Learn these tricks, ten times beautiful in spring!


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Just today the image of the image re -reunited in Beijing’s rare good weather

So I decided to steal a laziness to enjoy the flowers

It’s time to enjoy the flowers

See the branches gradually powder

Snow in the petal

The image of the image can only lament, but it is a pity that the flowering period is too short

I’m afraid you miss this issue for a while

So the image king boiled for a long time


Specially served a series

“Limited Edition Sakura Shooting Treasure”

This time, don’t blindly, don’t play the routine



“Let others know what you are shooting at a glance”


One focus+three major instruments

There are “three major magic weapons” when shooting cherry blossoms: telephoto, micro -distance, large aperture

But more important than “how to shoot”

Find “What to shoot” first -your visual focus

Main and secondary balance picture

The cherry blossoms are lighter, single soft powder, clustered

If you want to shoot a dense one

It will make the picture lose focus and tend to be bland

Maybe, focus on a small cluster of cherry blossoms

Highlight the prospects, blur background

Increase the details and texture of cherry blossoms

Telephoto, large aperture, blurred background



Ant perspective+ingenious borrowing scene

If you are afraid of tourists entering the country, disturb the painting meaning

It’s better to lean down, lower, and lower

You can use the depth of the large aperture

Perspective of floor tiles

Take the moment of light and shadow circulation


Sakura falls in front of the stage

Flowers and realm, there is a borrowing relationship with each other

A corner of the eaves, a window window, a little green

Can make the photos from “silly shot”

The dilemma of “tourist photos”

The corner of the cherry blossoms and eaves cover each other

You look at the scenery on the bridge

People who watch the scenery look at you on the bridge

People in the scene also look beautiful

The two are interesting, the movement is suitable for each other

Ready people who are recording cherry blossoms and enhance the sense of presence


There are white, dense, and photography in painting in painting

Although there is no way to live a real life

But don’t forget your “visual focus”

In this way, it can be in order, casual but not casual


Light shadow

“Light is an excellent seasoning to create an atmosphere”

Shunguang or reverse light

Sakura petals are very thin, and the permeability is excellent

Shooting, beautiful is beautiful

However, it is easy to produce visual fatigue of “Thousand Flowers”

It’s better to try low -angle, backlight shooting

Let the layered and space sense of “flower and realm” up up up.

If you want to go on a sunny day

Try to get up early or hurry up

Because the day before the sun is backward, the light is the best

If it is a rainy day–

Prepare small umbrellas and wear shoe covers


Morning and evening can be viewed by cherry blossoms

Cold tone or warm

Use mirror reflection

It is the “killer” of the rendering tone

Can walk around


Find a lake, find a pond

Light Lake on the same day

A reflection, the reflection of the cherry blossoms in the water will become more translucent

Sakura in the water, silently fascinated

Compared to the delicateness of the cherry blossoms during the day

Night cherry blossom

It looks extraordinarily dreamy against the backdrop of the dark blue sky

Although the night cherry is beautiful, don’t forget to keep warm

Put a thick jacket and then shoot cherry blossoms


Bring a tripod and expose it for a long time with a small aperture

Use some light metering mode to get accurate exposure

The easiest and most effective way to create a sense of graphics

Must use good light!

Find a single light source

Follow the bright and dark transition from far to near

You can make the cherry in the mirror more transparent



“Find an unconventional angle, use unconventional Pose”


Camera tolerance limited

If you wear clothes, the color is violated

It will destroy the picture texture

Dark color series such as black, dark gray, dark blue

No recommended to wear

Easy clothes are not exposed

Or cherry blossoms are overpowered

The best

Choose pure white, light blue, light powder and other similar color dresses

It is recommended to bring a little prop

Like what folding fan, silk scarf, paper lantern, oil paper umbrella



It is said that shooting girls have to take 45 degrees to show off

Looks face small eyes big chin tip

But cherry trees are generally too high

Often girls and cherry blossoms

It is difficult to have both


It is recommended to shoot the whole body in the distance

Mid -scenes

Close -up close -up

Low angle leaning

It is also a good way to spend the same frame with people

Vision full body map


Mid -view half -body picture

To grasp the balance of people, trees, and roads

Trail leading to the distance

Sakura tree supports the sky

Focus on people

Close -up picture

Focus on the interaction between the physical and environmental environment and the environment



Be more hazy


The highest state of cherry blossom portrait is to make a “story sense”

As Mr. Wang Guowei said

“There is a realm of me, I look at the objects

All things 蓍 蓍 故 故


There is no state of self, to make things


So I don’t know who is me and who is it. “

In other words, in the process of shooting

Falling Flower Independence

But don’t be the lining of cherry blossoms that night

In the end


What the image Jun wants to say is

Take a beautiful life image

In fact, it does not matter “formula” and “routine”

What you need, but “heart”


When you stare at your holding, press the shutter

Form the frame

It will become an infinitely extended flavor every second in memory


Author: big cherry and small bulb editor: Han Ying