Light luxury simulation plant wedding arrangement, still remembers freshness after 10 years


Wedding layout is also an art, and it is also necessary to keep up with the trend! Although many weddings spend a lot of money, it is not necessarily a sense of high -level!

Paper art, green plants, and simulation leaves are more popular. The cost is not high, but it is full of face.

In fact, [Simulation Green Plant] is very consistent with the concept of “light luxury” young people. In wedding layout, it does not need to be like a traditional “big feast special office”.

What exactly is light luxury, how can it be light luxury, how is the effect of light luxury?

Light luxury refers to a life concept that advocates “light luxury new fashion”. Light luxury is actually a lifestyle that respects the quality of life. It has nothing to do with the wealth and the level of status. It represents the pursuit of high -quality life details.

Guide to layout of light luxury wedding arrangements, low -cost flowers


Most people, especially girls, like to choose flowers such as roses, hydrangea, Phalaenopsis, and pursue a romantic and gorgeous sense of scene in their wedding layout. However, these flowers are coquettish and expensive. Table flowers, chest flowers, and bouquets, a little use is thousands of budgets, which makes people bloody.


The cost of simulation flowers is not only lower than the flowers, but the appearance is no different from the real flowers. In addition, its practicality is stronger, the color is gorgeous, the shape is unique, dignified and elegant, and the preservation time is long.


Look at how the wedding layout of our “light luxury” wedding is used with a simple guidance?


Getting rid of the previous wedding guidelines (or welcome cards) is a large painting rack, put a large wedding photo and decorate a large number of flowers that look old -fashioned wedding images. Fresh and elegant, pure and romantic. Such a wedding makes people a surprise at first glance, which is enough to make you have endless aftertastes and fresh memories.