The Winter Olympics gift that has never faded, the master behind the scenes is actually the retired aunt in Shanghai


New Year’s arrival

Beijing Winter Olympics

The pace is closer

New Year’s Eve Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympic Games Awards Elements

Formally released in Beijing

Shanghai with thousands of miles away

A retired aunty tears in tears

Witness her

“Dream Moment”

This “residual heat” of this auntie retired auntie

You can have it on the Olympic podium

Two words without saying the picture first

↑ The Winter Olympics Awards Flower Bouquet ↑

There are 7 kinds of flower bouquets of presented awards

There is a Beijing Hua Rose

Olive branches with symbols of peace


There are roses symbolizing happiness …


Blue in the color system of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Reflecting the elements of ice and snow sports

Is it graceful and luxurious?

Is there a lifelike

I really want to take a bouquet home immediately

Don’t underestimate this bouquet

Its gold content can be “three -story as high”

The bouquet uses an intangible cultural heritage–

Haipai velvet line editing skills


A flower stamen


They are all official sponsors of the Winter Olympics

Hengyuan Xiangxiang Sluttering wire woven

(Yes, that is the “sheep and sheep” when I was young))

Leading editor’s name is Li Meili

I am 70 years old this year

Leading her “sister group”

It lasted more than half a year

From design to training

From quality to final assembly

Completed this glorious task

Please see the interview video we bring

Video loading …

Auntie Li introduced

The reason why you choose

Fine velvet


It can make the bouquet more delicate and realistic

But spend time and energy

Nothing to double

“I think it’s worth it”


Seven places such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai

Participate the club to participate together

Finally 16731 ​​Zhihua material gathered Shanghai Hengyuanxiang

Auntie inspection, trimming, verification, assembly

A number of standards such as size, exquisite, comfortable

Be in order to send it to the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee


Eventually appeared on the Winter Olympics podium

The “post -00s” Luo Xiao is the assistant of Auntie Auntie

The “Grandma Li” in her eyes is really

“Too hard”

Each flower material is carefully checked and trimmed

From time to the age of 70, “overtime at night”

She deeply felt this solemn and rigorous

Auntie retired at the age of 50 before coming into contact with woven thread flowers

Starting from scratch, after 20 years

Let this skill finally bloom on the stage of the Winter Olympics

This is the people and things behind the Olympic bouquet


The little bouquet is exquisite and timeless





Condense the producer’s intention to invest

And cherish the inheritance inheritance


Kyushu Tongxin

Rich meaning

The gift of this Winter Olympics

Love and righteous, never wither!


Reporter: Zhu Xi, Zhao Xuetong Zhang Jiansong

Picture video: Chen Fei, Wang Xiang

Edit: Wang Haoyu, Huang Xuguo