Will high -pressure water guns washing cars cause damage to the car? Listen what to say


Ten years ago, buying a car can be said to be the dream of many young people. But now almost every family has a car, and even the rural areas will encounter traffic jams. According to the current situation of society, buying a car is not difficult for most people. What makes people have a headache is to raise a car. As the saying goes, “buying a car is easy to raise a car.” Not to mention the follow -up maintenance, just washing the car is big enough.

Nowadays, prices have been rising, and car wash costs are gradually rising. The owners have sighed: car washing is really expensive! Therefore, many friends started to buy high -pressure water guns to wash their cars by themselves, and I felt the most money. In fact, this method may not only save you money, but also make you spend money for your car. Because if it is not a professionals, it is easy to hurt the car with a high -pressure water gun car. Maybe some friends have some doubts, will the high -pressure water gun hurt the car? Let’s listen to what insiders say!


Earlier, I did not believe that the water gun still hurt the car paint until I heard some analysis in the car industry. High -pressure water gun is really convenient, but if it is sprayed directly in the car paint, it will leave some fine scratches on the surface of the body. Because the car is not washed for a long time, there will be many small particles attached to the car. When high -pressure water guns are fired directly, it can be said that it is “friction” for small particles. It is used repeatedly for a long time, although scratches will appear on the body paint surface. If the car paint itself is damaged, rinse with high -pressure water guns will cause the wound to expand, which is counterproductive.


In addition to causing damage to the body paint surface, it will also bring risks to the “brain” part of the car. There are many circuit plugs hidden under the hood of the car, although the car will have a waterproof rubber ring. However, when the powerful water pressure is direct, there is a high probability that the plug will enter the water, so the car will inevitably occur in the short circuit of various lines. At this time, the cost of maintenance is much higher than the car washing fee.

Instead of risky risk at home high -pressure water guns, it is better to let the smart car wash machine help you solve the problem of car washing. There are many different smart car washing machines on the market, and it is also accepted by more and more car owners. Unmanned intelligent car wash machines are not only saved time, effort, effort and money, but also the key car washing speed is also very fast. You can complete the car washing in 3 minutes, and it also comes with its own drying, saving the time for wiping the car.