Armor Warriors: 6 Sword with the strongest power, the Aurora Sword of the Emperor Armor, can actually upgrade


There are more than 20 sub -armor in the armor Warriors series, six of which use the sword armor, and the aurora sword in the hands of the emperor armor is the sharp and powerful sword in the Ming Dynasty. And the aurora sword can be upgraded. As long as the emperor armor is upgraded to the Emperor Emperor Armor, the laser sword will also be upgraded into a great sword. Then Jachales was the Thunder Sword. Because Jachales is the ultimate armor, as a weapon of Jachales, it will naturally be higher than the weapon of ordinary armor.


And after inserting the four elements, the Thunder Sword can upgrade the Thunder Sword all over the world. Later, in the theater version, Yatares absorbed the power of lightning with a sword and upgraded into an electro -light Thunder Sword again. Therefore, the weapon of Yatares can actually rank second in the sword rankings. However, the third is the wind eagle sword of the wind eagle armor. The reason why the wind eagle sword can rank third is that the wind eagle armor is the armor of the five -dimensional universe. As long as you have seen Aki Yi, you know that the theme song at the beginning has such a scene.


Five splits fall from the air to the earth, in fact, from the five -dimensional universe to the earth. Except for the armor of armor 1, other series of armor belongs to the three -dimensional universe. Therefore, the weapon of the wind eagle armor, because of the advantages of the dimension, is more powerful than the weapon of ordinary armor. Maybe some friends think that the God of War should be third. After all, the war god punishment is virtue of the war god fire sword, but defeated the Shura armor and became the ultimate armor of the second middle school.


But everyone also knows that the strength of Shura armor is related to the Qi of Zhengxie. At the beginning, because of seeing the gods of war, the evil spirits caused their own evil spirits to leak unstable, so the strength of the Shura armor was not the peak state. Therefore, the Shura armor defeated by the God of War has been weakened by half. If Xiaotian fights with the Yanluo armor of the Emperor Yan, even if there is a god of war, it may not be able to win. Coupled with the background of the God of War, it was created by the throne of the emperor armor.

As the pillar of the Ming Dynasty, the wind eagle armor is the armor that is second only to the emperor armor in terms of speed. Coupled with the Yanlong armor, it can be upgraded. I believe that the upgrade form of Fengying armor is not far away. In this way, Fengying Sword will be further upgraded. It can be seen that the wind eagle sword of the wind eagle armor is actually higher than the war god fire sword. The fifth is the sword of Xiaoshi’s magnetic nano. The sixth Aury’s bee will arrest the sword.

The reason why Xuan Xiaojian can ranks fifth is because Xiaozhizan is an elemental armor. Although it is a armor made of artificial compression. But the armor itself is the power of pure elements, and there is no scientific and technological materials. In contrast, Aury armor is a pure artificial armor. Whether it is the materials and weapons of the armor itself, it is made of manual. The most important thing is because of the material to create armor, not like the god of war, at least the imperial armor of the emperor armor.