You can also make a delicious hemp sauce biscuits with electric bakery. Come and do it together


BY Baby Jiezi


500 grams of flour

Warm water 300ml

5 grams of yeast powder


4 spoons of sesame sauce


Appropriate amount of salt

1 spoon of sesame oil

Moderate amount of white sesame seeds

Fenal seeds moderate amount

Moderate amount of peppercorns


1 spoon of oyster sauce


Extremely taste (for sesame seeds) 1 spoon of 1 spoon

1 spoon for water (for sesame seeds)

Practice step


1. kneading: 500g of ordinary flour, 5g of yeast powder in the middle, open a small spoon of sugar (about 3g), a small spoon of salt (about 3g), a small group of baking soda.

2. Add 300ml 40 degrees warm water (you can try the water temperature), knead into a dough, cover, and send it for 30 minutes (room temperature about 28 degrees).


3. During the waiting period, prepare the filling. There is no oil and water at the bottom of the pot. Put a handful of fennel seeds and a pair of peppercorns. Keep the minimum fire throughout the process. (See the comparison chart)

4. Roll it into fine powder.

5. Four tablespoons of hemp sauce, add a spoonful of oyster sauce (about 15ml), a spoonful of sesame oil, a small spoon of salt (about 3g), half a spoonful of white sugar, pour the powder and stir well.

6, half of the face.


7, do not rub the noodles, roll it directly into a thin piece. Well evenly on the hemp sauce that is just adjusted. It can be wiped or not wiped on the side, so that it can be rolled up for a while.


8. Roll into rolls.


9. Equivalent is divided into nine copies.


10. Pick up a roll, pinch the mouth on the side, fold it, pinch the place where the mouth is closed together, go down the mouth, and roll it into a cake with a rolling pin.


11. Roll nine in turn.

12. Pour a little taste and water in the plate, stir well. Prepare some white sesame seeds. Brush a layer of water on the sesame, and then get white sesame seeds. After two, facing a few times, shooting the extra white sesame seeds.

13. Roll it with a rolling pin so that the white sesame will not fall.


14. Swipe the bottom of the electric cake pan with a layer of oil. When it is hot, you can put the biscuits in. Cover heating. After two or three minutes, open a thin layer of oil on the surface of the pancake.

15. Observing the middle of the biscuits, it is cooked.

16. Look at the level after cutting.

17. So many layers, how good! This kind of hemp sauce is not needed to be clamped, and it is more fragrant when eating!

Nutrition of flour

The effects of nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and intestines, removing heat and quenching thirst. The wheat is sweet and cold, and the sexual, spleen, and kidney meridian; nourishing the heart, nourishing the kidneys, removing heat, quenching thirst; treating dirty, fever, thirst, dysentery, bloating, trauma bleeding, and burns.


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