Champion is a bad street, it seems necessary science.


I went to Sanlitun ahead before yesterday, and suddenly I found that it is not a false coconus, but



This American national sports brand. Beijing’s Sanlitun can be almost five meters to see a person wearing Champion, and even you can see someone to put the Champion’s T-shirt as a couple, and the last time is so full of street brush screens may be kappa.


In a treasure in the national shopping platform, this figure has a lot of “Champion Champion”, and the transaction volume is not small. Since Champion is so popular this year,


Ben Glog is today to give you a science.

Champion, 361 degrees in the United States

Champion’s red and white blue semi-circular three-color mark makes many people mistaken this is a French brand, but in fact this is a

American local sports brand


. Although the champion from last year began to be worn by the stars and became a fashionable synonym.


▲ New York SOHO new Champion store


But the champion is the biggest audience in the past is an athlete and a black poor, and the main sales channel is also

US Supermarket Casco and Wal-Mart


This may be better understood.

American Tianya Reddit on the netizen Po post said, “

When I was a child, I didn’t have money at home, wearing Champion and was laughing by a friend because it was supermarket.



CHAMPION for nearly a hundred years has always been in the past few decades

The real sportswear, the goods are very cheap.

In 1919, the Feinbloom Brothers officially established Champion Knitwear Co in New York, New York.


Dare to call yourself “Champion” and explain the ambition of Champion in the sports. After the establishment, Champion quickly started

University of Michigan

The sports team provides training suit. They have been ten years, and the business of Champion is developed.

American West Point Military Academy

They give the school to provide sports class costumes. After opening the market, Champion also invented

Horizontal knitting technology

, Make their sportswear more durable and durable.

In this way, this first started to provide sportswear brand in the 1990s ushered in their first peak.

Since the 1980s, Champion will give some

The NBA team and the NFL football league team provide competition team


. So in the peak period, all 29 NBAs wear a team of Champion logo playing.


At the 1994 Lelhammer Winter Olympics and the opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, Champion sponsored the US Sports delegation.

However, after this, Champion did not seem to put funds as Nike to do more professional sportswear, but transformed into a sports brand wearing.

Then you may ask, why do you become a tide name in a realistic sports brand?

This is related to the singularity of the 1990s.


The black people who played and sing were very like a large sports costume in the 1980s, but most people didn’t have money to buy a famous brand, so Champion became one of the brands who were struggling. It is said that the popularity of Champion is also very rude. The clerk opened the boxed boxes and didn’t have time to hang up. Everyone was directly grabbed, but it was also seen from the side to see the brand at the time. The sales environment is not very good. .

▲ 50 Cent and Jay Z, wearing a Champion sweater

Although there is a certain position in the singing and sports champion, they are most famous


However, it is definitely not a fashion brand, even in sports brands, Champion’s pricing and status is lower. In the brief, and Nike, Adi, Hummer is not a grade.

However, Champion is very smart. In the past few years, it successfully grasped the wind of the tide card, and successfully reshape himself into one of the tide names.


The first hero of this remodeling process is a family of cards.

▲ Kadan Sisters

A lot of the Kardashian is full of Champion’s sweater overnight, and this family’s impact is a huge impact on the youth, and it is natural to say that Champion is also difficult. Plus the status of Americans in the 1990s, as long as


It will not be wrong, just like Jianlibao suddenly comes from Nike cross-border, I mean that many people will buy a can.

After opening the situation, the Champion of the tidal card routine quickly started playing, from





Everything, some let Champion make a good name. But let it really become a collaboration with UO.


▲ Supreme X Champion

▲ VETEMENTS X Champion


UO full name is Urban Outfitters in the United States. Every city is off-store, mainly sold to clothing and trend of clothing.


U0 sells become an important selling channel for Champion

I originally loved to wear sweaters now buy Champion sweater faster, and is not expensive, can you not fire?

▲ Champion sweater sold in UO

Is there a difference between Nissan and USB?

Many people will find that the purchases often emphasize that their Champion is the Japanese version. Indeed, Champion has a US version of the Japanese version, and the Japanese version is more popular than the US version of the US version.


▲ Japanese official website

▲ US official website


There is also a Japanese version of the official website of Champion. The Japanese version of the Japanese version is usually China and Indonesia, and the US version is mostly Honduras. The Japanese version is more suitable for Asians on the version and design, and the price is much more expensive than the US version.

The personal version of the Japanese version seems to look like the style and color. If you like it, you can buy the Japanese version, sweaters approximately three or four hundred.

However, the US version is really cheap, the T-shirt is more than 100 yuan. What to say is worth buying, I think Champion’s popular value exceeds the actual brand value, and is not expensive. Autumn is here, everyone can start a sweater, after all, the sweater is the most red style of its home, and it can be worn outside.

Because wearing champion inevitably hit the shirt, the recommendations of this split are selected

Special color

, Olive green or smoke powder is good.