This year’s new “jelly shoes” is soft and non -grinding, love after 7080


It is often raining as soon as the south arrives, bringing inconvenience to office workers. Personal experience is that you buy a pair of jelly shoes every summer for rainy days.

There is no need to wear any rain shoes every day in the rainy season, okay with clothes!Not only is water resistant, but the face value is also very high

Pants, skirts, jeans, can be controlled, really the ace rain shoes in the rainy season, fairy value!


Last year, I entered a pair of pointed jelly powder and a pair of round -headed fish mouth powder. Our middle -aged girl must favor pink!


It won’t be breathable at all, nor can I wear my feet. I used to wear it to run away. Based on the above advantages, I basically buy a pair every two years


The fairy color is colorful, it is comfortable and beautiful to wear, it is too beautiful ~ the upper foot is really comfortable, it feels good to maintain and clean


You can rely on this pair of jelly shoes to get the whole summer, how can it be gentle and cool ~ still fragrant

The material is light and comfortable, full of reflection, fast dry and not stinky feet, making the soles of the feet more comfortable