitiveness and the value of the LA Califfa brand.

Which jacket is the higher upper rate in the wardrobe? There is no doubt that one of the cowboy outer suits. As the king of the field of work, denim jackets have always been synonymous with young, stylish and sexy. The brand also spared no effort in the development of denim models.

We add a little new taste on the basis of young fashion -Yayi.

When interpreting this work, Zhou Yunfeng said that in the current society, the most popular man’s image temperament is elegant style. The fatal temptation is also the direction of men’s temperament cultivation. The denim models are fashionable and not well played. This time, La Califfa added French elegance into the denim model to collide.

This is a French imported cortex mixed goat with hair fur combined with denim style, plus the three -dimensional cut version and good detail design, and add a retro seasoning. It is the atmosphere of elegance. Throughout the fashion industry, the mainstream brand luxury brand, etc., they all play as much as possible to play the field of flipping leather jackets, because the texture that turning the wool brings us is not comparable to the light skin. This is leather clothing. Important extension.

Therefore, as a leather enthusiast, you can’t bypass it. Handsomeness is a young manner, elegant is the precipitation of temperament, and it is time to take a wave of elegance.

Along the way, La Califfa has always insisted on producing and selling. Developing a good product not only requires the serious demand for details, but also requires the assistance of each noodle accessories supplier at home and abroad. Heroes.


“I started to learn art, but I couldn’t get fun from it, because you faced a small group, and you did not change anyone’s life, and I wanted to do something for everyone. This has always been my purpose, love & Passion !! “