Real combat must be! Gao Gang thickened version of elite socks, or North Carolina Blue color matching


Simple and rude!

Recently, everyone has a lot of basketball equipment. There are short -sleeved vests shorts, but don’t forget that Baller’s socks are also very nice! You can’t play without a pair of professional basketball socks!

Recently, everyone has been asking the socks on Baller’s feet, that is, this “left and right power” basketball socks, thickened elite version, high -top, worthy of your rush!

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Basketball basketball socks Men’s actual North Carolina Blue Gang Basketball Standard Elite Basketball Socks Professional Socks

¥ 39


Playing the ball, first of all, it is worthy of savage. This sock is the color of North Carolina. Everyone knows that everyone knows the color of the “master”! The toes and heels are blue, and the rest are white and white and blue. It looks very comfortable and does not bite.

Except for the handsome value, the design and details of the socks are believed to be clear! The thickened place is thickened, the special customized texture lines at the bottom, non -slip, breathable fabrics, elastic spiral structures, etc. This is called professional!


Do not blow or black, the biggest feeling is not tight, the wrapping is very good, but it will not look very sultry, especially now in summer, sweating is not afraid of sweating! The left and right strength is the same model, and it is OK to play leisure!

Take a good look at the unique design and details of socks!


The elastic thread structure of the socks, ensure that you run and jump in exercise, and the socks will not fall easily; 270 ° at the bottom of the bottom, grip, cushioning with one hand; The thumb of the ball is always painful, and the problem of having a hole without wearing socks!


The more humane design is that the socks are distinguished by “left and right”, helping everyone develop good wearable habits, and can also extend the life of socks!

Don’t underestimate a pair of simple socks, the fabrics are also very particular, using 40 % TRL-TECH, 50 % cotton, 8 % elastic fiber, 2 % Lyca cover yarn! The touch is soft, the quality is online, and the small needle eye seen on the socks is full of breathable.

Some partners will be puzzled, what is TRL-Tech, which is simply a high-level “black technology”!

Can’t afford the ball, strong elasticity, not easy to deform, a pair can be worn for a long time.


Excressiveness, breathability, support, non -slip, hygroscopicity! There are both functions with both functions.