Chinese beauty flowers like brocade (original)


Speaking of beauties, it is necessary to look at this issue in one two. Beautiful women across the country are available. As long as there are crowds, there are left, middle and right, and a brothers and sisters have beauty and ugliness. A person’s appearance has great genetic factors with his parents. The parents are beautiful and beautiful, and the children will not be worse. If the parents are double eyelids, the children are basically double eyelids. Parents are born with beauty, and their children are in their mother’s belly. They concentrate their parents’ genetic genetic advantages. They must have a handsome Xie Tingfeng, surpassing the parents and generations.

Where are the most beautiful women in my country? This problem is not absolute, it is just a common phenomenon. There are beautiful women everywhere, but how much is a problem. One party has a lot of relationships with the local environment, climate, soil and soil, and parents’ genetic genes. There are many beautiful women in the world, basically double eyelids. The concave eyes can sing and dance, watching Indian beauty dance, which is Tao Ye sentiment art. Former Soviet Ukraine and Belarusi beauty are like clouds, Belarusian beauties are not married, fat and water does not flow outsiders. Chinese beauty has its own unique flavor, showing the beauty of the East. Where is there many beautiful women in China? There is a lot of controversy. Wang Po sells melon to sell himself and boasts. He has said that he has many beautiful women in this province. The these I write are just personal opinions. There is a common phenomenon that there is a general phenomenon. It is for reference only to readers: readers:


China’s premium beauty is concentrated in these two provinces, Hunan, Sichuan. The beauty of the two provinces is white as jade, and the bomb can be broken and gentle. In particular, there are many beautiful women in Taojiang County, Hunan, and they are all white and beautiful, which are related to the local soil and water. Song Zuying, a beautiful woman in Hunan, is known as Bai Ling Bird. People are beautiful and beautiful, making you pleasing to the eye. Sichuan beauty Liu Xiaoqing, film actor, now more than sixty, can also play the life of girls, the film industry is not old.


There are many places in the middle and upper and middle: Northeast women, with good figure and full skin. Most of the women in Beijing -Tianjin and Shaanxi are generous, have good temperament, are more traditional, and listen to their parents. Xinjiang women are enthusiastic and have a personality, and they are beautiful. Women in Shanghai have the characteristics of Jiangnan, gentle and gentle, and can restrain men’s tenderness. Different southern Guangdong (Guangdong, Guangxi) women are gentle. There are also many women in Taiwan, and their character has the characteristics of Japanese women. It is polite to men


The ugliest part of the woman is: (generally the general phenomenon is not absolute) Henan women, but you can’t say that Henan has no beautiful women, and all the actors of Yu opera are beautiful. Because of the hard work of hard work, Henan women have caused their bodies to be too strong and strong, and there are a few five major and three thick.


Inner Mongolia women, there are many eyelids, because the wind is large, and the skin tone is not good. Gansu, Qinghai, and Tibetan women have deformation due to climatic reasons. Guangdong women have always been thin and thin, and their faces are not good. They are a bit like Guangxi women. They talk about vernacular. It may be related to the genetic of ancient South Vietnam. Hainan women are dark and are related to hot solar radiation throughout the year.

It can be seen from the above that Chinese beauty is concentrated: First, the Loess Plateau (Shaanxi) and Beijing -Tianjin are generous and tall. The second is the Northeast area, romantic and abundant. The third is the Chengdu -Chongqing area, with Hunan and Wen Wanting. The fourth is Jiangnan Water Village, sweet and Yiyi. Fifth, Xinjiang, heterogeneous style.