What jade is suitable for children? What should I pay attention to?


From ancient times to the present, we have liked to belt around, on the one hand, Hetian jade can bring good luck, and on the other hand, it has commemorative significance. The adults must also want to buy some jade weares for their lovely babies, but not all jade is suitable for children. So what jade is better for children? Children with jade are generally very particular, because each child’s birthday is different, and the jade is different. However, it is usually generally choosing a safe buckle, a long -lived lock, and the zodiac pendant is better. There are no taboos. Baby men and women are suitable for bringing.


The varieties of jade are colorful, and the most suitable for children to bring is Hetian jade. Children often like to put things in their mouths, but Hetian Yu is not easy to break, so they will not be bitten by the baby. When choosing Hetian Yu for your child, it is recommended to choose some smaller volumes, which means better. For example, Hetian Yu safely buckled. Hetian jade seven stars, Hetian Yu Ping An and the like. Don’t bring your child with a large volume. The baby’s skin is generally delicate, with small strength, and the size is too large to make children uncomfortable.

Of course, the choice of lane rope is also very important. If you choose a rope with more accessories, it will also grind to the baby’s skin to cause damage to the baby. When the baby is uncomfortable, we will cry, so when we choose to wear a pendant rope for the baby, we need to wear a pendant rope. Choose the rope that is thicker and smoother and can be freely loose. So as not to hang it out of the child accidentally. In order to prevent the loss, some parents put the Hetian jade pendants worn on the child’s neck into a dead end. This is very unsafe. After all, children are not aware of self -protection. Safety first.


Hotan jade attributes are cool, especially in the summer very hot to wear a Hetian jade, which can avoid heat and cool down, especially the newborn baby is very afraid of heat. At this time, you can choose a suitable Hetian jade to let the baby wear, which can reduce the baby’s hotness. There is also Hetian Yu’s spirituality. Don’t get rid of or replace it easily when you put it on. After a long time, I have feelings with the baby, and it will also bless the children’s peace. Of course, you should tell your baby from an early age. Don’t pull the rope of the pendant at will, so as not to strain the child to the child.


Although everyone loves the child, I hope to wear Yu for children to bring them good luck, but too small babies are still recommended not to wear jade. For safe thinking, the best age for wearing these jade jewelry is the best after the age of three.