This shop was attacked by Line Friends! You can take them away at the store


The lazy autumn day is just a good time to eat hot pot, but every time the watermelon meow can perfectly miss the hot pot exploration shop.

“No smoking !!!”

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

“It’s okay! The shop where you go today will definitely save you!”

The little orangutan said with a smile.

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

” you sure?!!”

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Watermelon meow looked at him suspiciously,

“I’m sure! Don’t you believe me yet?!”

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Watching him vowed,

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Watermelon meow hesitation,

“If not, I will work naked tomorrow!” How? “

The little orangutan patted the chest,

“One word is fixed!” (Smiling watermelon meow)

Start with a little little expectation!

People with warm sunlight outside are lazy. Luci’s watermelon meow is like a headless fly. He searched for the shop, but he kept clueless. When he was about to give up, his eyes swept to the opposite Bling. ~ Bling ~, I found out that the shop was behind the watermelon meow.

Watermelon meow noticed that this shop is a bit different. Under the appearance of the pink atmosphere, the time in the store seems to be quiet, slow and calm.

The rushing people outside the store did not disturb the comfort in the store, and seemed to be incompatible in such a noisy shopping mall. But it is precisely this kind of incompatibility, but it looks very special, especially letting watermelon meow want to approach and close.

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

The store is very small but warm. The pale pink wall is fresh but not tacky. The cabinet in Phnom Penh makes the entire store more refined.

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

The warm heart light bulb on the signboard exudes a lazy atmosphere. The small decoration in the store looks naughty and cute, making people unconsciously relax the whole person.

The boss is actually a cute girl paper. The voice of talking is very good. Watermelon meow can’t help blushing and heartbeat, and dare not look directly. But at the moment of seeing the cake, the blood was boiling! The whole heart is germinated by the cake! Intersection Intersection

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Cartoon mousse cake

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Remember the Brown Bear and Kenie Rabbit in LINE’s expressions? The circle of friends is the emoji package for every girl’s mobile phone! But have you ever thought that it will become a cake, and the face value is almost high!

On the surface, the seductive chocolate Brown bear is as smooth as a mirror, and the brown bear expression made of chocolate on the face is cute and cute, as if saying, “Come and eat me!”

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

The outside is chocolate noodles, and the inside is the chocolate mousse hazelnut sandwich, put a spoon in the mouth, cold and delicate, the entrance is melted, the taste of chocolate melted in the mouth, and it feels on the beach of Hawaii. The embryo is dense and soft, because it has been refrigerated and the taste is cooler, it is a deliciousness that cannot be rejected!

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

The shy coconut coconut coconut rabbit watched the watermelon meow and bentless. The pink rabbit ears and blush made the cordie rabbit delicate and cute. I just wanted to take it home and reluctant to eat it.

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

In the end, the heart of food can’t help but want to try. The coconut chocolate spray noodles on the outside is a little crispy. The coconut mousse strawberry sandwich is combined. The entrance is smooth and the sweet taste is straight to the bottom of the heart.

There is also Zhou Dongyu’s same chicken -Mango Sali chicken. At first glance, it looks like Zhou Dongyu. This blurred small eyes, this thick big bright lips, looking at the ugly and ugly, is there any point to you? Anyway, watermelon meow was conquered!

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Can’t wait to try it, the perfect fusion of mango mousse litchi sandwiches and spray chocolate, the fragrance of the mango and the softness of the mousse in the mouth, the slightly sour fruit is neutral and the sweet points, which makes people appetite. Want to eat it! Not enough to eat at all!

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

The cake living in the sky

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

The elegant appearance like the clouds is like its name -Yun Duo Mousse, it feels like it will float into the sky at any time and return to the vast blue sky.

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Taste a small mouthful in the mouth, the sweetness of the cream, the delicate mousse, sliding into the mouth like ice cream, but also the butter biscuit bottom, a cake, three layers of taste, layer of layers, endless aftertaste!

The light pink appearance and the embellishment of strawberries, strawberry jelly cheese looks so loving! Eh? There is also a black bottom, what is it? Intersection (curious)

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

A spoonful of dug it in the mouth, the combination of strawberries and cheese, the sweet and sour strawberry taste mixed with the bottom Oreo butter biscuits jumping in the mouth, and the mood followed. Watermelon meow can’t help but rotate and jump!

Round -shaped double -flavored raspberry rolls are very cute. The white cream and pink chocolate on the surface, such as romantic cherry blossoms, make people look open.

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Put a sip in the mouth, the soft Qifeng cake, slightly acidic raspberry cream and milk, the silky feeling slipped through the heart, setting off a burst of ripples, it can’t be calm for a long time, and it feels like a little luck in autumn.

The recommendation of the orangutan is awesome

Watermelon meow does not eat hot pot and will be completely cured

But I really want to see the little orangutan naked to go to work

The scene must be very explosive

what about you!

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走


这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

【Store Information】

【Store Name】

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走



这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

Wanda Third Floor, Fancheng District

【per capita】

这家店竟被line friends袭击!到店还可以把它们带走

25 yuan

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