How to wear ordinary turtleneck sweaters? Many people can’t wear well, they didn’t understand these tricks


#How to wear a high -necked shirt to look good#


Just after the winter, the temperature could not stop falling. How much is your city dropped?

Do you feel cold in the face of cooling? It’s okay, it’s not there any

turtleneck sweater

This warm heart item, I prefer to call it “

Life -saving artifact


Some of the silhouettes are loose and some fit the figure. If you want to wear it, you still need to work next. I sorted out the wearing method of daily high -necked sweaters and simply divided into




If you are interested, you can look down ~


Tuoton sweater+trousers


After the weather turned cold, many girls changed their skirts and switched to their pants “under the door.”

Tuoton sweater with pants

It is also one of the most popular autumn and winter matching.

The clothes we wear most in our daily life are actually all

Basic model


Don’t underestimate the basic model, it is very versatile. This blue turtleneck sweater is loose version and does not pick up at all.

Mix this

Dark turtleneck sweater

When you want to match the color, you can match one like me

White pants

Essence The version of the pants is also very acceptable, and the upper width and narrow hiding meat are first -class.

The basic model is relatively niche design. This turtleneck sweater

The highlight is on the button

, All buckle is to keep warm and temperament; a little unbuttoned two is light retro feel ~

The young lady who dares to wear pants can try this


, Cone -shaped pants type, achieved the effect of hiding the meat above, the effect of thinness below.

You don’t need to deliberately stuff the corners of the clothes too deliberately, just like this like this, and after the back, the whole person looks lazy and casual.

Those who have a thin effect

High -end turtleneck sweater

Do you don’t have one, younger sister?




Design allows you to easily wear your personality.



Long legs

The demanded younger sister uses this turtleneck sweater

High waist wide leg pants


Dress, because there are splits on both sides, you can show high waist lines without the horn of jacket.

It is also a striped turtleneck sweater, but its neckline has added

Zipper design


, Occasionally open it to present

V -word collar


In addition to stretching the neck, it can also show a small face.

The petite girl is most recommended to take a tight -fitting


Small black pants


Upper width and narrow

“The method of wearing, the corners of the clothes showed the legs with long legs and thin legs.


It’s not that the little girl can’t wear it


As long as you wear one

Short turtleneck sweater

It is no longer important for the corners of the clothing, anyway, it will not delay the optimization proportion.

This red -hearted high -necked sweater, the ladies and sisters will definitely not be unfamiliar, occasionally use it to take one



You can show your handsome side.


The same turtleneck sweater, replace the pants with it


, Wear out “



“The effect, set a pair




You are definitely the most beautiful cub ~


Tuoton sweater+skirt

Skirts are one of the items that every girl loves to put.

Retro element

Grid straight skirt

, Match the solid color

Give people a fresh and comfortable feeling.

If you want to reduce the effect, wear a cute one

Painter’s hat

Essence You can wear a pair of youthfulness on your feet

Lefu Shoes

Don’t forget to add a pair of black socks.

When you wear a dark high -necked sweater, you know you want to wear a light -colored skirt. This kind of

A -character version

The skirt of the body is particularly easy to wear and not pick people.

This year


Lamb vest


Very hot, you can put it outside the high -necked sweater, both warm and concave.

When the high -necked sweater is matched with a jacket, I recommend this very much

Collarless coat

Only in this way can we show the long neck wrapped in the high -necked neck.

Choose a half -body skirt with an irregular hem, the whole person exudes the style of a lady.

In addition to the skirt, the high -necked sweater can also be used as a skirt

Suspender dress

Can wear rich


Is there a taste of some women’s groups?

After reading these demonstrations, do you feel that the fashion power of high -necked shirts is not small? Don’t be afraid that you will have no neck when you wear it, how can you come comfortably ~

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turtleneck sweater

turtleneck sweater

High waist wide leg pants