It’s too cold to leave the quilt! Suddenly, the sales of Korean electric mattresses soared 85%


Starting from mid -month, the temperature in South Korea has dropped sharply. In order to attract consumers, this winter, Korean merchants have launched unique heart -warming goods and activities. South Korea’s largest convenience store launched a bun with the theme of “funny”. The filling uses five unusual flavors such as sweet chicken nuggets, sweet potato cheese, and Jeju Island black pork. The packaging bag is printed with guests of Korean funny variety shows, which evokes people to find fun emotional resonance. In a four -story trendy clothing store in Myeongdong, Seoul, combined with the basic style and fashion elements, it is very popular with young people. With the frequent emergence of the extremely cold weather in South Korea in recent years, consumers with sensitive temperatures have begun to favors functional heating clothing, making the heating underwear market grow at a rate of 10%per year.


Seeing this trend, some clothing brands launched 8 models this year, a total of 5 million heating underwear, with careful tailoring and fresh color matching to attract young consumers. At the same time, according to the large -scale chain supermarket in Korea, it was revealed that from the 14th to 18th of this month, during the 5 days when the temperature dropped to less than zero in Seoul, the sales of electric heater increased by 82%year -on -year, and the sales of electric mattresses increased. 85%. In the end of this month, many Korean merchants planned promotions such as “Breaking the Cold Flow” to discount products such as warm baby and snow boots. (Source: CCTV Finance)