Electric vehicles start to “paste”, Jimo traffic police: pay attention to these matters


Huang Qianyi, a correspondent of all media reporters of the peninsula

In order to further standardize the management of electric vehicle management in the jurisdiction and optimize road traffic order, Jimo Traffic Police carried out publicity and supervision activities in the area, pasted the “prompt sheet” in the centralized parking points of each electric vehicle, actively guided the masses to abide by traffic regulations, civilized and safe travel, and jointly created together Good road traffic environment.


During the event, Jimo Traffic Police conducted a investigation by organizing the police of various squadron police to conduct a “custom car sticker” for electric vehicles one by one in the intensive area of ​​electric vehicles, reminding everyone that “electric vehicles must be listed on the road to wear safety helmets”, “Frequent reminders, regular warnings, and conventional standards.” In the process of daily work, traffic police responded to some traffic violations such as driving unlicensed electric vehicles, random changes, running through red lights, and not wearing safety helmets. In -depth interpretation, education guides them to advocate civilized transportation, consciously abandon the bad habits of transportation, and resist dangerous driving behavior.


At the same time, the police organized the company’s express delivery, takeaway and other enterprises, urged the implementation of safety supervision responsibilities, and required enterprises to strengthen vehicles and driver management by conducting face -to -face education and issuing a letter to the person in charge of the enterprise and driver. Express transportation vehicles formally and legal, install and use the number plates in accordance with regulations, drivers to follow the traffic regulations, and conduct the harmfulness of traffic violations such as motorcycles, electric vehicles, instead of driving, overspeed, calling and other traffic violations on the way, and call on the way. The system explains, combined with typical cases, to teach safe driving knowledge, urge the driver to consciously abide by various types of traffic rules, and achieve civilized driving and safe driving.

Jimo Traffic Police reminds the majority of electric vehicle owners: Electric vehicles should go on the road in accordance with regulations, and rider should wear safety helmets correctly and consciously abide by traffic regulations and travel safety.