2021 Car Red and Black List Top Ten Raising Car Company: Nine are doubled! Maximum increase of 362%


Under the influence of adverse factors such as the “core” crisis and the repeated epidemic situation, who can show strong pressure resistance in adversity? With listed car companies and domestic large -scale automotive groups that have released sales of sales in 2021, this mystery is gradually revealed.

The collective outbreak of new vehicles is undoubtedly the most dazzling scenery last year. Not only did the “Xiaowei” top three tops of the heads exceeded the 90,000 mark, the year -on -year increase reached three digits. Even car companies with individual second echelons have a growth rate of 360%. Last year’s “Flow King” Tesla had a delivery of 320,000 vehicles in China. With an ultra -high growth of 133%year -on -year, it easily won the sixth place.


Nezha Automobile: 361.7% year -on -year increase

Last year, Nezha Automobile was reprimanded by the public for its popular scandal of scandals, but this did not affect the brand’s sales volume. Last year, Nezha’s cumulative sales reached 69,674 units, an increase of 361.7%year -on -year, becoming the largest increase in car companies last year. After the delivery of 10,000 vehicles for two consecutive months at the end of the year, its performance can even be compared with the first camp of the new vehicle forces. With the current development momentum of the brand, it is also the most potential threat to the top three in the next three top three.


Zero -run car: year -on -year increase of 278.6%

Zero -running cars ranked sixth in 2021’s sales of new vehicles. The brand delivered 43,121 new cars in 2021, a year -on -year increase of 278.6%over 11,391 units in 2020. Zero Run T03 is the main sales model of the brand last year. It mainly attacked five four miniature vehicle markets at the price of less than 100,000 yuan. In 2021, Zero Run also launched a medium-sized SUV model price of 150,000 to 200,000 yuan, with a maximum range of 610km.



Xiaopeng Automobile: increased by 263% year -on -year


With the annual delivery volume setting at 98155, Xiaopeng Automobile also officially announced that it won the 2021 new car sales championship. It can be said that in the past year, Xiaopeng’s road to winning the championship is not smooth. Before September, Xiaopeng had been in the second place. With the last few months, he maintained a monthly delivery of more than 10,000 units, or even reached more than 15,000 units. In the end, the later parties reached the top. Among them, the main model Xiaopeng P7’s annual delivery volume was 60,569, accounting for 62%of the brand’s total annual delivery.


Ideal car: year -on -year increase of 177.4%

Although it continues to rank in the top three in the first three leaders of the car construction, the ideal car only increases by 1.7 times year -on -year with the annual sales of an extended ideal ONE and competitors. Although the ideal ONE was once designed in 2021 and encountered the user’s complaint, it was also exposed by the user that “suspected mercury on the seat” did not affect the brand’s top three positions to keep the new forces of the car. According to the ideal Q3 financial report, the second extended model X01 of the ideal car will be released in the second quarter of 2022 and the third quarter will be opened. Its pure tram model will begin delivery in the second half of 2023.



Euler: 140% year -on -year increase


The Euler brand in the field of new energy vehicles is a highlight of Great Wall Motors in 2021. The brand sold a total of 135,028 units last year, an increase of 140%year -on -year. The year -on -year listed 2022 new cars such as Euler black cats, white cats, and good cat GT were listed. In December 2021, the Euler brand sales were 20,926 units, an increase of 64.2%year -on -year. This is also the first time that the brand series has exceeded 20,000 vehicles, which has climbed to the head camp of the new energy vehicle.

Among them, Euler’s good cats were sold for 50,931 units throughout the year, and 10,685 units were sold in December 2021, an increase of 430%year -on -year; Euler black cats sold 63,492 units throughout the year, and 8,056 units were sold in December 2021. During the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, Euler cleared the new positioning of “more love women’s car brands” and launched a number of new members such as ballet cats, punk cats, and lightning cats.




Tesla: increased by 133.33% year -on -year


Last year, the sales of new vehicles were fluttering, how could it be less at Tesla? In 2021, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory delivered 484,100 vehicles for the global market. In contrast, in 2020, Tesla’s global delivery was 499,500. Therefore, the contribution of Shanghai Super Factory to Tesla last year can be imagined.

However, except for the number of 160,000 exits, Tesla’s delivery in China in 2021 still reached 320743. Compared with 13,7459 units in 2020, a year -on -year increase reached 133.33%. Although it has not yet entered the TOP15 on the annual sales list of car companies, in many people’s eyes, according to the rapid growth momentum in China, “the name on the list” will only be a matter of time.


Weilai Automobile: increased by 109.1% year -on -year

Originally, in the “Three Brothers” of the new forces of the car, Weilai maintained the position of “leading the big brother” in sales. However, in 2021, due to the significant fluctuations in their delivery, they could only abdicate. In fact, from January to June 2021, Weilai Automobile’s monthly delivery volume has always ranked first in “Wei Xiaoli”. However, due to the influence of the epidemic and chips in July and August, the brand’s sales continued to be sluggish, and in October, it was affected by production adjustments. The delivery volume fell by 60 % month -on -month. In the end, Weilai Automobile’s new forces “sold the crown” forces are not guaranteed. Data show that Weilai Automobile delivered a total of 91429 cars last year.


GAC Ean: increased by 101.8% year -on -year

As the new energy sector of GAC Group, GAC Ean’s performance last year was quite dazzling. According to official data, GAC Ean’s cumulative terminal sales in 2021 were 120,155 units, up 101.8%year -on -year. Especially in December, terminal sales reached approximately 16,700 units. Since July, the monthly sales have exceeded 10,000 consecutive months, and the monthly sales of the monthly sales will reach a record high. According to the official planning of GAC Group, GAC Ean Second Factory will be completed and put into operation in December 2022. This means that in 2023, Guangqi Ean already has 400,000 annual capacity.


Shenlong Automobile: 100% year -on -year increase

The annual challenge target of 100,000 vehicles was completed ahead of time, and sales were growing year -on -year for 13 consecutive months. You know, the total sales volume of Dongfeng Shenlong in 2020 is less than 50,000.

Specific to its two major French brands, from January to December, Dongfeng Peugeot sold a total of 51,056 units, an increase of 74%year-on-year; Dongfeng Citroen also exceeded the annual sales target, and sales increased by 137%year-on-year. Especially the Versailles C5 X, which was only listed in late September, delivered a total of 1,2114 vehicles, which used the year to become the annual sales king of the law in the first quarter. At the same time, the new C3-XR sales in 2021 increased by 300%year-on-year, and the annual sales volume of C6 also increased by 600%year-on-year. Of course, aside from the reasons for the lower base, the trend is the most important.


Weimar Auto: increased by 96.3% year -on -year


Wima delivered 44,157 new cars in 2021, ranking fifth among the six new enterprises in vehicle construction. Although the ranking of 2020 has decreased, sales have increased by 96.3%year -on -year. In terms of the number of models, Weimar has increased to 4 products in 2021. It has richer choice and supports the brand’s annual sales growth. Among them, the Weimar EX5, which mainly attacked the price range of 150,000 yuan, is undoubtedly the main sales model of the Wima family. However, in the new forces, Weima is also a senior. Until last year, it still could not break through the “ceiling” of 5,000 units of monthly sales.


(Note: The data in the article comes from the production and sales of various enterprises, the China Automobile Industry Association, and the National Passenger Federation)


Nandu reporter Liang Luoyu