Vague Chinese Studies -Chinese Calendar Seeing Guoxue


Let me first show that I do n’t understand Chinese studies, and I ca n’t say that after reading thousands of words, I can say some visible and beneficial words.

The reason is that I bought a new year’s Chinese calendar. I am very happy when I get to hand. The sense of exquisiteness and ritual is full: the drawing design, the red skin of the cover, and the thick book incense of the paper. Qianqiuwen pulse, etiquette folklore and other children.

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On the 5th today, I read 5 articles, namely Fuxi, Emperor Yan, Emperor, Cangjie, and Emperor Yao. Let’s talk about slot points:

Even if Fuxi “paint gossip to rule the world”, it is still “the origin of civilization.” Each hexagram is a combination of several independent and random events (to me more: the combination of the three binary digital combinations in 64 groups), what is the use? Even if the Taiji diagram rotary pole diagram is better, it will be better, at least it can be planed out that there is nothing but the truth.

Emperor Yan is Shennong? “Historical Records of the Five Emperors”: During the Yellow Emperor, Shennong was slightly folded due to civil strife, and did not participate in the conquest of the Huangdi, Yandi and Chi You. It can be seen that Emperor Yan and Shennong were not at least one thing.

Emperor Huang was the five emperors. The combat power collapse is a common problem of many bad books, which really calls people gritting teeth.

Cangjie created a hieroglyph, which was more than a thousand years earlier than Oracle, so the problem came: China’s earliest text originated from A Oracle B Cangjie Creation, how to answer?

One of the achievements in Emperor Yao’s “Shangshu” is the fate of life. Well, the three emperors, five emperors, and four books and five sutras are stirred with myths and legends.

More than that, not only enumerated.

This calendar does not conform to the spirit of the Chinese learning spirit of “grid to know”.

Between the facts and opinions, the historical facts and the myths are clear, and they must not be confused.

The lack of carriers in ancient times, there are very few tests, but they can also study and write with objective and accurate and practical attitude. In change, I will compile me from the three perspectives of myths, legends, historical records, and archeological discoveries to describe the ancient times. The presentation of the discovery and confirmed, the Great Food of Acknowledgments The Gehon and asking questions.

I firmly believe that no matter what the text is, it is objective and accurate because of being objective.

Objectively and accurately allows our descendants to be brought to each other, rest assured and boldly, and advocate.


Vaguely only makes people feel like a fog in the clouds, and eventually lose interest.

In terms of definition, ambiguity is a matter of attitude rather than ability. The recognition of power is not caught, and admitting that “the scope of ability can only be accurate to geometry” is already accurate and correct.

However, from the mission, “5,000 years up and down” is a major issue, and it is not allowed to have an attitude of “vague” and “not rigorous”.

So there is a big problem with “vague”.

This big problem can be understood as an attitude problem that should not have an attitude problem. It can also be understood that it is impossible for archaeologists and historians to have mass corpse meals.

I think this big problem is to sacrifice “Chinese studies”.

After the Shi Zi Ji Ji is all, the three emperors and five emperors are all saints, and Shu Yunzi is classic.

Therefore, it is not tolerated, so it is mixed and merged, so it is taboo, so it is inexplicable.

After Shi Ziji is a hodgepodge, there are many contradictions; there are no shortage of corners between the three emperors and five emperors; the hundreds of their children have their own lengths, for a moment, and the debate.

It is not tolerated, and it is mixed and merged. It can only be taboo, and it is really inexplicable.

This reminds me of the fake characters of Chinese language.


The fake words are the wrong words written by the sages. But we feel that this is a fascinating face. How could Sage write wrong words? So the saying of “passing fake characters” came from bullying, increasing the burden of unnecessary learning.

Objectively speaking, the sage is also a person, and it is normal to make mistakes. It is said that the ancient “five cars” and “eight buckets” did not have many bytes. The current dictionary was replaced with bamboo slips enough to be “sweaty cow.” Therefore, the sage has neither the system of learning, nor the school manuscript conditions of the dictionary. It is strange that it is not wrong. And it is not necessarily the reason for the sages. Teaching materials, writing, and dissemination, it may not be wrong.

Taboo is not necessary, it is not necessary.

Saint is a kind of solid step.

Because “knowing mistakes” is the prerequisite for “can be changed”.

Sacred, the law of Jinke Jade and the unspeakable beak, so he was self -proclaimed and disabled.

As everyone knows, there will be no evolution theory without questioning God, there will be no theory of richness without questioning human nature, and there will be no theory of relativity without questioning Newton.

As everyone knows, the reason why science is science is precisely because it can be falsified; it is not sacred or suspicious of science to guide science.

Chinese studies are not sacred.

Chinese studies will inevitably be bright, otherwise why does it stand in China? There must be a dipping of Chinese studies, otherwise our people will be so hard and brave. Why is it oppressed in modern times?

Saint imprisonment imagination, killing creation.

What is fascinating is countless possibilities that have not been discovered.

Chinese studies are our culture and civilization. We must not only follow the past, but also come.