South African designer’s annual wheel drawer, personalized storage locker space


Design partners Byron and Gomez from South Africa designed this library and obtained this year’s Allan Peters Awards. The locker consists of a square drawer of different shapes and small shapes, which is staggered when it is opened.

The surface of each drawer is wood grain with annual wheels. Three significant white lines disconnect the texture, forming an irregular and non -messy composition. The white groove in the center helps people open the drawer, but the front is completely invisible, which is very clever.

The reservoir with the annual wheel enables parents to watch their children grow up day by day. Of course, there will be an unspeakable pleasure, but at the same time, they must make different preparations with their growth.


Through the specially designed library support, the user can stack one locker layer on top of the other, and the locker support is also designed as a tight shape.


The structure of the locker is a bit like ancient Chinese medicine cabinets, but the artistic shape is also elegant and modern to this cabinet. The appearance design is simple and fresh, and two drawer cabinets that can be coated with different colors are quite easy to cooperate with the interior design taste of users.


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