320 square meters of Chinese independent buildings, the garden tea is fragrant, the living room has a wide mountains, and the elegance is extremely self -romantic


This is a 4 -story villa. The permanent population is the owner couple+two sons.

Mr. Fang, the owner, runs a 4S shop, and will be busy everyday. His favorite way of relaxation is to watch movies at home, read with your children, and then sit down and make a pot of tea.


Putting the house into a new Chinese style is the indifferent and elegant Chinese style, elegant style, and faces.

Case information:

House area | Four floors total 320㎡


Decoration style | New Chinese style


Design Team | One Design_ 设计


The design of the house is mainly simple, incorporating a large number of Chinese elements, light colors, custom -made wooden works, from sofa coffee tables, dining tables and dining chairs, to bed and custom wardrobe, all of which are specially customized.

– living room –

The living room has a wide range of vision, and the place where the sight is unimpeded.

The pure white tone highlights the modern atmosphere, and it can neutralize the thickness of solid wood furniture. With the lines with the charm, it is simple and sharp.

Jiangshan is so delicate, attract countless heroes to fold back

Essence Mr. Fang has gone through many famous mountains and rivers in recent years, and is drunk in China. A pale freehand ink painting is matched with a wide and bright hall. This artistic conception is super feeling.

The sofa, coffee table, edge, circle chair, TV cabinet … The mature and stable tones of walnut wood, which exactly depicts a dignified and restrained living room space.

Simple, clean, and restrained, we can see the humanistic feelings of the furniture, the unified and harmonious visual experience.

Between the stairs and the living room, a screen was erected. The golden geometric hollow pattern is a beautiful scenery in this space, exquisite and classic.

Mr. Fang said that when he was young, he liked flowers and green things. I did not expect that the older I was (only 30 ~

) The more I like to be concise and charming. Finally, I also understand why Chinese culture has been circulating for so long, and dark brown solid wood furniture has always been good.


Walnut is made into furniture, it is really durable and never outdated.

The mood of life comes from details. With a soft luster of the coffee table, Wenzhu swaying the posture, the dead lotus experienced vicissitudes … and a cup of tea pot is enough to flatten everything.

There are not only chai oil and salt in life. These seemingly useless things have the charm that makes people can’t help but look at a few more. Can’t stop raising the corners of his mouth.

– Dining room –

Between the dining rooms, a glass railings continue to expand the indoor transparency, and the armrests use the walnut solid wood, and the entire line is stringed to the entire public space.


The texture of walnut is first -class, and the dining table and chairs are loved by the family. Stable atmosphere, warm and natural, the charm of solid wood is indeed difficult to match other materials.


On the wall, the landscape murals were frame in the Chinese -style begonia pattern, thorough black and white, classical auspicious patterns, round dining tables … There are poetry everywhere in life and elegant everywhere.

In the morning, Mrs. Fang would go downstairs first, gently open the curtains of the living room, and the warm morning light came in from outside the floor window of more than 5 meters. With the green shade in front of her, the new day began.

Then, hot milk in the breakfast area, steam a bag, and then wash the fruits and cut it. Soon the children came downstairs.

Brightness is the eternal theme of this family. The walnut cabinet door with white tiles is clean and tidy, bright and refreshing, and it is much more comfortable to cook.

— Tea room-

The owner likes to be open, and the tea room is arranged on the side of the stairs. This semi -open space is even more highlighted. Anyway, there are not many people in the family. I do n’t need any private space. Turn yourself up and drink tea before seeing the life.

The flower window frame of the wall is out of the mountains of the mountains, and the steady solid wood furniture sets up a quiet mood. A pot of bamboo is light and smart. Life needs a little like this.


In the tea room of Su Yajane and tea, tea and reading can get a kind of joy and satisfaction after the spirit.

There is a hole in the wall with a pot of Soviet -style bonsai. The shape is graceful, strong and lush, and the beauty of classical is at first sight.

— Lord bedroom-

The master bedroom is simple and atmospheric. The screen background is rich in layers. In Dailan ink painting, smoke clouds, a kind of indispensable tenderness surrounds the space, which means extraordinary.

From the lines on the background to the bedside table and double bed, they are all customized. The three connect the entire space, and the visual effects are much more harmonious.

This is also a design tip. If you don’t plan to ask the designer, you can try to follow it:


Taking the same wood as a clue, the furniture, door frames, decorative lines, frames, etc. are connected, just like “set”, the effect is generally good.

In order to do this parallel cloakroom, the hostess also changed the door. There is no dead end in the co -rowing cloakroom, which is convenient and easy to use; it can also connect the light of the study with the bedroom, bright and comfortable.

Walnut wardrobe with induction lights, full of style.


Through the half -covered door, the elegance of the study is evident. The space is clean and transparent, and the simple tables and chair bonsai are described as a book with a fragrant charm to meet the needs of the owner to read the space independently.

— Second lying –

This is Dabao’s room, a 6th -grade boy, with a quiet personality. The color and gray -white collision, the gentle and natural comfort is brought up.


The furniture in Dabao’s room is made of black walnut. Although black walnuts are also dark brown, they have beautiful textures and look younger.

– patio –

Small courtyard in front of the door. If you are not good at gardening, you do n’t plant flowers and grass. A few benches of a tea table are a leisurely paradise.

To describe it in one sentence, this house should be called “life in the mountains and rivers, all elegant at all times.” Natural logs are integrated into it, which has impressive rustic and proud advanced, which is enough.


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