Daily US shoes recommendation (March 31)


—— [Recommended ten beautiful shoes today] –

⒈ 帮 帮 ⒈ ⒈ ⒈

The personalized design of the zipper is very thin, and the top is very versatile.

休 休 休 休 休 ⒉ ⒉ 网 ⒉ ⒉ ⒉

The stitching of the mesh shows the hazy beauty ~

底 底 平 ⒊ ⒊ ⒊ flat shoes

The shoes are simple, casual and comfortable, Swen is generous.


鞋 鞋 ⒋ ⒋ ⒋ ⒋ ⒋

Retro and refreshing, fresh and not following the trend, nostalgic shape design, rubbing a gentle and sweet spark!


蹬 蹬 ⒌ ⒌

The lazy style shows different leisure wind ~


高 高 高 高 ⒍ ⒍ ⒍ high heel sandals

The steady and thick heel of 5cm, the design of the word buckle is more elegant!


⒎ Rough heel Oxford shoes

Full of tide retro college style!

Pointed egg roll shoes


Exquisite rivet buckle decoration, elegant and elegant!

平 round head buckle flat shoes

Super beautiful whole rhinestone RV square buckle ~

凉 Gao Gang thick base sandals

The thick bottom of the rhinestone, plus the element of the mesh, is simple and generous!

—— [Xiao Mei helps you pick beautiful shoes] –

@二: Ask a better low heel shoes

Xiaomei replied: After finding the following styles different styles, do you like it?

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鞋 鞋 鞋 ⒒ ⒒ ⒒ ⒒ ⒒

Simple color tone, both personality and trend!

鞋 round head low heel shoes


Sweet candy combats the good mood every day!

⒔ Retro shallow mouth shoes

In the retro feelings, the noble temperament of the rhinestone is revealed!


鞋 low heel egg roll shoes


Q’s rubber soles, 361 degrees soft figure, perfectly fit the foot design.

Sequenant Polaries Shallow Single Single Shoes

Meteor -like glory ~~


@mmm Mingke: I want a pair of thick -bottom loose cake shoes, thank you

Xiaomei replied: He also recommended a few times before thick shoes, and found the following models. You can also turn over the previous recommendations.

底 One pedal thick bottom single shoes

The thick sole decoration of the leopard print, don’t have a style!


鞋 Landband thick bottom single shoes


The shining upper and personalized skeleton combination, fashionable and eye -catching ~

厚 Pacific sloping slope thick sole shoes

The combination of metal buckle and patent leather is a classic combination in the fashion trend!


⒚ ⒚ ⒚ ⒚ ⒚

The popular college fashion!

贴 Thick bottom magic sticker single shoes


The convenient magic sticker adds a sense of fashion to the simple upper.

◆ I wonder if the top ten shoes that are picked by your pro -picked your pro -picked? If you don’t like it, continue to leave a message to Xiaomei ~

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