Wearing jeans in winter, do not choose wide -legs, straight jeans with boots, short boots are good -looking


Jeans are the “melody” that the fashion industry is never outdated. Moreover, there are many types of jeans, and each one is widely audience. So,

When choosing jeans, most people choose wide -leg jeans to use this to achieve the effect of covering meat. However, slightly fat wearing wide -leg jeans does not achieve a thin effect, and it also easily leads to expansion and bloated feeling. In addition, wide -leg jeans are not suitable for long boots.


Through the past and wearing, the winter is still wearing and fashionable in straight jeans, and short boots and boots are good. Therefore, this issue is mainly based on straight jeans with boots and boots, and share some ideas with you.

Why are wide -leg jeans not recommended with boots and short boots?


①: Pile of trousers, pull down your body height

The main feature of wide -leg jeans is loose, which can show a trendy and personality atmosphere to a certain extent, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people.


However, pairing wide -leg jeans with boots or short boots will cause pants to pile up, thereby lowering the height.

②: Visual expansion, widen the body

The combination of wide -leg jeans and boots and short boots will lead to stacking, messy and visual bloated in the position below the waist and above the waist, so that it makes

Visual expansion causes the body to be widened.

In this way, women with thin legs and obvious fatty fats can also try it. But if you choose slightly fat girls, you will only look short and thick.

The idea of ​​straight jeans with boots and boots

①: Waste the pants into the boots to avoid stacking

The design characteristics of straight jeans are slimming, not sticking to the leg lines. While modifying the disadvantages of the legs, it will not have a bloated feeling. When we match the straight jeans with boots and boots, we can stuff the pants into the boots to avoid stacking feel at the foot of the pants.

And, after stuffing the pants into the boots,

You should sort out the mouth of the pants and boots to make the surface flat without stacking

Essence In this way, you can achieve the effect of being tall, thin, and long legs.


Looking at the shape of this straight jeans and boots, it is to stuff the trousers into the boots, and the place where the trousers and boots are connected. It looks flat and has no discomfort. Atmosphere.

Even a slightly fat woman can be matched according to this method, which can avoid the problem of bloating and fat pants in the mouth of the pants.

②: Comparison of straight jeans and boots, boots and boots

The characteristics of straight jeans are “straight up and straight”, while the boots have multiple versions. Therefore, when combining straight jeans with boots and boots, you need to pay attention to the version of the two boots.


It is recommended that straight jeans, boots and boots keep


Edition comparison to facilitate us to better create a fashionable shape.

First of all, the version of the short boots can be divided into two types of wider and narrower boots, and the version of the straight jeans is already fixed.

Therefore, according to the comparison method of the version, we recommend combining the narrow boots and straight jeans in the boots. In this way, the relaxation can show the charm of women.


Boots are mostly in the length of the knee and over the knee. If you choose the narrow boots and straight jeans, you can easily lead to stacking the mouth of the boots.

In order to better create a fashionable shape, it is recommended to choose a wider boots, which is just compared with straight jeans to achieve a sense of visual balance, which is also conducive to our fashion look.

③: With black boots and short boots, simple and advanced

When the pants are matched with boots and short boots, they can adopt similar colors to show a simple and fashionable atmosphere.

It is recommended to choose black boots and short boots. Black is the basic color, and it can also show a sense of simplicity and fashion atmosphere. It is matched with blue straight jeans, which is simple and advanced.


Based on the blue straight jeans with black boots and short boots, the color is refreshing and simple, and even fashionable white can easily control.

In addition, the two colors are common and simple color matching, which can be combined with other colors well, so that the shape avoids the potential color scheme.

Well, the content of this issue is shared here, let’s see you next time, and worship.

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Text: Xiao Rui

Wearing jeans in winter, do not choose wide -legs, straight jeans with boots, short boots are good -looking