Legend of Hearthstone: Blizzard Fairy Setting allows hanging up to burn the blood to earn blood. The faster you fight, the more you lose


Recently, the new patch of Hearthstone has launched a new task reward system, that is, the original daily tasks are now all classified into the passage system. The task does not directly reward gold coins or card packages, but provides experience value to upgrade the pass to receive rewards.

Hearthstone has a total of 150 levels, which is higher than the level of many games. The author’s familiar Genting’s game and the fortress of the fortress are not so many levels, but the problem is not in the level setting.

——At the experience value required for upgrading.


Players who have played Genting or Fortress Night should know that the passage system of these two games is easier to reach the full level within the specified time, even if you do not buy a paid pass.

Genting I haven’t played for almost one month, only 700 experience is full, there are 67 days left. However, Hearthstone is different. After calculating by foreign websites, if you want to rise to level 150, a total of 644,000 experience value is required.


For leisure players (play Hearthstone for 1 hour every day):

If you do not buy a pass, it takes 3 months to reach level 50

The remaining 1 month can rise to about 64 in one month.

If you buy a pass (with experience value to get BUFF bonus), it will also take 2 and a half months to reach level 50


In the end, it can be about 75.

That is to say, most players are not up at all. This is theoretically unreasonable. Playing 1 hour a day, not even one and a half level. Then what is the meaning of this setting Is the picture good?


Of course, it is not to say that playing 2 hours a day, the acquisition experience value is doubled. The above calculation method has contained the achievement experience and task experience value.

In this case, casual players are naturally not calm. Since it is not ascended for an hour a day. You can get experience according to the game of the game, so I can always play more!

The 3 modes of the netizen statistics per minute per minute, no matter what you operate or result, as long as you can.

There is no doubt that a large number of hanging rope burn parties have been spawned. I believe that many players have seen it in the game, or they have already joined the Hanging Party.

Some players said: “Burning the rope. What is the use. It can’t be hit for 1 hour! It’s better to start with a fast break, and kill the opposite side at 7 fees. The speed is the next”.

But in fact, the faster you play, the more experience you consume the loss of the matching time. To maximize the income, it is the highest to make each round of each round.

In addition to the high efficiency of experience, the hanging script can often be disgusted with manual players, thereby winning the victory of the game, and it also increases a lot of winning rates.


In this form, I am afraid that few people will be willing to play games normally. The hook upgrade may be full of rewards. If you are tired and manually, you can manually make a text money, and you have to be disgusting to retreat by burning ropes. I believe everyone knows how to choose.


There are many bugs on the achievements. I am too lazy to talk about it. See how the official plans to deal with this matter!


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